Sunday, September 06, 2009

Photography... and other stuff!

So my camera has been having quite a work out lately especially because of my photography course no doubt :). I think I'm slowly improving, getting a better 'eye' for subjects and things I am familiar with (read dogs, portrait type shots of flowers etc), but I still SUCK big time at landscapes and also at portraits and 'casual' shots of people. You know how people can just 'snap' photos of the most mundane things or moments and just make the photo look absolutely amazing?! Well I certainly am not one of them! LOL!

Well last week I had a meet up with my little (now almost FIVE months old!) puppies! Minus Kinta of course, who is still sporting a 'woe is me attitude' and having to stay at home due to being in season. Gosh life is tough for some mistreated animals.

It was a great meet and to see how my pups are growing up and developing. I'm SO pleased with them.

Anyway - some piccies of the little ones ;)

Yesterday I went to the State "Top Dog" trials to see the top 10 dogs of the state competing for the top agility/ jumping dog of the year title. There were many great runs made by many great dogs ;). Once again I practiced my photography skills and tried to snap some shots of the dogs doing their runs. Rather than post heaps in here again, I will post the link instead!
If you watch it in slideshow it's much easier/ better ;)

Today I took the dogs down to a park near us to see if I could get some happy snaps of them as well. Now and again I do these challenges on an 'online forum' to practice your photography. This month is 'landscapes' so it was a good place to practice.

I managed to snap some good shots of the dogs too - so here are a bit of both ;)

Over the coming weeks I have a few trials coming up, but when one of them will be obedience I have no idea!!! LOL! Nothing much else happening at the moment... well worthy of writing about really ;)