Monday, July 30, 2007

You Goose!!!

Yet another busy week and weekend :-).

The books:
Lets see..... I began reading Harry Potter on Monday effectively (well I read like 1 chapter on Sun night!) and for those who haven't read it yet, but like the series, this one will not dissappoint. Just make sure you don't pick it up unless you have time! The action starts immediately and I became completely engulfed in the world of Harry, doing not much else other than reading in my spare time :-). I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns, but was a little dissappointed with the ending - considering it is the last book and all. But my predictions were correct and if you follow this link, you will be able to find out more details. click on the video if you want to hear more, but DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE BOOK YET!!!! THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS!

Ok - now that you are warned - here is the link....

That is all i'm going to say on Harry so I don't ruin the book for anyone ;).

I'm now back to reading Wicked - I stopped with about 100 pages to go (well.... Harry came out!).... this is definately a book that I will need to re-read to get the full effect as unfortunately I just haven't had the time to devote to it and every time it begins to pick up I have to put it down for a few days! I should finish it tonight though. On the whole, it is a good book, but now that I'm aware, I think the 2nd time will be better as it really is vastly different from the musical. I wouldn't mind reading the sequel though somewhere in the future ;).

The Dogs:
Despite the fact that this weekend was a no-dog weekend in the sense that I had booked a shopping tour with friends months ago, when I was organising my show entries I must have entered a show for this Sat!!! OOPS! Talk about throwing away $13 for nothing! My only reasoning could be is that I highlight all the events I can attend and I didn't double check the dates before entering :-(. Bummer! Ah well.

On the other side of things lets see - the dogs were somewhat 'neglected' this week due to my HP obsession so not much training took place.... in spite of this, perhaps a little bit 'because' of this, Leo's agility training was just terrible! On Tuesday night he was driven to distraction and for a dog that usually loves his agility he was just NOT interested.... sniffing the ground, walking under jumps, not listening etc,etc.... who knows what was going through his mind. He was much better on Wed, but again had a few brief moments of slowing right down.... I came to the conclusion that is is because (which I already knew anyway) that if i'm not moving, he pretty much 'stops' also. What I mean by myself not moving is that both Tue and Wed we were doing a bit of circle work - with handler trying to remain on spot (tight circles) and the dogs orientating the jumps. This just doesn't work for Leo, yet if I was to 'run' it, I would constantly be out of position anyway..... so the result is homework! Time for me to go an make about 4-5 jumps and practice 'circle' work and getting him to 'drive' with me standing still :). I should have done it ages ago, but it is the making of jumps that has put me off :). I doubt it will take him long to grasp though ;).

On the other side of things, Leo's obedience is coming along nicely. We had a pretty good run through yesterday and although our stays still need work (due to lack of training) everything else only needs a bit of polishing! So - my aim is to have him ready by the end of Sept for Morabbin's trial.... fingers crossed all goes to plan!

In relation to Kinta - she is coming along lovely and is a real live wire at agility - makes for tonnes of fun. I don't like the time of her class though as i'm usually exhausted by that stage (9:00 class.... I get up at 5am.... you get the pic!). Her obedience is going well although she was a bit cheeky yesterday, 'forgetting' to auto sit and kept breaking positions once I treated.... my bad, but it pointed out things that I haven't realised i've been inadvertently teaching *sigh*! Plans for Kinta is to have her ready for Croydon's obedience trial in April next year and for the Agility Nationals, whenever they are! That is of course, if she isn't in season!!!

I've also booked into a Gina O'Keefe Seminar in Oct 6-7 - it's in Geelong but I am keen to go anyway so have booked accom for the sat night nearby - allows dogs inside too ;). I'm looking forward to it and hopefully I can learn a tonne of stuff!

Other stuff:
Ok - the shopping tour on Sat was loads of fun! If not for the shopping, but for the company instead, we had a great time! I got some nice stuff, without spending too much, so i'm pleased with myself! Now just to find places to wear them ;). The man-drought continues dispite my efforts of last week ;)..... I'm still waiting for a txt back, but ah well..... rotten sod! Work is work - going well with one project really starting to take off now.... still enjoying it, still wishing I could work with the dogs all day ;).

Nothing else to say really.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend News

Wow - talk about a busy weekend!!!! Lets see - early start Sat morning to head off to the State Agility trials at KCC park. Leo was entered in only 2 runs - Novice Agility and Novice Jumping. I didn't care about the Novice Jumping as we got our title at Sunbury, but I *really* wanted that Novice Agility pass!!! LOL! Our courses were nice and flowing so we had a chance in both. NJ - we passed with a nice time- 13 secs under, which only managed to give us 5th place!!!! Wow - those doggies were fast *g*! NA - really good run but the dratted dog knocked a bar again! LOL - then he 'refused' the last jump, but that was my fault as I was in the wrong spot and cut him off from it *oops*. Kinta came along and had some social fun - pointing out that she needs to learn manners - jumping on *everybody* that walks past is NOT polite! But the plus of the day was that she was well behaved (not a squeak from the crate etc).

We then stayed around to watch Top Dog - this is a competition with the top 10 agility and jumping dogs of the year competing in a course to see which one will go home with the title ;). A 'Storm' baby - Mallei - RT aussie was entered in jumping - so fingers were crossed for him. The way it works is that for every Qualifying place throughout the year, you earn points - you then put your points in to see if you qualify for top dog etc..... Mal ran really well and ended up coming 5th! I don't know how they do it as it would be so stressful doing it infront of a crowd etc ;)

I didn't stay for the Arvo trial and headed on to Ana's shop to wash Miss Kinta (or rather, learn how to wash her properly etc). Ben did a great job and she looked 10 times better than if I did her *vbg*. Leo, much to his displeasure also got a scrub, so I went in with two *filthy* dogs and they both came out sparkly clean ;). From there I went to Kylie's place where I was going to stop the night etc. Quickly unloaded dogs and 1/2 of my belongings (boy you take a lot when you travel with dogs *g*), set up the dogs for the night and got ready for our night out! Went into the city to meet up with some uni friends I haven't seen for AGES which was great fun! We left a little earlier though as I was tired and had an early start Sun for our dog show! LOL.

It was nice to have a lovely sleep in before the show (Kylie lives sooo close to KCC), albeit rocking up a little late (I like to get there at 8ish for a 9am start, got there at around 8:15).... that was fine.... until I found out that the show started at 8:30!!!! Eek!! So madly get Kinta ready only to find that for her first class in Junior she is up against 2 other girls :P. Also doesn't help showing when the roof is dripping and the floor is really slippery!!!!

But I was immensely proud that Kinta came first in her class but only pulled of RBCC (Marli - Ellagant Party Girl got challenge). The judge did say though that he loved both girls and couldn't decide.... later when I was walking out of the ring he said that he did really love Kinta - so that is a plus!!!! He was a movement judge which was a nice change - really getting you to run your dogs around etc. He then later awarded Logan (leo's brother) RU BIG and Hondo (Marli's brother) Puppy in Group - so he liked the Aussies!!!!

Aside from that nothing much else - went back to Kylies after the show to chill out and watch a couple of movies. Came home to watch Greys Anatomy and *finally* pick up my long awaited copy of HARRY POTTER! So I am now sitting like I have ants in my pants desperately wanting to read it rather than work!!!!

Ok - I have been told that there are issues with loading my page - can ppl who read this get back to me please and tell me whether it loads easy or it is taking longer to load etc... i'm going to try and take down some pics etc.... but if you can keep me updated on this that would be great :D :D. Thanks!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's my party.......

Ok - no I am NOT usually this nuts, but we usually celebrate first birthdays around here (well we did Leo's, so it is kinda a tradition now ;)!).

Today was Kinta's 1st birthday and we did it in style ;)! Even mum joined in the party - I was happy just to have a pressie for the girlie, but mum went all out and brought cakes home - so who was I to refuse!

Ok - a run down :P!

ooh - whats this? Mum says it's for ME Leo!!!

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Hmm - but what do you DO with it??
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Maybe you pull it?!?!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Nah - I think there is something underneath??
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

oh I know - you PAW it!!! :D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What? like this???
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh wait - Chewing is good too...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

yep - definitely chewable..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

tuckered out!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ok and just to show how SUCKED IN my Mum is..... I came home from work - Mum was very excited - said i'll be proud :p.... LOL - she came home with cupcakes for Kinta (and us!).... so... part 2:

ooh - what's this? Do I eat it? But it is HOT!!!
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OK - is this torture? Can't I have it already??
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3....2.....1..... I had JUST released them to eat (Kinta BEFORE Leo) OMG what a PIG - I think he just *inhaled* it :D :D
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Boy - partying is hard:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and of course - a couple of extra shots ;)

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Monday, July 16, 2007


Hmm... racks brains to try and think of something to say.......

Oh- I know! Photos!!!!

Leo with his Jumping title sash and Sunbury 'goodies'.

I just *love* this pic - such a stunning expression on his face ;)

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Can we look any more disgruntled, annoyed or wet *vbg* - She looks like a drowned rat (and i'm sure she wishes she wasn't born to be a show dog ;) )

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Latest stacked pic of Leo at 3yrs old!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There really is not much news to tell! I have had a pretty quiet week - still deciding whether or not to pull my finger out and start seriously training for open!!! I've been so lazy! I have been trying (sometimes in vain) to keep the dogs quiet as Leo was lame last week. Decided to take him to the chiro on Fri and he had his wrist out of joint - it was apparently all inflamed too, so Leo is on 'fish oil' at the moment to try and reduce that and it is healing nicely (despite the fact that he thinks it is all better now and he *can* go back to 'kangaroo boxing' with Kinta!). State agility trials are on Saturday coming, so that should be good - I am pretty keen to watch 'top dogs', but don't know if i'll have time etc. I've also got to find out where/ how i'm going to get HP #7 on Sat considering i'm at a trial! But I need it/want it/ MUST have it! LOL - i'm so excited about what will happen next (so long as they don't kill off someone too important!).

Did a run through with both doggies in the trial ring on Sunday - Leo is coming along nicely (minus the jumping which we didn't do) so only need to fix up a few 'handler' errors. We have also been slowly building up to the out of sight stays, and Leo quite happily held a 4-5min sit stay with me in sight yesterday (but I was turned away etc).... So I am happy with his progress :). Kinta did well, but I feel a little 'brain fried' after a rather hectic obedience class. Can someone please tell me *why* you would heel all dogs into each other to pass in a messy circle, when they are inexperienced handlers and almost every time they do that there is at least a couple of dogs 'over reacting'!!! Not a good move! I didn't stay that long in class as the dogs K was next to were quite exuberant and thus reacting to each other, which was putting me and K on edge.... but her performance is excellent otherwise (also, given the lack of training!)..... As for her go in the trial ring - well.... I made the same mistake I did with Leo whereby I look at her *slaps self on hand* so was not walking straight.... when I was not looking at her she heeled beautifully :). Still working on left and left - about turns :).

Saw Harry Potter and the order or phoenix on Sat night - I recommend it. they didn't 'bastardise' the book, kept it quick and flowing although as expected they did leave out the explanations etc. They didn't really explain what the 'order' was and a few other things, but it didn't take away from the whole flow of the movie etc - I still found it enjoyable etc! Other than that i've been having a quiet weekend, nursing my aching fingers (really bad chillblains) and pretty much just relaxing. Was nice to curl up with a doona on the couch yesterday and watch some DVD's!

Amanda O - hope you are feeling better - I was wondering where my competition went on Sat :).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bl**dy Puppies!!!!!!!

Bl**dy PUPPIES!!!!! WHO WANTS THEM icon_smile_mad.gif!!!!!

OK - My *darling* 11mth old pup - for the 6mths we have had her she has been *reasonably* good. Only a few things here and there that you would expect from a young dog. She gets plenty of exercise and interactive toys, training and such.... you name it they get it!

I had the hide to go out with my friend on Friday night.... eek1.gif a night out from the dogs - how dare I laugh.gif!

I came home to find out that while I was away, my lovely dog not only took everything from one of the drawers outside (we have a row of cupboards outside for all the dog things) and threw them over the yard (luckily nothing overly important) but also dug a hole half way to China. Here is the interesting bit- before I left for work, I MADE SURE that all the cupboards and drawers were firmly shut! I even had chairs against the cupboard doors so she couldn't get in. As always, doubt slips into your mind to think that perhaps, although it was shut, it may not have been firmly so??? You wanna know the most frustrating thing - she had an Aussie dog Tucker ball that day - and she hadn't even touched it! She usually LOVES it *sigh*

I just got off the phone with my mum - she has told me that Miss K has since broken into our garage (not a good thing, it is the ONE place we can keep stuff away from the hounds..... chemical stuff (thank goodness) are all up too high and well secured) and ripped everything apart, knocked over my dog bath, chewed on the hairdryer (was dead, I was too lazy to throw out) unplugged, ripped up blankets, dragged tins of food all over the place and pretty much had an absolute ball....

The question is *how* did she get in?! I know that I shut it this morning (at least, i'm pretty sure I did laugh.gif!)..... I made a conscious decision to shut it tight.... I just can't remember if I went back in afterward! She also broke into another cupboard that had the cats food in it, but luckily we have a greedy kitty, so she couldn't get anything out (not sure if this was shut tight, but I think so!).....

Does anyone have dogs that break into cupboards? Is it possible?! Would child locks suffice?

If anybody wants her - you are more than welcome to her!!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Questioning my Sanity

Yes, you read right - I am beginning to question my sanity! Who in their right minds would get up at 5am on a SATURDAY to go to an Agility trial?!?!? Whats that I hear - no-one - well that SHOULD have been the answer *vbg*! But do I have any common sense? Nup - course not!

So up I get and trudge off to Sunbury for our agility trial.... miserable *COLD* day today! The grounds were absolute mayhem with mud piles everywhere! I swear - If I were 2 yrs old i'd be in heaven! What is worse is that the trial started at 8:30am and guess when my runs were? Yep - you guessed it...... dead last :p. They only had 3 rings set up - so both agility and jumping went through in the order like Masters/Open/ Excellent/ Novice - with slight variations, but NOVICE always last! Result? Agility and Jumping novice were running at the same time! So here I am walking the agility course - when they are calling my number for jumping EEK! I didn't even know they were up to that yet (coz I was keeping an eye on the ring).... quickly bolt over - take Leo straight from his crate (note time is now 12ish so he has been in there for a while) - no chance to warm up and straight into it! He did well considering the conditions AND the fact that I couldn't run coz of the mud (a brisk walk was more to the point!) but NQ'd as silly handler left her brain behind and the dog ended up 'refusing' (ie: walking past) 2 jumps at various stages of the run!

Next up - Novice agility - again the area was a complete slosh pit - horrible, horrible run - Leo bolted off the A frame (but we got our contacts) - was contemplating NOT doing weavers, but I got him in, only to have him stop and gawk 1/2 way through and me having to put him back in after he popped out - tunnel after weavers and obnoxious little dog decided NOT to listen to me and go in the wrong entry!!! Then dumb handler stood in the way of dogs landing area over the next jump and we 'collided' briefly *rolls eyes* - the rest of the run was faultless!

So due to the bogged conditions -the rings got moves to a 'higher' part of the ground - but they were still pretty muddy. Enter wind, rain and blistering cold temperatures :(.... Another Novice agility run (in the rain!)..... We are going really well until...... A frame we almost miss our contacts - completely bypass a jump (right infront of our nose mind you) coz yep, we spotted a Tunnel and for some reason that was the flavour of the day *rolls eyes even further into head!*....

Enter our last Novice Jumping run - by this stage I swear I am a frozen ice block... it is still raining and everyone is pretty miserable.... 2nd dog in.... the ground is so bogged (despite the move) that I can barely run but have to sort of 'brisk walk' instead.... result.... a PASS under course time and..... drum roll please...... OUR JD TITLE!!!!!!! *enter screaming cheersquad, cheering handler and happy dog here!* Of course this couldn't come without it's troubles! So we wait around for another 90mins (have I mentioned the wind, rain and blistering cold at all?!) for presentations..... call out Novice jumping - nothing for me... hmm... call out Novice jumping again (it wasn't in running order as everyone just wanted to go home!) and nothing for me - so I question it - judge says.... 'no, no passes in my ring' - says I ' but I had a clear round and no time faults.... I finished in 25sec.... CT was around 30sec!'..... Puzzled look on judges face..... checks the sheet and "oh - sorry steward didn't mark it properly, you DID get a pass - the ONLY one for the whole RUN!!!!!"..... So he had to go and write up the card, hunt up the person with my trophy and sash and then hand it to me ;)!

So since March 17 - Leo has obtained 3 titles - CCD, CD and JD! What a clever boy. Only 1 more to go until I have reached exactly what I wanted to this year (well 2, but since I haven't done any herding....).....

On the other hand.... Kinta is searching for a new home as of NOW! Went out last night to watch a movie with a friend - came home to find a hole big enough to bury my grandmother in.....AND leads and everything strewn everywhere.... this had me confused as I made sure I checked before I left for work that ALL the cupboard doors and drawers were shut TIGHT.... only explanation - the little miss has figured out how to open drawers as well as cupboards!!! *sigh*... so guess who is going 'child lock' shopping tomorrow.... (Ana found this highly amusing mind you... and she didn't want her back :-P)... umm... someone refresh my memory - did I ask for a more active dog when I was sober and feeling normal?!?!

Lastly - here are some pics that some friends have made for me via photoshop:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Some training video's

Mucking around last night and took some videos of the hounds ;)


Kinta's first lesson on 'Paw Targeting' - she has used the same object to 'nose touch' before (bad - I know - but she *did* chew my target stick!) - I missed a few 'key' clicks but thankfully the dog 'understands' her slow off the mark mum!

Who says you can't train a cat?! Monty's first lesson on targeting - what a smart kitty ;) oh - and the 'ouch' is coz we were getting a little eager to get the treat *rolls eyes*

Awww - this is so cute! Didn't take me long to teach Leo - i'll eventually 'fade out' the 'paws up' command - but I like how this is going (note the last time - the look on his face is as though to say "can I get up yet mum?!")

Pretty self explanatory - Leo catching a treat from his nose ;)

Self explanatory again - learning to 'touch' the soccer ball through the 'goals' - I think this is lesson 2 or 3...

Closing a cupboard door - only a handful of lessons on this - concept is grasped... need to work on 'force' now - lol - the wind kept blowing the door open!

Mucking around with heeling backwards:

Leo - Begging - I need to think of a new signal!

Walking between legs

Teaching Leo to spin around and back thru legs - only beginning stages

Part 2 of Leo's quoit set trick - not the best video - but we are up to the stage of the ring being further away now. Silly me kept forgetting to take it off the 'rung' - Leo was also dropping the ring a bit, which he doesn't usually do ;)

Kinta- an improvement on our fronts:

I think they are the only vids on there worth sharing ;)

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Kinta post (mainly)

*Searches memory banks to try and remember what she last posted about....*

Had a pretty quiet week this week, not really doing much out of the ordinary. Everything is going good and nothing to report really! Thank goodness for the dogs, otherwise i'd have absolutely nothing to say *vbg*!

Lets see - Leo this week has had it pretty quiet. We had agility on Tue/ Wed and he wasn't up to his usual 'speed' but I think that is because we were working on 'distance' - which isn't our Forte! We have a trial on Sat coming, so we'll see how we go, but to be frank, I haven't done much training of any sort as it is just too darn hard to get motivated when no matter what it is either raining, dark or *something* happens to cancel your training plans! Usually now I do a bit of obedience on Tuesdays in between our agility runs and do some 'at home' stuff either Mon or Thur (rarely both days) which includes some shaping etc..... *sometimes* we train on the weekends (in daylight) but usually we are just too busy so it is very short sessions. As a result, heelwork needs 'work' but with our lack of work I *am* pretty happy with how both dogs are progressing. In fact - except for a few nigglies, Leo is looking quite good for open at the moment. A lot of the practice I can do from home - again - thanks to Sarah for donating her 'broad jumps' to me! LOL! Now all I need is an idea for our retrieve over the jump....

Leo and I are still working on our d/b. He is more enthusiastic and he seems to be slowly improving. Took the d/b to the park the other day and while good, still needs work. I think the key at the moment is to take it to 'exciting places' etc,etc. We'll get there - he doesn't *hate* it, just sees no fun in it if it is 'dead'! Super yummy treats and lots of 'revving' at the moment.

Kinta - lets see... she started agility on Wed night and to say I was impressed would be an understatement! She is uber focused and just got tonnes of drive and energy! She had a BLAST! Downside - she did bark a lot and it just so happened that our instructor was 'teaching' the newbies how to use a clicker and every time K sat and 'barked' a clicker sounded - I told her it *wasn't* mine - but for the rest of the lesson, every time I asked for a sit, she thought she might try the barking! LOL. So keep posted as to how we'll go from here!

Had shows all weekend and the weather was simply NOT geared up for it.... raining all the time - so try keeping an active dog quiet and clean was *hard*. With the lack of the hair dryer - I took her to a coin hydrobath on Friday and that worked well - she was soo fluffy on Friday night, but it didn't last till the next day :(. At least she was dry ;). We got nothing but Reserve Challenges over the weekend. Although I certainly don't begrudge the judges decisions, it is still a little disappointing as classes were small and she *could* have pulled off the challenge - Sunday she behaved well etc,etc and she did look good IMO ;). But, although the judges liked her, they didn't like her enough ;). Both days the judges were flitting between the girls - always K and another bitch and ended up putting the other bitch up ;). Ah well - at least I know we are going the right way if she is making the decision harder ;). I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Currently i'm toying with some 'handling' classes as perhaps I am letting her down - They have some on Thur nights at KCC - so will see how we go - maybe that is all I need?!

It is interesting looking back over pics though as she is now very 'fine boned' by comparison to other Aussies. It's sorta a trade off isn't it - she is built perfectly for agility/ obedience, yet probably not that great for showing (bonier dogs getting awarded). Certainly don't regret my decision, but it does seem interesting none-the-less. But when it comes to the crunch, my real love lies in obedience/ agility..... and boy does K fit that bill! I still enjoy showing though, and I guess she is just taking longer to mature... who knows ;). Fingers crossed she starts to bulk out a bit though....

Nothing much else to post, but ya know what - I think I might be changing breeds for my next dog (way, waay in the future).... lol - I think i'll have about 4 dogs at some stage - 2 retired and 2 'trialling'.... but ever since I was a kid, I've wanted a Goldie - so i'm starting to have a squiz at the different lines as I want a really nice looking, rich gold good working Goldie that it is going to take me AGES to find one ;).... lol!

I'm also toying more with the idea of 'moving out' - I still don't want to rent, but am hoping I can move out as soon as I rake up enough money for a deposit and be able to pay off the mortgage.... so at the moment - it will be looking as though i'll be moving out with a 'housemate' which would certainly help!!!! So i'm madly saving my pennies from now on in!