Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend & more

Hmm.... so a pretty quiet weekend for me... thats a change! I actually had a chance to get bored!!!! Friday I spent the day getting ready for the Jewellery party that night. I told mum that i'd bake something (ok, ok, up off the floor now!!)! Shock hey! Decided to go all out and make a caramel slice. The suprising part is that it actually turned out WELL and tasted NICE (didn't it Kylie, eh, eh!!). I was as stunned as the next person :P.... who'd have thought that I of all people would have inherited my mothers flare for cooking. Well anyway... don't get used to it coz i'm sure this cooking flare is going to be few and far between :). Well the Jewellery party was a hit and I actually got some really nice stuff. I seriously need to go out and 'paint the town red' now, as I have soo many nice clothes and accessories that they need to be worn! I've even taken to 'over-dressing' (something I never do as i'm far too self-conscious!) just so I can wear my outfits. Anyways, I have to wait a couple of weeks before the jewellery comes, so i'll get to show it all off then. All in all it was a pretty good night and it was nice to catch up on all the goss.

Saturday - ahhh... it was so nice to have a sleep in! Got up late (didn't even have to walk the dogs - mum and dad did!) and then went shopping with mum to get a birthday present for her 2yr old 'god-daughter'. Hmmm... mum asking me for advice.... Anyways tried on some clothes while I was there, and shock horror.... by some strange reason I have dropped a dress size :-O. Don't know what spurred that on - i'm still eating as much and as unhealthy as ever. Must be all that 'Gilmore Girls' watching I did in the past few weeks ;). Either way, who am I to argue with the manufacturers! But here comes the next shock - I didn't buy anything! I didn't like anything when it was on... I know, after my spending spree's the past few months i'm shocked!
Sat night was a night out with some 'uni' mates although a lot ended up being a 'no show'. Went to see 'In Persuit of Happyness' which was a resonably good movie. Nothing to rave on about, but not dissapointing by any means. I thought good 'ol Will Smith did a good job. It is quite a confronting/sad movie, but a good ending.... always needed, I *hate* movies with bad endings.... and I like them to all end happy.... particularly this one :). But I was suprised to see in the movie an..... AUSSIE starring! LOL! There is a scene in the park where the kid is playing in the playground. In the background there is a person throwing a frisbee to a black tri aussie :). Trust me to pick that out! anyways, it was a good night out, good catch up, but since a few couldn't make it I think we might be going to see another movie later this week.

Today I went to Port Melbourne to a dog beach down there. Just for something different as i'm beginning to get *so* sick of the walks around us.... me and the dogs! It was a nice area for them to run, but the wind was a little strong so Kinta's ear aswell as Leo's were pricking and flopping everywhere, which ruined a few piccies :P. The water was also quite choppy so neither were all too keen on going too deep in the water. Actually, thats a lie - Kinta did go in deep but proceeded to get 'dumped' by the waves. Funniest sight I have seen.... She looked hillarious when she came back up with such a shocked look on her face! Anyways, i've attached some pics down below. I've decided that on the weekends i'm not showing, we'll take the dogs somewhere nice, either in the city or surrounds... just for a change of scenery for them and me.... boy these dogs really do get out and about!

I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things re: training the dogs. I still have to train myself to remember that Kinta is young and 'untrained' as i'm still slipping into the mode of training her the same level I do Leo - expecting more and for longer periods. Her poor little brain can't handle it. At least on the upside, training her has made me more aware of how to make training fun for Leo. Because he is so biddable, I often forget to razz things up a bit for him. Oh, and of course the fact that Kinta is sooo *easy* to razz up! Leo is sooo dim-witted when it comes to 'free shaping'. He just doesn't offer anything unless there is an object around. He is fantastic with objects, but to do something on his own.... nup! All he offers is drop, back and cover his eyes. So I decided to reward the drop and wait and see... he ended up nodding his head and laying to the side (ie: the "i'm sorry" look!). At least it gave me something to reward other than him standing there! LOL! Kinta is getting the picture and offers a lot more than Leo. I've been working on 'rear end awareness' with her, getting her to put her two front feet on a paving brick and will later get her to move her butt (back legs) around.... this has worked soo well with Leo (for left turns etc). ATM, we are only up to shaping the front feet onto the brick :P. For the both, i'm also trying to 'teach' a better 'heel' position - closer to me etc. Seems to be working. Got the idea from a Richard Curtis DVD I have recently recieved (Amanda, did you want to check this out, it is about freestyle... "puppy to performance" it is called!). Don't worry - I haven't been wearing my poor doggies out... just doing little bits and pieces. Oh and cool news - Leo has a new trick! He can now "SAY YOUR PRAYERS"!

On the job front- still nothing biting.... I think it is that time of the year, but I *really* want a proper job where i'll be using my brain and not doing everything on 'auto-pilot'.... I swear, the longer I stay in this job, the stupider and less motivated i'll come out!


Yes, she is sleeping on a drink bottle!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thats it! No More Animals for me!!!!

Thats IT! I have sworn off animals! NO MORE! They are far to stressful, expensive and everything is far too emotional when it comes to looking after your own animals! Poor Leo has been through the wars since Kinta has come on the scene. Just after christmas he came down with a mild case of kennel cough. Last week Leo has had really red, sore eyes - mild case of conjunctivitis from all the dirt and smoke.... gotta love bushfires and dry weather! Was giving him a groom yesterday and felt something funny on his right foreleg. Thought it was dirt, but upon closer inspection found out that it was a fish hook wedged in his leg (it had twisted around). I couldn't get it out and coz (obviously) it was hurting when you fiddle with it, we had to take him to the AH emergency vet to remove it..... I have told all of my animals that they were not to get sick on Sundays! Only while the vets are open PLEASE! But obviously he didn't listen. Everything is fine now, but the poor tyke has to put up with me giving him antibiotics, cleaning the wound and also cleaning his eyes :(. I don't think he loves me anymore! What makes it worse is that since I left him at home on Sat (I thought he would like the time 'alone' and Kinta needs to be out on her own also)... he has been giving me the cold shoulder. I try and pat him and he is non-communicado. I try and razz him up... nothing. When it is just him and me, it is fine, he is happy, chirpy and bubbly.... but not when Kinta is there :(. It is really upsetting me coz he will want to play, but only with food/toys, not with just me. He doesn't come up for cuddles anymore, as much as I try. He is not as goofy at the moment as he used to be. Maybe it is coz i'm home more often now, but I don't know... he just doesn't seem as wiggly. I'm sure i'm over-reacting and it's just a phase - he is happy enough in himself, but he just doesn't seem to want to interact with me..... maybe it is coz Kinta is so much more excitable and bubbly than him that i'm noticing it.... I dunno, but I still want him to be my dog and want to be with me.

So, after my experience at the vet clinic I have sworn off animals. It is far too depressing. while I was there for 1.5 hrs or whatever... we had one guy crying in the chair next to us. My heart went out to him. Then he was called into a room to be told his pet had died.... He went beserk, crying, banging walls, yelling at the vet, throwing things (couldn't see, but could hear). I really felt for him. The next people that came in had a cat that was really sick..... that was put down. Then someone came in with their ACD. It was a really old fella who apparently can't hear anymore and they had just moved house. He didn't see the dog, dog didn't hear the car and he accidentally hit it. The poor guy looked so miserable. I think the leg was broken etc. How much trauma can you take in a day! Top it off that when I was seeing all of these pets, it was bringing back memories of my last dog, Rusty. I can still remember the day she died so vividly and this brought back all of those memories. I never want to go through that again. What's worse is that I am so much more attached to Leo & Kinta than I ever was with Rusty. I spend much more time with them and we are so much more bonded to each other (despite Leo's cold treatment!). I still know that Leo wants to be with me all the time and he is just trying to adjust to sharing me. When I try and give him a little bit 'extra' he will always come for pats (he was this morning).... and when I come home from work he still loves to see me and goes nuts :P. But I can't bear the thought of losing any of them; Monty, Leo or Kinta. I don't know what i'll do... I was really quiet with Rusty dying... i'm sure people thought I didn't care.... after the first night, I didn't cry (even then I wasn't crying after we said goodbye etc). I could talk about her... but boy I missed her. Just little things I couldn't do - like go into the backyard. I couldn't cope with going out there and not having a dog to greet me. I'll be a wreck when the time comes to say goodbye to my current dogs...... going to the emergency clinic really brought it home for me.... having said that, life is much worse without pets at all :)

On a lighter note, I stayed up until 6am Saturday Night/Morning, watching 1/2 the season of Gilmore Girls ssn 5 - now I have to wait until Feb 7th to get the next season. Kylie had to put up with me jabbering on the phone to her about it... just when I was coming back out of 'fantasy land' and into talking about what we actually did, I had to go and have some lunch :-O. LOL - i'll call ya later to chat and organise a day to do stuff in Jan/Feb mate :). Went to a show in Lang Lang on Sat, Kinta only won her class although this was her first chance at getting the Challenge. She would have had a good chance at it in terms of the other dogs out there, but she just wasn't showing as well as what she did previously.... ah well :). She also got her ears glued Sat arvo, and let me tell you - she just looked a picture with the stocking around her ears (to hold them there until the glue set)... and the look on her face! Should have taken a pic! I doesn't really bother her at all though, which is good.

Sunday, besides going to the vet, I didn't do much, but wasn't overly tired after my marathon the night before either. LOL! Went to CDODC for an instructors meeting etc. Will have to enrol Kinta this Wed, so that I can secure a spot for her. Other than that, that is the story of my life :).

On the book front - I am LOVING Jodi Picoult - she has a really good flow in her writing and can really capture the audience. I'm up the the spicy bits now, but had to stop reading to go to be last night :(. Seriously Recommended book though!!! Oh and i've been posting heaps, so keep reading guys! LOL!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Strange feelings... even stranger rambling

I'm feeling very weird today and you're probably going to laugh at me when you hear why!! Came home last night to find out that my Mum is completely hooked on Gilmore Girls!! LOL. What cut my goat though is that she has surged ahead of where I am and started watching the rest of season 5 without me, when I told her not to..... for some reason this made me really annoyed! I guess it is because 1/2 of this season has never been aired on TV and i'm dying to watch it!! LOL! Anyway we had an interesting discussion last night about why we think the season is going the way it is (I am a bad person and keep checking up on the net what is happening ahead of time - to me this doesn't *really* ruin it as I don't know how or why one thing happens, just that it does). Mum thinks that Rory has made a concious decision that she no longer wants to be part of the 'working life' per se (ie: what her mother has worked so hard for, and struggled for the past 20 years to be independent from her overpowering blue-blood parents). Mum believes taht Rory no longer wants to be part of that and conciusly chooses to allign herself with her grandparents and their lifestyle etc (Kylie... don't you DARE let anything slip about who is on the right track here... even if we are both waaaay off!). I disagree as I don't think that Rory is that low or could turn her back on her mother that quickly - not saying that their relationship is ruined, but lets just say it has seen better days. I personally think that when a college friend said that she "has not lived life" yet or done anything daring, had any adventure, Rory sat back and thought about it and realised it was true. I think this said character, Logan also appealed to her and deep down she wanted to do something daring... coz lets face it - her mother lived a fairly 'wild' life before Rory was born (otherwise she would never have been!) and Rory doesn't want to always be the 'good kid' etc. Anyway thats my opinion and my *must analyse all movies and books* coming out! I'd be interested to see if my theories are correct.... or close to... I have a lot, but in my mind everything has to end up happy as I can't bear sad 'endings' or the things turning out the way that I didn't plan them to etc. So I can't bear the thought of the Gilmore's not talking to each other etc..... oh and just for the record... Yep, I do know it is just a TV show *vbg*! I just like the issues that they deal with :).

But watching Rory change got me thinking..... Rory reminds me a lot of myself, particularly in the earlier episodes. Not saying i'm quite as nutty as her and hey, i'm probably far more outgoing than her.... but the fact that she likes quiet nights at home... doesn't go out much.... doesn't want to go out if it isn't with her close friends etc. She doesn't go out on the 'piss' each weekend and she doesn't want to sleep with every guy she meets. Ok, lets face it, she has had much more success on the guy front than I have had :P. She loves to read, is fairly 'secluded' to an extent and well... doesn't cause her mother too much heartache or worry about you know, the usual stuff... drugs, sex and booze. LOL! But then it also occured to me, that I also didn't have much of a 'college' life, I went to my classes, hung out a little with my friends at uni and then came home. I didn't do any daring stunts, go to wild parties etc, coz frankly, most of the time I don't want to. But I also don't want to fly through life and have no stories to tell. Be so straight and boring and never be able to say that anything interesting ever happened to me! Mind you, that doesn't mean that I want to go out and party like an animal tomorrow night, but it does get me thinking..... am I missing out on something here? The thing is that I want to go out and socialise etc, but I am not really a fan of the pub and sleezy men hitting on you all the time. Heaps of fun going out and being silly with a large group of friends etc... but whenever I do go out with them, something always happens to ruin the night (eh Kylie!)... It's weird, but I can't explain it, it kinda puts a damper on everything... I hate organising stuff, particularly 'late night prowls' because I don't know the places where to go. I want to go out and meet new people, be crazy and have some fun in my life again (hey, I still do, but it is not the same fun... if ya saw me at uni days you'll know what I mean!). But I aint a big fan of clubs and pubs. Go... yeah, I'll go, but I never organise the days, and it never is as much fun as I expect. I can never think of anything else to do, where I can meet other people..... ok, starting to feel very hermit-like at the moment :P.

Isn't it weird.... watching the GG episodes really got me thinking that I *want* to live a spontaneous life for a while..... but I have one friend that will join in on me and my spontenaety. Everyone else is at different stages, different circles etc... lets just say.... i'm in a weird mood today. I want to live like a teenager and go wild and do all the things teenagers are supposed to, yet the other half of me is saying that it is just not me and I shouldn't do all those crazy things! Don't worry. i'm checking myself into a mental institution later today :)

Ok and after all of those ramblings I just remembered I had really cool pics to post!

I just love these Leo shots - doesn't he just look so stunning!!! LOL! Kinta on the other hand is just giving you the look "Just let me eat!".... pity that is the only time she can actually sit still :P. Oh and a rare even of having both dogs.... sitting still..... together!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Layout, Weekend and stuff!

Another weekend over, another bunch of shows gone! Luckily this time it was a leetle closer to home (well... kind of!). Kinta behaved beautifully again and this time Leo got to come along and of course get cuddles and spoilt by everyone (coz he of course didn't have to stay clean etc, so he was out and about, scabbing food as per usual!). I swear if this dog was human he'd be one of those super hunky athletic men that chat up all the women and have a swarm of them following him :P!!! Kinta had the same results as last time coming first in her class, but nothing in group. This was her last show however in Baby puppy and next week she will be up with the 'big kids' in Minor, which entitles her to points! Also got to meet up again with Amanda and see how much 'little' Hope has GROWN! Man, that girl is like a weed!!!! LOL! Amanda also got to meet Kinta for the first time, who decided she didn't need to introduce herself and climbed right into her lap (dog, not human)! I swear that dog knows 'doggie people' when she sees them *ggg*! She was a little 'concerned' about Nic, but would still allow him to pat her and hey, he had the food so couldn't be all that bad *g*! With bubba Laurent, she would lick his hand, back off, lick, back off etc :). Still, no real shying away which is a BIG improvement. Downside is that she tends to be VERY reserved if i'm not there. One of our friends walked into our yard (from inside the house, we were home, this person not overly doggy) and Kinta barked at her and as soon as I came out, she jumped all over Nancy *sigh*! Still, better than before :). Since the show was at KCC park I decided to stay with my friend who lives about 5mins away from the park *g*! Had a great time with Kylie Fri nite and was introduced to 'SCRUBS'..... methinks I could get hooked on that show quite easily! Went back from the show Sat arvo to Kylie's but ended up leaving earlier than I intended due to me being no fun and falling asleep while watching Scrubs (well.... almost!)... Still feel really bad about that mate, feel like such a scab, eating lunch and leaving *blushes*! The dogs spent the night (obviously) at Kylie's also and it was interesting to 'watch' Kinta (out in the yard).... at night she would bark at Kylie's parents - scary shadows walking around (didn't phase me, sometimes shadows make me jump too!).... but the funny thing was on Sat morning, she'd run up to the fence to say hello to Kylie's dad, shunned away, then thought about it again and jumped all over him (confused look on my face!).... interesting huh?!

Anyways, I was going to take the dogs out again on Sunday, but was too tired, so spent some of the day (ok, ok, most) playing the Sims 2 again.... hehe - it was fun! My family have 4 kids now and man it is hectic.... teenager who wants a boyfriend, twins who apparently need more love and attention in their 'childhood' and a new baby.... I swear!!!! LOL. Then spent the rest of the day/night on the couch watching Gilmore Girls with mum. We finished ssn 4 and OMG she is hooked (I was at the first episode!)! I'm going to have to 'work hard' to keep up with mum! I swear the show is so addictive, although don't particularly like Rory at the moment :P.

I've also done a new 'layout' with the blog. On the RHS (cant figure out how to get it onto the LHS), I have my 'profile' as well as details about my training with the two dogs (feel free to offer advice etc, if need be), books i'm reading etc. When I finish a book, I also plan to write a little about it in the blog..... that is if there is anything interesting to say! Let me know what you think!

Ok - so for the book front, I've just finished Anne #4 which is an old 'favourite'. This particular book was the 2nd last one written in the series. LMM wrote it as her fans were begging for more 'Anne' books and she needed the money. So the order the books were written was 1,2,3,5,7,8,4,6. LOL - looks confusing eh?! Apparently LMM never liked writing sequels so by this stage she was *over* Anne. She also stated in one of her letters/journals, that she felt at the start of this book that she hadn't quite connected with Anne again.... not until later in the book.... I guess a case of writing out of necessity rather than willingness. It shows though... the book doesn't have the same flavour as her others. But then about 1/2 way through it picks up again. I still enjoy it, but nowhere near as much as her others. Suprisingly enough, book 6 is one of my favourites... I guess LMM found her little 'Anne niche' again *g*! I really should sit down and read her journals now that I have them all. They would be so interesting and depressing at the same time, but I am *dying* to find out more about her life. The next book i'm reading is Jodi Picoult 'Perfect Match'... I've always wanted to read 'her sisters keeper', but Mum bought this book for me and hey, it was sitting on my shelf. It is going to be a book that hooks you in I think, yet quite confrontational. I think i'll like it coz it will get you to 'think' about what is morally right etc. It is about a lawyer who finds out that her son has been sexually abused.... need to read more to find out!

Anyway in the way of movies, i'm dying to see 'Persuit of Happiness' and 'Miss Potter' mainly, so if anyone wants to see these flicks, let me know and i'll tag along.... particularly on cheap A** Tuesdays!

Just added some pics from the weekend taken by the Richardson crew! Doesn't Kinta look all grown up! Leo looks just as spunky as ever :). One of the better stacked shots I have of him.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our debut in the show ring!

Well i've come back from a busy but fun weekend! Kinta and I had our first shows this weekend and it was heaps of fun! What I didn't realise when Ana entered us was that it was in 'central Gippsland' area.... eek! 2 hrs away from home... or more! So it was organised for me (and Kinta of course) to camp at Ana & Ben's place for the weekend so that we could attend the shows without having to get up in the wee hours of the morning to get there! The weekend started on Friday morning where I was to meet A&B to get the dogs ready for the shows :). Learnt a bit about how to groom them properly too :P. Once they were all spiffy clean we all drove to Morwell (?) area for the show (started at 3pm). Quick training session about how I should get my dog 'presented' properly (don't worry, we'd already been practising, but pointers are always wanted!). I was suprised that not many ACD's or Kelpies were shown! Kinta behaved really well and acted like a pro. The first few days she lost it a bit on the gait but by Sun we were pretty much 'into the groove'! On Fri/Sat we won BPOB (Baby Puppy of Breed.... baby puppies can't go up against the 'big dogs' so we couldn't go for the challenge :P) but didn't go anywhere in group (group is against all other 'working breeds' of that age grp).... not that I expected her to!

Sunday we actually had some competition with Tracey's pups making their debut (these were the 'Ben babies' I was looking at a short while ago!). Kinta won the class again, but didn't get anything in grp. Oohh she was such a good little girl and i'm soo proud of her! Completely hooked too! All in all it was a good weekend :D.

I also had the pleasure of seeing my 'almost puppy' again along with her brother and sister. OMG she is adorable! Absolutely stunning pup.... and guess what..... she has gone feral *ggg*! She looks like she is going to be heaps of fun... cheeky little girl! I'm still pleased with my choice though!

Leo unfortunately had to stay home due to limited space, but in hindsight I think it was a good thing for him. It gave him a good break and now he is 'back' to his normal self, wanting pats from me etc.... just being his usual cheeky, goofy self which he wasn't really since Kinta came.... happy but not the silly goof! He was soo happy to see us again and the two of them have being playing non-stop ever since! Nice run yesterday and a really long walk this morning before work!

I also have big, breaking news - Kinta likes toys! I was playing with the two of them in the park yesterday (want a good workout - play chasey with dogs!), I'd tie one up and we'd play games. With Leo i'm looking at getting him more revved about pats and being silly, something that he doesn't really do when he wants toy/food for rewards... so he'd get pats, silly me then the toy will be thrown. He was having a ball. Basically i'm working on this sort of things over the break, rather than heel, heel, heel; stay,stay,stay. With Kinta i'm doing the opposite - really rev her up for the toys and then she gets to be silly, have pats with me. You should have seen her! As soon as I got the toy she was jumping around like a loony getting really excited. We tugged, exchanged tug for food, threw tug, she brought it back - had pats and repeat! She loooved it! And even this morning she chased the ball, got it and brought it ALL the way back! yay!!! Man this girl is sooo much fun though... she is always so happy and bouncy, unlike Leo who sometimes needs his 'nanna naps'!

Kinta also came with us to the Nursing Home on Thursday. A big day for her. She took it all in her stride and behaved remarkably well. Didn't gawk at anything and was happy to say hello to everyone - resident's and staff alike (she preferred the residents!). By about 4pm however (don't worry she had PLENTY of breaks and rests!) she was a little 'overwhelmed' and everything became scary. I'm not overly worried about this as I think she was just having difficulty 'soaking' it all in etc. I was soo proud of her! She also was fine with judges going over her etc, all weekend including them checking her mouth etc. Body she was fine, but mouth she would let them, but wasn't overly impressed. I think this is because she is teething etc.

The strangest thing aswell - her ears were in perfect position all weekend, and seem to have dropped a little.... weird! Last night they were a little funny, but today she holds them really well!!!! So maybe they won't go prick.... Ana doesn't think so, but hopefully if they do, it won't be anything a little bit of 'tampering' won't fix! Ana says she has a 'definite fold' in her ear so she is quite confident they will stay in place!

Well thats it from me. A busy week, followed by a busy weekend. Back in the show ring this Fri/Sat coming!

And some cool tests to take if you are bored: here

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Back to work today :(. Whats worse is I feel really tired/ out of it today! Hope everyone had a great NY by the way! I spend NYE at a friends place playing Cranium and Risk (two of the best board games around!). Was heaps of fun and we ended up winning *vbg* - just goes to show that girls are smarter than boys.... even boys who are freakishly good at spelling backwards, forwards and knowing definitions! Woke up on New years day feeling utterly exhausted so decided to cancel on going out for a picnic and stayed home to re-coop before work instead. Ended up spending the WHOLE day on the computer!!! I ended up getting a computer game (don't worry, I rarely play comp. games!) from Pizza Hut - Sims 2. I've been waiting ages to get this, but when I eventually bought it, over a year ago it didn't work. so I decided to try this one again. Well it worked... so I spent the whole day mucking around on it and getting my sim a nice house (I didn't cheat for all of 5 mins!), married and a family! Kylie - I know you warned me, but man this game is addictive!!!! I did have to laugh though at the "woo hoo" option :P. Problem is, you are meant to fill their wants etc.... and mine has decided (after having twins) that she wants 10 kids.... uh, yeah, right.... she can't even take care of 1! LOL! Anyway it is a very amusing and addictive game..... wasted a whole day on it!!!

Both dogs are still going well... I feel really out of it also in this department as I haven't done much training with Leo, giving him a break, but methinks he doesn't want a break anymore as he has put on the sulks again, miserable that Kinta is getting attention. I've been also working on her toy drive which is working really well and she wants the toy, just doesnt' want to bring it back!! Definately more of a tug dog than a retrieving one :P. But we'll get there! She has a stubborn streak too (like all females) and loves to look at you and say 'sit... whats that?!". Her show training is going ok, but we are nowhere near mustering a freestack yet.... our first show should be interesting! Leo has been more himself of late, back to his wiggly self, but definately woke up on the wrong side of the crate this morning :P. Unfortunately he also picked up kennel cough so I have been limited with where I can take him to unfortunately :(. I hate the fact that sometimes I will take one out and leave the other at home though - I feel so mean!

I've also updated my website to include a "Kinta" page if you want to check it out: here.

oh and a movie recommendation for anyone interested: The Holiday - Kate Winslet & Cameron Diaz. It's a really good chick flick - best i've seen for a while! There have been a lot of dodgies out lately so it was refreshing to see a good one!!!!

Thats all from me!