Monday, April 30, 2007

Just like riding a bike

I've been having such busy days that I can't even remember what I last posted about *vbg*! Strangely enough, my weeknights are becoming less and less filled now.... I guess that just means I have nothing really to report! LOL.

On the 'me' front - i've had a tough week of it as i've had a fairly constant headaches since Tuesday afternoon and it seems to have only cleared up today.... it was a little off and on yesterday and I'm not sure if *that* stopped because of the headache/nausea drugs :p. Went to Kylie's 'undercoverwear' party on Friday night and for some reason I had it in my head that it started at 7pm... so I rock up at 7pm and wonder why I'm the first one there.... only to find out it started at 7:30.... lol - ah well ;). I just wanted to spend more time with you Kylie! It was really good and I bought a pair of jeans and PJ's despite the fact that I really don't need to be spending money right now!

I have gone on a fitness spree finally - if only I would go back to swimming as I want to but I can't find the time ;) Maybe on one of my extra nights off I will go now ;). But since Leo seems to be coming up with injuries more than i'd like, I decided to be pro active about it and start getting him to build up the right muscles rather than just hooning. So we have starte bike-riding together. He has been really good so far and hasn't even attempted to knock me off the bike which is a plus!!! But I figured this would be a great way for the both of us (and Kinta too!) to get fit. Only problem is that I can only take one dog at a time! Either way, i'm sure we'll have fun! I'll let you know how we get on as we continue ;)

Aside from that there really is no news to tell other than on the dog front. We have had a fairly easy week this week - nothing in the way of trials and such for the next 2-3 weeks as they were all out whoop whoop. I have my first puppy assessment on Sunday which should be interesting - wish me luck! What wasn't lucky was that for the whole hour of our class it was POURING on sunday. I know I should be happy for the rain and I *am*.... but couldn't it hold off for an extra 1/2 hr! It was a pain as yesterday was our expidition to the shopping centres and of course the rain didn't start till we were already well on our way so needless to say we all got *soaked*! Leo behaved ok in the trial ring, but I wasn't really there and as a result, he wasn't really there. The funny thing is that I sometimes don't realise that I'm not really there until I sit back and wonder why his response wasn't what it should be *sigh*! I am so pleased with Kinta as she has been behaving remarkably well throughout her season despite the fact that she hasn't been on a walk for ages. Soo proud of my little girl! She is turning out just as I had hoped she would!!!

I was in a weird mood today - so here a a couple of threads from DOL:

You know you love your dog when... :P


What your dog means to you (said I was in a weird mood!)

ETA - Kinta is feeling left out coz I haven't posted up pics of her stacking for a while.... so at 9mths, my rather pathetic attempts at stacking ;)...... Photos taken by 'shoemonster':

With her front a little bit forward....

Nice expression although a little unkept ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How excitement

Interesting few days :).

Well the honeymoon is pretty much over at work as I have since been placed on another project - one to do with nursing homes and pet therapy funnily enough. So juggling between the two RA jobs keeps me quite busy :). I am enjoying it more now though. I'm a little concerned though as I am getting a lot of headaches, possibly from the computer screens.... so will see what I can do about that :(.

Kinta is being an incredibly good girl with her 'confinement' (sounds like the 15th century doesn't it!).... she *madly touches wood* has been really good with being locked in the Laundry while we are away and I dare say, soaking up all the extra attention of being inside and on the mat when mum is home :-). You can see that she is really needing a walk now though as she is driving her mum batty with her leaps and bounds and pretty much bouncing off the walls! Poor girl - another week left yet :(. Leo has been really good about it and it is quite funny to watch them interact. He has 'attempted' a few times, although he missed the bar. When Kinta was really 'tarting' up to him, Leo would just sniff with a look on his face as if to say "mmmm.... nice.... but WHAT do you want me to do!?!?!" ROFL!

Leo is also being a real eager beaver in terms of training (if this is a result of having a girl in season - i'll have one in all the time please!). He has been working superbly and at agility last night he was really good. I ran him conservatively due to his limp from the other week, so we only jumped 400 but he was doing really well..... the smaller jumps tend to slow him down though??? We had our first Novice Obedience trial on Sunday at Croydon. I was secretly hoping he would outstand me and do brilliantly as the prizes were really good - food, trophy, sash, toy/ showbag thing and money voucher for pet stock :-O! Congrats need to go out to Croydon as they really did organise a great event! It wasn't my day to succeed however and our 'winning streak' is over :-(. I was incredibly nervous before entering as I didn't know what to expect. So in we went.... Leo was super eager so that is always a plus. Heeling I thought he was miles behind but later found out otherwise.... We scored 34/40 which was great - he didn't miss any positions and I didn't walk into him at all.... I did loose my footing in a few places though. Next was SFE. I said 'yes' I was ready when I really wasn't and my head hadn't accepted that we were doing SFE. I said 'wait' as opposed to 'stay' when I left him but he shook and broke position so that was immediate fail. The recall suprised me though. Apparently when I called him I was inaudiable at the other end so Leo got up, took a few steps and then hesitated... he didn't come any further - it was as though he wasn't sure whether I called him or not! Ah well.... there is always next time and at least then i'll know what to expect!

Now for the really exciting news..... I have a new car!!!!!! Welll.... sort of! I ended up with a Holden Viva which I'm really pleased about as it has everything I want in the car as well as not being too big but having plenty of room. It doesn't drive as nice as the Astra but has more features.... not to mention around 3k cheaper. We got a reasonably good price on it too so I think we have done well. Now for the dissapointing news... coz Amanda can't shop for cars without being dissapointed :p. One is that if I wanted to get the colour I wanted - dark turquoise, i'd have to wait until JULY to get the car! So I said don't bother i'll get the dark red.... I still have to wait until JUNE for my car *sobs*! On the plus side, it gives me time to sell my car.... on the down side..... I don't wanna wait!!! LOL. Either way - i'll post piccies when the baby comes home :P. Oh and if you know of anyone that might want a Toyota Echo - pass 'em on to me!

Now to round up - what would a blog from me be without photos..... boring thats what!:

"GrrrOOOWL" I'm a Lion

soooo.... anyone wanna pat me?

Hey look..... CAT!
Methinks I am mistreated
How much more obvious do you need me to be - just PAT me!!!!

These are pics from our Easter Agility trial taken by Sal Robinson! Aren't they great?!

Tunnel dog!
Smiling away :-)

"hugs" all round

and a portrait!

Monday, April 16, 2007

dogs, dogs, dogs

Well, what else would you expect in a post from me *vbg*!

Busy weekend on my part. Saturday I spent the day down at KCC doing a whole array of things. AM - showing Kinta - our first show in 2 months. She behaved terribly, although I can't really blame her. Since she has been in season, she had a very quiet week, so was thrilled at the aspect of being brought out again! Result: no proper 'gaiting' but a happy prance instead..... *not* exactly what you want in the breed ring. She was also holding perfect heel position despite the fact she has not yet learnt heel - well a moving heel anyway, I have only just started the basics with her :p. LOL - I have been soo caught up with consolidating with Leo and doing basic obed with Kinta that it was really highlighted at the show *hides face in embarassment*..... so now on our agenda for Kinta is to teach her how to act like a showdog - some nice gaiting and possibly working on a free stack too.

For those that want to join me in my embarassment - this is what we looked like (actually she behaved better than this at the actual show.... this was after about 2 hours of her watching me either do stuff with Leo or other dogs so she was VERY EAGER to come out of her crate!

Sat PM consisted of me organising a training day at KCC with some 'DOL' friends. Unbeknowns to me, it turned out I was the only one there who had trialled, so I ended up taking them through the steps of what to expect at a trial. I found this really fun and it was good practice for me also to watch others and help them along with their training (at least I hope I helped them along!!!). I did a 'little' bit of work with Leo who was working beautifully and I even got a bit on video. Didn't realise until we finished filming (well I guessed as much when he was heeling) that he was lame. So a few days rest for him! Here is the vid:

I'm really at loggerheads about this as Leo always seems to come up injured one way or another! It is weird as these should be dogs that can work ALL day, yet Leo seems accident prone. Rusty never got injured really, or perhaps she did and we never realised. Part of me wants to think that he keeps injuring himself through agility, but the more I think about it, the more I think not. I have an inkling feeling he just injures himself from hooning around the yard with Kinta and of course having a smaller yard, it requires sharp turns etc to play chasey, which in turn = injuries :P. Then of course there is the fenceline pacing they have started which I think has added to potential injuries. Working on this one and we are definately getting progress, so hopefully the injuries will subside a little. But lets face it, the aussies seem to play hard and fast, very much body dogs so this may also cause the injuries. Who knows! But a couple days rest for Leo and we'll see how he goes! I'm a little skeptical of taking him to the Chiro again as I don't want him to become dependant on getting cracked back into place.... I think the body itself to some degree should be able to do it on its own!! BTW - it was much better yesterday and since yesterday was 'relatively' quiet, it is MUCH better today (I hardly notice it!).

Sunday was the Aussie Shepherd Fun Day at Ruffey Lake which was a ball and a nice change being so close to home!!! Kinta had to stay home due to being in season and Leo came, although he was on-lead only (or in a small pen set up) due to his leg - I didn't want it to get worse so he had a fairly quiet day exercise wise, but lapped up all the attention and 'sights'. The club organised a whole bunch of activities and I think there were approx 50 Aussies all hooning around! It was great to see so many out and about and even better to see such a large number of dogs all intermingling with not a cross word out of any!

Kinta was at home while Mum and Dad had some friends over for a BBQ lunch. I was kind of (but not overly) suprised to hear that Kinta was non-communicado with the family... as soon as they arrived, she wouldn't interact at all and stayed clear of the decking. As soon as I came home and I walked up the deck to say hi to everyone, Kinta bounded after me and was all wiggles and smiles to everybody there! She is definately a one-person dog and while she is happy to take attention from anyone (and begs it from people she knows, or out in public), she seems a lot more reserved at home, particularly if I am not there. But I think what added to it yesterday was that there was a toddler at home and not a quiet one but a very loud squealing one *vbg* - not naughty, just excited! I think that put Kinta off a little (who knows, I wasn't there!). But I found it interesting that as soon as I came home she was offering cuddles and kisses too all, including the toddler - who thought it was great fun to have her toes and feet licked by Kinta! *ROFL* - this girl is an interesting case!

I also met Kinta's sister at the fun day - BJ, who looks a lot like Kinta, meaning they both look a lot like Tiana (IMO). Am very jealous of BJ however who has the most gorgeous, rich copper!!! I was talking to BJ's owner who said that by the sounds of things, BJ is similar to Kinta - she doesn't like people who have extremes.... very high one minute and loud and booming the next. Apparently BJ has never really gained full trust with the hubby and I am starting to find that Kinta is like that with Mum..... she will interact, but I can see she sees mum as a little unpredictable. She seems to read mum a lot and will keep well away from her at times :-O!

Still... having said all that, I am very proud that she is my dog and incredibly pleased with her temperament. IMO, she still has a very solid temperament albeit a little reserved!! Just making sure no-one thinks she is a basket case as she certianly isn't and IMO is still an incredibly confident dog.

I was enjoying watching these Aussies yesterday and how they interacted with young kids. The dogs seem to dote on their 'child buddies' and the feeling is mutual - there were soo many visual images of young kids trotting around with their family dog close at their heels and doting on their young masters! BJ and her buddy Sarah were having a ball and it was evident that these guys did everything together. Who ever said that doggies and kids don't mix!!! LOL - they seemed a perfect match yesterday, each one exhausting the other *vbg*!

Well.... another start to another week - feeling a little under the weather today (don't know why) but I don't have anything in particular planned for this week and looks like it will be a quiet one for me! For a change!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

An eventful few days

Grr - a blackout halfway through typing a blog is not exactly what I had in mind!!!!

Anyways.... whoever said that dogs lower your blood pressure clearly never owned one, or else mine are the devil incranate!

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day and I took the pleasure of exhausting the dogs ;). Took them for a run in the morning through our local parks, which they loved. Kinta is *so* motivated by stock she is feral! She will bolt off chasing ducks, rabbits, magpies.... anything that will move and she spots them way before I do! You can't stay mad at her though coz pretty much as soon as you call her she about turns and comes hooning back to you! Still... her privelidges have been reduced a little as she has decided that she doesn't need to come back *all* the time to dad. Leo did a similar thing at about her age, so i'm not too concerned, just going to control her 'freedom' a little more. Apparently, these walks are not enough exercise however and are just a warm up. Almost without fail, when we come back from a walk, the dogs must hoon around and play zoomies for a good 1/2 hour afterwards, so you can imagine what kind of a racket they make! Since I am clearly depriving my dogs of much needed exercise, we also went for a late arvo stroll around Ruffey Lake. We took King with us too, although he found the walk a little tiring and struggled up the hills! I don't think he enjoyed it as much as our two *VBG*! Leo and Kinta were as usual, hoons around the park, but they had a blast and returned home tired, wet and very happy :-).

Monday I fed the dogs a little later than usual. I wasn't aware that the parentals were gardening out the front and had left the garage door open (to the front yard) so here I come from the backyard into the garage to get their dryfood. My two are excellent in the front and will just mill around me while I get their food ready. This was too much for King who waddled off to say 'hi' to mum. Didn't overly concern me but I tried to call him back anyway.... no response of course! Mum didn't even look up so I shouted at her to grab him, but she missed as she reacted to late (lets face it, King does NOT move fast!). So off I trot to grab King who is making his way to our front door - Oh bugger I think as I see the cat (King likes to chase kittys).... quickly try to grab him but I was too late (King decided he *could* move fast!)... off Monty went into the front garden and off to our neighbours yard..... off went King into the front garden... but wait! There is a dog across the street.... so across we trot (blindly across a relatviely busy street :-O!) to say hello to the dog..... Now i'm madly yelling at King to get is ass back here, but of course he is oblivious to my calls.... where are my parents I hear you ask..... still gardening... possibly just starting to look up from all the commotion. So lady across street thinks "oh no, big scary cavvy coming to eat my SWF" so picks her dog up and doesn't even try to hold onto King (*anybody* could see he is harmless)..... So I am about to charge off after King..... I'm screaming at parents to grab hold of my two and put them in the yard.... but Kinta wants her mum and won't be caught..... so blindly follows her mum.... she then almost runs onto the road into oncoming traffic at which time I scream at her to come, which she does and I pick her up and hand her to mum. I proceed to chase King who at the same time Kinta was thinking of crossing road for the 'social party', King has decided to come back home into said oncoming traffic. Thank goodness the cars slowed down. Lo and behold this is NOT the time for Monty to re-emerge, but re-emerge he does, so King is off again up the street, me in hot persuit. Thank goodness he is not all that athletic so I was able to grab him and pick him up to come home. By this stage i'm shaking like a leaf and cursing and spitting and saying a few obscene words to King..... would never ever, ever have forgiven him if something had happened to my two! Unreasonable, I know, but then I also know that my dogs wouldn't have charged off our property in the first place and Kinta is great buddies with King so wanted to join in the fun (and also doesn't really like to come to anyone save her mum)..... Where was Leo in all this I hear you ask.... well Leo, my perfect little man, was doing as Mum taught, which was not to step ONE PAW off the grassed area. He was looking quite confused by all the stress though ;). I hate to think what may have happened had Kinta not had a brilliant recall (which sometimes is not that great when she spots other dogs)... so anyone reading this - please make sure your dogs have a great recall under ALL conditions because it can save their lives!!!! I really is important!!!!!

Aside from that - the rest of the long weekend was rather enjoyable, although I didn't quite get my wish of never having to move off the couch. Either way I was well rested and actually woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am Wed morning to get ready for work :-O! Now that is NOT normal, and definately shouldn't happen!!! Glad I woke up tired today otherwise I would have been concerned :p.

Recieved a lovely suprise in the mail yeserday - 3 weeks after sending my title cert in, I recieved Leo's new pedigree and title certificate.... so Leo is OFFICIALLY:
Ellagant Full O Mischief CCD
One down - 4 to go (incase you are wondering - we are aiming for our CD, AD, JD & HT). Not that i'm setting our hopes high or anything :P.

Also came home from agility last night and found out Kinta is in season! My little bubby is growing up! I don't know HOW we are going to cope with a super active puppy who will no longer be allowed off lead, let alone on many walks at ALL for 3 weeks..... So will be off to puppy proof the laundry (her new domain) over the next few days.... I put nothing past this dog... methinks she might be able to open cupboards so i'm not taking ANY chances (chemicals and stuff in laundry!). If she is finding it too hard to cope, off she will go for a holiday at Ana's, whose house is by far better set up for this than mine!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Pictorial

Firstly - HAPPY EASTER. I hope the easter bunny brought you lots of yummy choccies and you have a fab day - lets just say if either Leo or Kinta had a say in the matter - the easter bunny wouldn't have gotten home last night...... :P

I woke up this morning to a lovely puuuurring kitty :D :D!!! He hasn't given me a cuddle for SO long coz i've been so busy that it was just divine :p. I love it when he is in a 'cuddly mood' as he will snuggle right in and really get cozy :).


Pic of Leo with his 'winnings' from the Knox trial!!! Boy this dog is on fire..... but read on ;)

YES!!! You read right! Leo and I had an Agility trial again yesterday :). It was a double trial and we were entered in one agility trial and 2 jumping trials. The morning was yuk! LOL - in Agility Leo was still 1/2 asleep (or seemed to be!) despite razzing up outside of the ring - although I wasn't completely prepared as they came to my number a lot sooner than I anticipated :p. He ran straight pass a jum (Nah i'm right thanx) and messed up his weavers. Finished on a high though :p. AM jumpers was pretty good - he listened well but knocked one bar (the height is hard for him!) and refused a jump - but I was happy with that. I didn't expect to get a pass in the PM jumpers as although straightforward, there were a few niggly bits ie: call your dog OFF the tunnel straight in the line of fire and into the opposite entry.... call your dog off jumps directly infront to turn and change direction of the course :P. But he ran a DREAM and I am more proud of that than the pass! Agility feels GREAT when you run together and feel like a team, which is sometimes harder than it sounds! LOL - but Leo was brilliant and we had a very smooth CLEAR run, with a Qualie time of 25.14sec SCT - 38sec!!!!! 13 seconds below time :-O!!!! Needless to say I was jumping up and down at the end of the run which Leo thought was great *vbg*. There was no way we could have beaten first - they finished the course in 21sec!!! LOL! Lightning speed. But I am a very happy second place getter :P.
With his pretty sash (yep it is a ritual) albeit a little nekkid! Boy he is certianly giving me quite a collection :p

Meet 'King'. He is a friends cavvie that is staying with us over easter! Our house has been aptly named 'boot camp' by all relatives and friends since the dogs are actually treated as dogs here and if they don't finish their meals etc, it is taken away! LOL - no rest for the wicked :p. Lovely natured Cavvie albeit a little 'chubby' shall we say?! He had a nice bath on friday and a little 'tidy up' around the edges...... there is a reason I wasn't a dog groomer :p. But i'm sure he feels happier for it!

Backyard chasey (Leo is actually going after a squeaky)!

"Look King - it is part of the game here that we all get to chase you so c'mon - get up!"

"Sick 'em!!!!"
"Our job here is done - mission accomplished..... now what do we do?!"


Isn't she just growing up so purdy!! I have FINALLY got a good shot of the poor girl! *melts at the sight of her*.... can't belive she is 8.5mths already :-O!

"Yep - and mum says she doesn't think i'm as cute as Leo.... umm... HELLO!"

Out attempt at stacking! Isn't she lovely! Pity she turned her head at the last minute - try again shall we?

Thats Better! Although IMO she does look a little square - geez methinks handler needs a bit of practice still *vbg*. Ugh! I hate the masking on her face - it takes away from her 'prettyness' lol - pity it is on her show side :P.

Now THAT looks much nicer :) :)

"Off show" side. She is pushing being slightly A framed at the front, but still showing how she is growing up :-(.. Also looking slightly bum-high, which she isn't, but it is very hard to find level ground at our house :P.... doesn't help that we have a rampant excavator at the moment....hmmm... WHO could that be?!?!?

Leo's turn - GAWD is he nakid or what!!!! His front could be placed better, but it is a nice shot of him none-the-less...... c'mon boy - GROW some hair!!!! LOL

"Off Show" side also - see it IS the ground as Leo looks bum-high also.... haha - I wasn't lying ;-)!

Well thats it from me! Hope you enjoyed the 'pictorial'.... until next time :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Miss Saigon & soo tired!

Boy it has been a busy week. Not a good thing to start a new working week completely exhausted!!! LOL! I went to the swimming 4 nights last week - Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday again! It was really good, although the atmosphere wasn't overly explosive until last night! We got to see 6/9 Australian gold medals not to mention some great races, many World Records broken (13/15 by USA!) and it was just generally all around FAB! LOL! I am totally motivated to start swimming again, but the question is finding the time! For those who don't know - yes, swimming used to be my sport until I quit just before High School. The club that I was to join wanted me to train 4x per week wither at 5am in the morning or most nights. It was mutually decided that it was far too much for me when I was just starting high school. LOL - so since then, my main swimming was just through the school sports ;). I've always pretty much kept up with it though, swimming on a fairly regular basis - lol - I don't run, so it is my main point of exercise save walking the dogs :p. So I did REALLY enjoy the World Champs as I am a big swimming fan :P.

I FINALLY got to see MISS SAIGON on Sat and OMG!!!!!!! It was AMAZING! I was expecting great things and it even exceeded what I expected! Absolutely brilliant. ROTFL - ok so best not talk it up tooo much! Seriously I loved it and it didn't dissapoint. The acting/dancing/coreography was amazing and the singers were also good. Usually I am a little dissapointed with the singing as it is *never* as good as those on the CD, but I was very impressed with this one ;). So anybody who is thinking about seeing it should *definately* go and see it.

In regards to going overseas - i'm still toying with the idea, so I may go over in the next 18mths - 2yrs. If I can find a suitable job. There are so many opportunities in terms of animal training that I think it would be a real shame 'career wise' if I were just to go over and work as a waitress for example rather than trying to get a job in the animal industry. So i'll keep toying with the idea and see what I can come up with - then i'll come home, continue to save and persue dream #2. LOL - i'm not leaving much room for a social life am I?! LOL! Ah well, I don't think i'll really mind ;).

My little puplet is growing up too fast. Seems like she is coming into season :-O! She is 8.5mths old now and the past week has been 'highly desirable' to Leo *g* along with some slight swelling. No bleeding yet. ARGH! This should be interesting with trying to contain her as I trust NO dogs around here (even Leo!) and trying to keep Kinta contained for 3 weeks with little/no exercise - she'll go nuts! So we'll give her a go staying at home, but if she really isn't coping, we'll take her up to Ana's as they are set up for girls in season there ;). I kinda want to keep my gal at home though as i'm gonna miss her and I also am a little nervous as to how she'll cope given her response when she first came to stay with us.... she still shows slight signs of that when i'm not there or for example when we went to Phillip Island she was very cautious around the house.... nothing really to be concerned about, but still... At least the only other home she has known has been Ana & Ben's so she should be really comfortable there.

Leo started Novice training yesterday and while he was doing everything - he wasn't doing his heeling/recall to the best of his ability. Granted I was tired, but his training has slipped a little as i've been a little slack! Sarah - come back to Oz, just for me!!!! LOL! I'm hoping to find someone to video us to work again so that I can pester people online for advice.... *hint, hint Sarah!*. Have actually organised a DOL training day on the 14th at KCC where a whole bunch of us are going to gear up for a 'trialling session' - offering advice, video taping etc,etc. Should be really good! So I'm going back to basics a little with Leo to bring his enthusiasm back up and get his consistency back a little :).

Slight DOL rant - I know I shouldn't care what others think but it still irks me :p. Many posts have been started lately about whether 'outside dogs' can actually have a fulfilling life and be 'part of the family'.... it really frustrates me as many think that no, the dogs can't. They need to be mollycoddled and be a part of your indoor life in order to actually *be* part of your life. It really irks me as many got quite heated and were apt to say that if your dog isn't inside than you shouldn't have a dog at all :-O! It frustrates because they don't look outside the square and think that maybe there are people who are unable to have their dogs inside for whatever reason, but are still able to spend copious amounts of time with their dogs not to mention still develop a strong bond with them. Just because my dogs are not allowed inside a lot doesn't mean that they get absolutely no attention - i'm pretty much always outside because I want to be with my dogs. I just get really frustrated at the insinuation that outdoor dogs can't have a happy an content life with their owners. I mean, i'm pretty sure that my dogs don't have it too tough and they certianly aren't begging for attention. I mean, if I had no relationship that I do with them, there is no way i'd be able to train them to the level that I do (or want to rather, since we are still in our 'baby beginnings'!). Humph - I don't know why it bothers me so much but it *really* does, even though I know that my dogs are happy and I treat them right. I know that anybody who meets my dogs will agree and that these people are making huge generalisations for those who *do* treat their dogs like backyard ornaments, but it *still* irks me!

Ah well :).... Quiet week this week, and a *short* one! Friday - Tuesday i'll be on 'holidays' yipee - which should be 'fun' and hopefully i'll have some spare time to relax, go car shopping and make some agility equipment!