Saturday, November 07, 2009

Yeh Gods....

Can it be true?! Is it really happening?!?! THE BLOG LIVES!!!!!

Has it really been that long since I've posted? I guess life has a thing of getting in the way doesn't it.... either that or Facebook....

Still I miss writing about our recent happenings, and I think most of you know them by now anyway :).

Dogs are all doing well. Zara is growing like a weed and we've told her she can slow now and concentrate on fixing up her little faults PLEASE! At nearly 7mths old she's all legs and no substance, including a SHOCKING rear end which is making me shudder every time I see it. Where it came from I have no idea seeing as her lines shouldn't be producing something like that. I mean her 3/4 sister is Diva, a gorgeous, gorgeous blue girl who won BOB at the Melbourne Royal! I swear I got the short end of the stick :o. Alas, we shall wait and see how she develops.

Kinta is absolutely ROCKING the obedience ring since her return with a lovely 198 and high in trial at her first trial back, followed by a 191 the week later. Fingers crossed we can get that title in the trials before the year is out. She has really matured and is looking nice for the show ring, so fingers crossed those 15 pts come soon. With two passes also down in Novice agility, one would hope we can pull off the last one for that too, but hey, lets not ask for too much ;-)

Leo is also doing well :-). We've done one UD trial now and I was RAPT with how he went. This boy is just so awesome... just when you think 'ah you're nothing special, he pulls off something amazing'. Agility is also going really well for him to and hopefully we can finish of his ADX shortly.

Looking forward to the summer break though where we will spend the majority of the time at the beach and just having some fun in the summer sun, rather than training ;). I'm sure the dogs will love it (just don't tell them I'm going away to London for 3 weeks over xmas!).

As for me... I'm loving work and that's keeping me very busy at the moment. Am actually house-hunting now which is quite stressful trying to find something that I like and meets all of my criteria. In my (spare) time I'm just lazing infront of the tele! Nothing overly exciting!

Lets hope I get some new piccies soon and can innundate you all with new photos from the continuing photography experience :)