Thursday, May 29, 2008

What do to, what to do

Some of you might be aware that the Nationals are looming..... Agility and Obedience nationals to be held in Melbourne through August (start of August for Obedience, end of August for Agility).... so the question is.... what to enter!

I sent Leo's entries off yesterday - early bird entries... I closed my eyes and entered him in 6 events, just agility/ jumping - 4 runs on Sat and a minimum of 2 runs on Sunday (finals are run in the afternoon)...

The question is Kinta. I've left her entries till later - missing the 'early bird' (saving $2 each run) simply because 'will she or wont she' be in season! She *shouldn't* be in season... but at the risk of wasting $60 - I'll wait and see thanks! At least the timing of her coat drop will give me a reasonable indicator. If I suspect she might be, I'll enter less events, If I think she won't - then I'll enter all events... but imagine....
running 12 runs over 2 days!!! OMG!!! I'll be killing myself running between rings!!!

So everybody please - hope that my girl plays nice and keeps to a SIX month cycle - by which she will come into season at the end of Sept, not the end of August!!! (we've had one 5.5mth and one 6mth cycle so far...)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Leo is 4 today!

It's hard to believe that it's been 4 years since this little pip squeak was born! Not to mention.... was he really *that* small!!?!?!?

So much has changed in 4 short years... it's hard to imagine that 'back then' I knew nothing about the dog world, obedience, showing, agility or anything that I'm totally obsessed with now. It's hard to believe that I'd never thought of breeding/ showing and when I inquired after Leo only said I might *try* obedience and agility!

I remember the day I picked him up like it was yesterday ;). We'd been over the week before just to have a 'look' at some puppies... because after having lost my Rusty-Girl only a few weeks ago, I didn't feel ready for a puppy, but I wanted to make sure that when I did go looking, I was going to get the right one. I went to a couple of shows before hand, put my name on the puppy register for a red female around Christmas time. I had received an email earlier in the week saying this breeder had a lovely blue merle boy that she thinks I should look at (Jayne, the puppy officer) as he will be ideal for obedience/ agility etc,etc,etc. I thought 'oh yeah, this will be ok to look at coz it's a blue, and I want a red. Not to mention it's a boy and I want a girl!' After speaking to Ana on the phone, I decided i'll go down and have a look at the litter... one thing I was adamant about was that I did *not* want a black tri female (hahaha).

Well - they say the pup chooses you, and I must say I think it's true. The entire time I was there, Leo's sisters came and went, pretty indifferent to us, they just wanted cuddles from anyone... but Leo... no - he slept on my feet the whole time - he would play with me when I knelt down to play with him, but admittedly - he wouldn't leave my side. I knew we were sold when my mum was smitten with him ;). We went to look at other litters (yes, one including a red female!) and I knew I had to have him..

If I had any doubts - it was certainly washed away the week later when we went to pick him up and he ran straight out of the crate and back into my lap!

I mean... who could resist a face such as this:

The day we picked him up...

Checking to see what mum is doing!

So much for 'outdoor dog only'!!!!

Retrieving already (he loooved that toy!)!

One cool dude!

Seriously chilled out!

Since then -I've achieved so much with him... He's a great dog to live with, has a brilliant temperament, happy and silly demeanor and is a great dog to train. I've made plenty of mistakes with him, but he just keeps on trying and the results at the end are just so rewarding. I wish I could do more with him - he was a great therapy dog, but it just doesn't fit in anymore. He is literally everything I could ever want in a dog! I hope that we continue to build on this relationship we have to reach our higher goals but most of all have fun getting there!

Soo... how did the birthday boy spend his day? Well he had a raving party last night (a la movie night at Traceys' house), obedience this morning (he did awesome - signals heelwork for the first time and he nailed it as well as metal & wood scents!!!! *insert happy dance here*) and Mr Joey over for a play this afternoon. A nice night inside tonight followed by a juicy bone... ah bliss! What more could a boy want ;)

Happy birthday mate!

Now - as for me - I am going to be *very* despondent this week... our fences are getting done which means Kinta is spending the week with the breeders and Leo is being shipped off to a friends place.... I'm dog-less all week!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Meet Mr Jojo (or Dodo as his mum likes to call him!)

Joey is Tracey's new pup who came for a visit to our place today.... we intended to go for a walk, but one thing led to another and we went shopping (boring stuff, groceries and mothers day shopping) and got stuck watching Greys Anatomy instead ;-). With Kinta away on a showing weekend with her '2nd family', Leo and Joey had some fun together. It really makes it clear that 3 can be a crowd, as Leo was a lot more playful with Joey since Kinta wasn't here... whereas he can be a bit of a snob when she is around *especially* if she doesn't feel like playing! LOL! Kinta is usually quite firm with Joey, so it was nice for the boys to just have some 'chillin' time.

So... here are some piccies!

Catch me if you can!

A ritual of Joey's - everybody needs a good teeth clean!
Leo "I believe I can flyyyy"
C'mon Leo (aka toy hog) .... share the toy!


PLEASE!!!!! (with a cherry on top?!)
Oh CMON!!!
Yep - it's official! Leo's a TOY HOG!
At least Auntie Amanda lets me have a go ;-)
Well - until next time -that's all folks!

Friday, May 09, 2008

By popular demand....

A new post!!! ROFL!

Question?! What *was* my last post about?!?!!?

Well - Kinta has finally entered (Kind of) the trialling circuit having her first NADAC agility trial last Sunday. She did extremely well and came back with 3 out of 4 passes.... A real pity about her NQ as she just knocked a couple of bars. It pointed out a few things I need to work on with her - but.... she shows promise. I'm so proud of her. Here are photos of Leo and Kinta on the day. Keep scrolling through as there are a few of each dog. Leo also did well at this trial and managed 2 out of 4 passes. I was really pleased with him as he was confident, fast and we all had an absolute blast! Leo missed one pass because I pulled him off the last jump (I didn't keep running straight) and he clipped it! Stupid, stupid handler! As for the 2nd pass he missed out on - he went a *little* crazy in his last run of the day (tunnelers) and went into the wrong end of the tunnel! Oops!

Unfortunately - no video footage as I didn't have anybody to tape for me :)

Am looking forward to next weekend as it will be Kinta's first obedience trial and I honestly can't wait to get her out - pass or fail!!! She is such a trooper :P

On other news, my little baby girl is going on a holiday without me this weekend :(. Going showing with her breeders. I'm gonna miss the crazy thing! Doubt she'll miss me though - she always has such fun with them.

A bit of drama - seems that Miss K is having a false pregnancy after her latest season - nothing drastic, but she did have a bit of discharge last week, which prompted a visit to the vet. It also got me wondering if she has not had phantoms before, as her boobs always are a little inflamed for some weeks after her season - but that is the only symptom she seems to have. Anyways the topic was brought up about breeding, and it looks like I have to start thinking about that.... so fun times ahead.....

I'm also seriously contemplating the thoughts of buying my own place in the near future. But it seems, while I have the means to get a loan to buy a modest (not shabby, but not fancy or big) place, in the area I want (haha - near KCC), meeting the repayments may be a little tough.... It's frustrating because I am *so* close it isn't funny... and I want my own independence etc. I plan to house share, but don't want to be dependent on it lest it doesn't work out/ can't find anyone etc,etc... then if you don't have someone, how will you make the repayments if ya get my gist. It's not like i'm living in the city and people are queuing up to be your roomie ;)... So I guess the decision now lies do I buy at the end of this year, and then rent it out - paying off as much as possible until I can afford to move in (still got to work out how I can do this and still get the first home buyers grant)... or do I hang out for a bit more, and buy when I have the money (and possibly when the housing prices are starting to rise again)..... Decisions, decisions! I wish I knew!!! Does anybody have a crystal ball to tell me what to do?!

On top of that - if I buy - I say bye bye to my traveling.... for a while at least.... do I want to... or do I want to go on one last fling first?! *sigh*... I *really* wish I knew. Now... where are those sexy, millionaires that I was always told about?!?! Better yet - in those fairytales - weren't there things called 'princes in shining armour'.... where did mine go?! Is he lost?! How can I speed him along in his trek to find me (maybe buy him a GPS?!)