Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is getting so frustrating!! I have a dog that loves to work... and does it well..... I often get told that people love watching him work because he is just so happy around the ring!! He can do well.... again - he was on fire today. Yep you guessed it, another obedience trial down the drain.... Brilliant work by Leo - he was all cylinders go. He heeled well (went wide on a few turns, but he was up and with me, focusing and even ignoring a few distracting things on the ground!)... Only minimal marks lost in the other exercises. He and I were having a blast :D. That was until the ROH and the silly sausage thought that bringing the d/b back to our judge, rather than going over the hurdle seemed like a good alternative.... He then of course corrected himself and brought the d/b back to me, before sitting in front of the judge.... but still!!! So - here comes the blow.... had he done it well - we would have likely scored..... yep - 191!!!!!! Testament to how good he was working!

Don't get me wrong, I still have an absolute blast out there.... and I still enjoy it... but c'mon!!! Maybe 2007 was his year and he no longer wants to perform *vbg*.... or maybe he doesn't want Kinta to come out and steal his thunder (a likely story).... but I hate it that we get so close, yet not quite there......

Unless.... this is still punishment for me saying his name when I shouldn't have LOL!

Ah well - he's a good dog, he will get there eventually.... maybe we'll even get his OC one day (I'd love that!)... but at the moment, his career as sausage meat, or perhaps a life in a new home is looking better and better (haha - joking, joking... love him too much!)

On a positive note - Miss K got RBCC.... again yesterday.... to Indi - Leo's sister :P. She is yet another 'frustrating' case - coming close, yet not quite there for those darned challenge points!

I have dud's I tell ya.... DUD'S!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

186 is NOT a lucky number

*sigh* for the THIRD time this weekend, Leo and I were unable to sustain a pass for our CDX title... and yep, you guessed it, had we passed, our score would have been..... 186!!! That's also the THIRD time in a row we have blown a pass of 186!! ROFL!

Sooo... what has he done to blow the passes?

Trial 1:
NOT the dogs fault, but for the Change of Positions (COP) I accidentally said his name when I shouldn't have..... not doing THAT again!!!

Trial 2:
Very hot and humid by this time and he dropped in the sit-stay :-(

Trial 3:
Apparently there was an interesting smell right where the d/b landed, which was far too interesting to leave and thus finish the exercise (ROH)... when I called out "OI!" he quickly snapped around, picked up d/b and finished the exercise perfectly :-(.

Another go this weekend...... but I certainly don't have my hopes up! If he doesn't get it soon, I'm going to pull him out for a bit and give Kinta her shot as I don't want to trial 2 dogs, at least in the initial phases..... so.... I wonder how much of this is Leo's antics so that Miss K won't have a go in the obedience ring.... hmmm..... *vbg*!

Had a lovely Easter weekend showing and relaxing. Last day off today -then back to work tomorrow. We didn't get anywhere in the shows either, but it was always a nice morning out :).

As for the job hunting.... rang a few recruitment agencies today, and unless I have min. 2yrs sales experience, I'm not even going to get a look in.... ummm.... HOW exactly am I to GET the sales experience, if no-one is willing to give me the experience?!?!?!?


Friday, March 21, 2008

Photo overload!

OK - Apologies for the photo overload. I was mucking around in the yard with the pups today, throwing their toys and keeping my finger on the button (fast shutter speed option where it takes heaps of pics one after the other). I was amazed at the quality that came out as you would expect photos of a lesser quality and the shots were ones I wouldn't have been able to get normally.

On other news - we had a show today - Kinta thought it great fun, but we got nowhere (huge Bitch entry - it was an 11pt challenge!!)... more showing tomorrow and Monday ;)

Sharing their toy - notice their foot timing is identical ;-)

Couch buddies

Head shot of Leo that I really like

Kinta shot - shame about the reflection of the light

Reasonable gaiting shot!

Learning to beg

I just love this shot of Kinta - so expressive!

Ball catching expertise

Now with some Kinta style ;)

More toy sharing - you can really tell they are great mates :D

And of course.... barking dogs!!

Coz my two always have something to say!!

OMG!!!! It's a ball!!!! (she totally looks freaked in this shot!!) PMSL

Lastly - the ring-in - Monty - attacking the tug-toy

clean up - after the 'kill'

I do have HEAPS more, and some stacked shots of Miss K, but I'll save them for a later date ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Latest happenings

Ok - apologies for my recent lack of posts! I've either been too busy, or I can't be bothered updating you all on recent happenings (haha - I know... my bad!).

On the general scale of things though - nothing exciting has really happened, just the promise of a few things. We've had a few more trials (Leo) since my last post, but have no passes to brag of. His last agility trial he did real well - ran some nice rounds, but didn't get any clear rounds. Our main disappointment however would have to be our Obedience trial Saturday just gone. Leo *should* have passed with a score of 186, but his stupid mother said his name before commanding 'down' (or "park" as we like to say).... as I didn't realise you couldn't!!!! Well.... I learnt the hard way ;-). To say I was annoyed at myself was an understatement!!!! To make matters worse, he worked brilliantly in the arvo, sitting on another pass, and blew the sit-stay (too hot!).

Both dog's obedience however has been coming along really well. Each Tuesday night we have been going to Cranbourne for FOOs (Friends of Obedience) which has been really helpful. Leo has perked up a lot with his training, and I look forward to our continuing trials together. Kinta is also going well, but sometimes finds it hard to concentrate because of the happenings around her. Last night in particular she found hard... there must have been the smell of rabbits in the air or something, because every time we got to one end of the ring, she would momentarily lose concentration!!!! Ah well - as the saying goes..... practice, practice, practice!

Agility is an interesting one. I'm hoping to put Leo right down again to foundation level as doing various things just doesn't seem to be building up his speed long-term. So I think the best thing I can do is to go right back to the start and let him know that the name of the game is accuracy AND speed. I think this is probably the best way I can get the results I want from him. Kinta on the other hand is coming along like you would expect ;-).

On the social front - it's just been the usual - a few happenings here and there. Wicked tickets are being organised, as well as trips to QLD (we are staying here) for October. I'm really excited about this trip, but not sure how we are going to fit in everything we want!!!! Holidays are also being planned for a few nights away thanks to Leo... places we can stay at are our choices of these places. This is thanks to Leo doing very well last year in his obedience and winning dog trials Vic Obedience dog of the year. I think we'll stay at Andrews nest. At the moment, I'm also going through the net, trying to find some good comedy festival shows.... i've always wanted to go, but missed the mark on the dates!!! Hopefully I can scam a few people into coming with me too ;-).

Job front.... lets see - I have had one interview, but am going to turn the job down. It was for a vet nursing position, and if that was something I wanted to do long-term it would be a good opportunity.... but it's not, and I don't think it would actually help me further in my career. I would be getting 1/2 my pay, and will have to give up (yes, give up!) all of my dog training/ trialling as they would expect me to work every Saturday until someone more junior than me came along. Not to mention, I would be finishing work later and thus couldn't make it to training. Just not feasible for me. So we'll keep looking and see what we can find!

I really don't think there is much else to tell..... So have a happy easter everyone and hopefully I'll keep my blog a little more updated from now on!!!