Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never taught not to play with cars ;)

So - had a few dramas earlier on this week!!! Went for a run Tuesday morning along our usual Mullum Mullum track. I wanted to extend the run as I was working late, missed my weekend run and have to train for this 10km race by the end of June.... So that said, I don't exactly run this circuit very often. Had Kinta with me who takes great pleasure in running with me, though I think a little out of shape as she's not as far ahead of me as she usually is (on lead, always find it easier).

We get to the street - pretty simple, just cross over to get to the track again and continue our jog. Being 8:30am though it's pretty busy, so I had to try and find somewhere good to cross - thought crossing at the little 'designated' area would be good as I could cross 1/2 way, then stand on the island and wait for the other side until it was free... good in theory right?!

So I look and the left lane is totally banked up, the right lane seems clear, so out I step and walk across the street. Next thing I know, I hear screetching brakes, I hit the ground and the dog is skidding and rolling on the ground. Yup - we got collected by a car. Now luckily, the car had almost stopped so both dog and I walked away with just bruising. Scared the life out of me though! Apparently where I was crossing is a blind spot for pedestrians and we don't see the cars coming around, and I guess it didn't help that the car I crossed in front of was a big 4WD. I still have NO idea how it happened really.....

Still can't get over it... how did I miss the car, what was I doing?!?! How lucky were we to be able to get up and walk away... even to have the driver see us, and slow down enough not to cause more injury.... one word for it I guess... just plain LUCKY!

On a side note - puppies are 5 wks old now and growing like weeds - hope to update some piccies soon... I know! I've been slack!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

First Outing

Another fun-filled week of work and puppies ;). Pups are growing fast and got to play with my new lens outside today. Was very happy with it (and the pups) with how they went today. Little Miss K was pretty good with Leo's introduction to the babies -didn't seem to phase her too much.

Anyway - as always - photos and videos!

Was quite happy with these shots today. I thought they turned out quite nice. For those interested - the new lens (upon recommendation) is the 50mm f 1.8. Great little lens for the price and quite versatile too!


Lacey pulling a face:

Snack time!
Lacey again:

Misty (what an expression!)


Panda trying the tunnel on for size:
Piglet & Ollie
No seriously! I'm soo much better looking than YOU!
Mum & Polly
Polly Skateboarding
Gee that was tough!
Tell ya something!

We are siamese: