Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas & my final decision

Firstly I hope that everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and the good cheer carries over the next few days and you all have a great new year also! The past week I guess has been fairly busy for our household with baking and getting organised. Christmas eve saw us all treading to the Carols By Candlelight at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. Pity the weather wasn't very appreciative (I know we want the rain but couldn't it hold off for 2 more days?!?!?!). My brother also came 'home' from Sydney with his g/f so it was great to see the both of them again.... and to have someone to beat up.... mind you- having m&m's thrown at you in the pouring rain isn't all that fun :P. The carols were good, although Ray Martin was a bit of a dissapointment as whenever the ads (for TV) came on he would just walk off the stage and not 'entertain' us :(. By about 10:30 when the big downpour hit we had had enough of the cold and wet - so we packed up and came home. Christmas was very relaxing as we didn't have to rush off to my aunties for lunch this year, having just a quiet family lunch at home. Went to church in the morning and then had a relaxing late lunch/dinner. I did well this year, but I always enjoy 'giving' better as I like to see whether or not people like my presents :D. I got some clothes/jewellery, books, lipstick, chocolate and the usual stuff. Oh - and I got tickets to MISS SAIGON!!!!! Which I have been (subtly of course) dropping hints that I am dying to see it!!!! I love the music but since the musical has never been in Melbourne, i've never seen it. So I can't wait :D :D.

Boxing day saw us at the shops when we got up. I got a few things that I didn't really need, but were 'discounted' lol! No matter how hard I looked I couldn't find a giant teddy for Leo and 'Lacey' so unfortunately they missed out this year :(. Scott got them a bag of treats though *g*! My brother was most impressed with the little miss, although she wasn't so much with him... he was making funny noises and always seemed to be coming out from strange places.... oh and he always likes to gesticulate a lot so I guess that freaked her out a little.... nothing a bit of food couldn't fix :P. Went to see a movie on Boxing day as well (cheap a** Tuesday!) - Happy Feet - which was cute... saw this with Lily - Scotts g/f. Came home to then help Mum for another feast - all of her relatives coming over to celebrate xmas. Another few kilos to pile on as we feasted (did I ever mention that my mum is a great cook?!?!). In the end we all retired to bed with very full stomachs!

Yesterday Scott had a few of his friends over for lunch (another big meal - yep I have since gone up 3 dress sizes since xmas eve!). This was fun also, but I sorta flitted in and out, as I was also trying to clean up my room etc. I am sure Scott had heaps of fun catching up with his friends though. Lacey handled the situation well (lots of loud people outside etc)... she was a little shy, but happy to mingle amongst the crowd etc, just not too sure when 5 ppl at once tried to donk her on the head! Understandable! Well, my Brother ended up heading back to Sydney this morning, to catch a flight to Vietnam where he will be holidaying for 2.5wks.

All in all I had a great (but exhausting) few days and was meant to be enjoying a bludge infront of the TV today, but ended up infront of the computer instead (271 unread emails!!!!). I have been really impressed with how Lacey has handled everything... not to preturbed or anything. I took her to work today as I wanted to see how she would respond so that I know whether or not to bring her for a 'full' day next week when I return. She amazed me. She was fine with all of the funny noises, people walking funny etc. She was even fine with people patting her etc (I didn't think she would be as they tend to grab etc). She even did the same things that Leo does with a few of the residents which was amazing. So I have another therapy dog on my hands!!!! I'm so pleased at how well she handled it.

Ok - so now I come to my final decision (as if you didn't expect it already).... Lacey will be staying as a permanent member of our household. She is so sweet and everything I was looking for in a dog. Although she has a few things that I was concerned about they, in my mind have turned out to be nothing that I can't handle or that could/should affect our working career. She has handled this huge change to her life really well and the way that she and Leo get along is amazing. They share bones together, sleep together, walk really well together, play well together, yet at the same time have no issues with being separated :D. There are so many things going right that I don't think I could separate them (or me from her!)! I am still concerned about her response to people but it is 10fold better now and always on the improve.... I think it is just something that I have to keep rewarding her for etc. All in all I think she will be a great addition to our house, not to mention a FABULOUS agility and obedience dog as she thinks and is fast.... this is coming out more and more, as she becomes more comfortable... she is playing with toys more also. So watch out people - i'm going to have 2 dynamo dogs in the rings!!!! They are soo different though and I love each for their work ethic... Of course I haven't done much with Lacey yet, but Leo is so bouncy and enthusiastic with his work, but the things that I want to improve in him are in Lacey. She should be a great dog to do some clicker/shaping with!!! I can't wait to get started :P. As for her ears - if they go up, they go up... I'll try everything to keep them down, but honestly, so many other things are more important to me and I can *hopefully* handle Ana's dogs in the show ring or something if they do go up... at the moment agility/obedience is far more important since I can't breed from her until I move out of home, and at that time, it is likely i'll be ready for another dog then as I don't believe in letter her have her maiden at the age of 6-7.... Oh and the final thing - her name will be Kinta.... as soon as I can get my head around it :P. LOL! So please let me introduce you to our newest member:

Ellagant Full Of Antics - aka: Kinta out of Ellagant Mischief Maker by Gr Ch Leesway Smokin Ash. Future Agility, Obedience & Herding extrodinaire as well as regular beauty and spoilt pooch *ggg*!

Saturday, December 23, 2006



Firstly someone should take a camera away from me coz i'm forever snapping pics of the animals!!!! As for the post yesterday, I think I was over-reacting a little *blushes*.... like that isn't like me! But as people who know me well (or even not well) would know how hard it is for me NOT to get attached to a dog that is staying with me and I *really* like Lacey and hence want this to work out.... I honestly don't want to send her back or let anyone else have the privelidge of owning her!!!!

This is my kitty Monty for those who haven't seen him before. He is my first kitty, my first pet (even though we had a dog before, Monty was the first pet solely for me!). He is 7 years young and a devil at stages (hey Kylie!) and absolutely lovely at other times.... anyone heard of Jekyll and Hyde - thats him right there!! LOL! Monty also got his name from my favourite author -
L M Montgomery, who loved cats, especially grey ones :)

Pretty self explanatory - I just like it coz a second after the shot was taken, Monty gave Leo a head rub, which he reciprocated with a sloppy kiss *g*! Just goes to show dogs and cats do get along :). I like this shot of Leo moving around the yard - it was taken a while ago though!

Cute shot of Leo sound asleep on his mat inside..... didn't take Lacey long to understand that when the mat is out and she is on it she is NOT allowed off....
Now for the Madam:

Not a stack by any means but it turned out to be a nice shot of her anyway :)... note to self... really must start practicing acting like a show dog :P.

Awww puh-lease let me inside.... I promise I won't run riot and sit nice and calmly like this :).... uh yeah, sure you will!!!I just love this shot of her head!!!!! *melts*!

OMG - she *almost* looks grown up here - sooo dignified.... no fair... they grow up to fast as it is, and now I start in the middle of puppyhood :-(.

(are ya bored yet?!... No? Good!!!)
"So do we really have to stay on the mat???"

"Grrrr... its mine..." "no it's not.... it's mine!"

"C'mon give me a go!".... who said she wasn't interested in toys?!?!?!?!

Well i'm sure you have had enough of the 'photo gallery' now!!! Hope you enjoyed it :D.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Lacey update again.

Ok, I have good news and some not so good news! I had pretty much made up my mind to keep Lacey and that she wasn't going anywhere as her attitude toward training etc is really good, she is heaps of fun and she and Leo get along great - so great they can even eat bones together etc. Lacey has come along in leaps and bounds with meeting people also - she is now willing to interact (nothing like a bit of people = food to change her belief system back to what it was) and although she will not run up to people like Leo does, she is quite willing to say hello if the person instigates it or whatever. Basically she is a typical 'reserved' aussie showing neither fear nor agression but will not readily meet the person. Once she has met them once, she has no issues what-so-ever saying hello. I have been really lucky as the few times we have gone out (we've been laying fairly low coz I can't be bothered and the heat) we have come across people with interesting gaits, walker frames etc, and this is all fine by her. I'm really happy how she is coming along in that aspect.

She has also really come out of her shell from about Monday onwards, becoming a really confident, cheeky girl... who posesses quite the knack for gardening. Both Leo and Lacey (really, really have to change that if she stays!) play non-stop and literally need to be seperated to give the poor pup a rest (Leo is not tired so why should she be!). One evening I looked out the window in the kitchen to see what they were up to and saw the little black girl shoulder deep in one of mums pot-plants, soil tipped everywhere and a very gleeful look on the little madams face! Boy was she pleased of what she did! I have (so far - not crowing yet as i'm sure problems will arise!) had no issues with seperating them (although Lacey did find a way of getting to Leo through my 'puppy proof' fencing) and when i'm training one and the other is in the other half of the yard i've had no barking or hissy fits yet, which Aussies are renowned for! I went down to Main St yesterday and both were excellent (well my arm was tired from trying to get one dog away from greeting everyone and another from walking between my feet). Then went to watch a train go past which Leo is absolutely fine with but Lacey was a little bit worried about.... it then became a bit too much with people rushing everywhere, busses going past etc, that she eventually was soo absorbed by the environment that food was not interesting - she'd eat it if it was right under her nose, but not otherwise so i'm not sure if that was due to fear or just over stimulating environment. One thing for sure was that she wasn't comfortable, but her response wasn't excessive and a few more visits should make her ok with it all :).

Today took both dogs out to the front yard today to do some 'car washing' before the stage 3 restrictions. Brought out a stake to tie Lacey up on as I don't trust her yet and don't want anything to happen... especially when I can't watch her like a hawk when washing the car. Pressure hose came on and Lacey had the fright of her life. the response was much worse than the train station (but that could have been coz I wasn't with her to reward her etc). I completely forgot that the pressure hose may freak out the dogs - it scared Leo the first few times I brought it out and even now he hides under the safety of the garage (this is making me feel better now), but even then he has never responded like Lacey did. She did the same thing with food when I tried to reward her - unless it was under her nose she wouldn't take it.... if I threw it she wouldn't take it... now she isn't as food motivated as Leo but perhaps she has been taught not to nick food from the floor? Coz she never does take it from the ground (she doesn't lure either - must teach that!) so I really can't say if that was a stress response or just a 'i'm not eating off the ground response! Mind you, later on she would eat off the floor but I did have to coax her a little. I then had her walk up to the pressure hose (now off) and constantly rewarded her for acting calmly around it... no issues there, no skulking away or crouched position, trying to run etc. Then tied lead to belt clip whilst washing car and rewarded her constantly. Put away when pressure hose came on again. Came straight out afterward and walked her around pressure hose. this time (with remaining water in hose) i'd turn it on for like 1/2 sec, feed, turn on, feed etc. but although she seemed to be dealing with it she did seem scared when I then called her away from the spot - it was like she was glued there... this took sec or two and then she was fine.... So now I don't know if she is 'sound sensitive', if I'm over-reacting in my concern or whether I need to seriously consider if she stays or goes!!!!

What is my heart telling me - I want her to stay. Her nature is beautiful, she is a sweet cuddly, smart thing and oh so willing to please. My worries about her not playing with toys are fast vanishing as she is getting more and more eager each day to chase things and carry (the right) things in her mouth. Her people issue seems just about gone but she will always be more reserved than Leo. She will be a great agility/obedience dog when I have the energy of hers harnessed and she is more settled in and older to start 'serious' training etc. Basically she has all of the potential i'm looking for.

My head is telling me - I wanted a dog with no issues, no baggage... she was meant to be a confident little imp that fitted in within 24 hours and told me within the week in no uncertian terms that she was staying.... ok, slightly unrealistic as a dog making such a big a change as this (going from paddock and a dog of say around 10 to a dog of two in suburbia with multiple daily excursions and a VERY different lifestyle) was a HUGE change to expect her to fit right in. I know that Lacey has chosen me as her owner (ALWAYS wants to be on me and wherever I am, I now have two aussies in my lap.... sooo glad that now Leo is completely himself again and still loves his Ma!) but I don't want a dog that has soo many issues it will take me 2 years before we can even think about competing coz we have all these 'issues' to get over first... ok again, I may be exaggerating, but I always think of worst case scenario!!!!! Or what if something happens in the ring that makes her so scared she doesn't want to enter again.... you need a confident dog to do all sorts of trialling where one little mistake or big bang won't set them back for months if that makes any sense.... am I over-reacting and this is just a 'social' issue that will go away with a bit of exposure.... I want to know that if I make the final decision to keep her I won't regret it. The other half of me is saying that I had 'issues' with Leo too... just different ones. I had an over-exuberant, over-friendly ditz of a dog that couldn't concentrate for the first 12mths of his life because the whole world was a game. He had none of the issues of Lacey (although startle sounds still scare him) had/has but he also got soo furiously car sick that I couldn't drive him for 2 mins without throwing up - that would have ended our trialling career also (not much point if the dog feels soo crook they can't work!).... so I spent AGES (12+mths to be exact) getting him ok with the car and now he is pretty fine with it.... so am I just being silly and is Lacey the dog for me, or should I wait?!?!?!? I wish the answer was staring me in the face....

As for her showing ability, something else could go wrong should I wait on a pup aswell... what if their ears go up, or their movement goes out, or they have x wrong or y wrong... you never can tell so that doesn't bother me much.... I just want a confident, stable dog that I can take everywhere with me.... does it sound like she shouldn't be my dog?????

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i've done 83 of the 142 dumbest things (Lacey pics at the bottom - just for incentive *g*)

Level 1

( ) Smoked a cigarette

( ) Smoked a cigar

( ) Tried weed

(X) Kissed a member of the same sex (it was truth-or-dare!)

(x) Drank Alcohol

So Far : 2

Level 2

( ) Are/Been in love (quite sad isn't it!)

( ) Been Dumped

( ) Shoplifted

( ) Been Fired

( ) Been in a fist fight

So Far : 2

Level 3

( ) Snuck out of a parents house

(x) Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back

( ) Been Arrested

(x) Made out with a stranger

( ) Gone out on a blind date

So Far : 4

Level 4

(x) Had a crush on an older person

( ) Skipped school (sad again!)

( ) Slept with a co-worker

(x) Seen someone/ something die

So Far : 6

Level 5

( ) Had a crush on one of your MySpace friends
(x) Been to Paris (hehe - I feel so well travelled.... who cares if it was with the oldies!)

(x ) Been to Spain (yep been there too.... for their 'christmas' too!)

(x) Been on a plane (unless I swam to Paris or Spain i'd guess that is a fairly obvious answer?)

( ) Thrown up from drinking (drinking what?!?! LOL!)

So Far : 9

Level 6

(x ) Eaten Sushi (really yum - my mum makes the best!)

( ) Been snowboarding/ skiing

( ) Met someone BECAUSE of MySpace

So Far : 10

Level 7

( ) Been in an abusive relationship

(x) Taken painkillers (for my wisdom teeth... didn't even need them!)

(x) Liked someone who you cant have

(x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by

(x) Made a snow angel (FIRST thing I did when we saw snow!)

So Far : 14

Level 8

(x) Had a tea party

(x) Flown a Kite

(x) Built a sandcastle

(x) Gone puddle jumping (good thing it doesn't ask how old you were when you did all of these!)

(x) Played dress up

So Far : 19

Level 9

(x) Jumped into a pile of leaves

(x) Gone sledding

(x) Cheated while playing a game

(x) Been lonely

(x) Fallen asleep at work/ school (hmmm... kylie wasn't this a daily event for me?!?!)

So Far : 24

Level 10

( ) Used a fake/ someone elses ID

(x) Watched a sunset (personally I think staying up on easter to watch the sunrise is much worse... Dawn service at church.... ugh!.... but then we also stayed up to watch the sunrise on NYD 2000)

( ) Felt an earthshake

( ) Killed a snake

So Far : 25

Level 11

(x) Been Tickled (I hate it - i'm so ticklish!)

( ) Been robbed/ vandalised

( ) Robbed someone

(x) Been misunderstood

( ) Pet a deer

So Far : 27

Level 12

( ) Won a contest

( ) Been suspended from school

( ) Had a detention (ok, how LAME is that!)

(x) Been in a car/motorcycle accident

So Far : 28

Level 13

(x) Had/ Have/ Getting braces

(x) Ate a whole pint of ice cream in one night (don't know how much a pint is, but probably!)

(x) Had deja vu

( ) Danced in the moonlight

So Far : 31

Level 14

(x) Hated the way you look

( ) Pole danced (not in your life!)

(x) Questioned your heart

(x) Been obsessed with Post-It notes (sadly yes, when there is so little to keep me amused at work....!)

So Far : 34

Level 15

(x) Squished barefoot through the mud

(x) Been lost (Kylie I hope you ticked this answer in yours!!!!)

(x) Been to the opposite side of the world (wow I feel so special *g*!)

(x) Swam in the ocean / Gulf

( ) Felt like you were dying

So Far : 38

Level 16

(x) Cried yourself to sleep

(x) Played cops and robbers

(x) Recently coloured with crayons/ coloured pencils/ markers

(x) Sang karaoke (hmm... kylie we should do that again after a few drinks.......)

(x) Paid for a meal with only coins

So Far : 43

Level 17

(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldnt

(x) Made prank phonecalls (something along the lines of "hi, just rang to say can't talk right now... bye!"... nah but I have done actual pranks too!)

(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose

( ) Kissed in the rain

So Far : 46

Level 18

(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus (you mean... he's not real?!?!?!)

( ) Been kissed under a mistletoe

( )Watched the sunset with someone you care/ cared about

(x) Blown bubbles

( ) Made a bonfire on the beach

So Far : 48

Level 19

( ) Crashed a party

(x) Have travelled more than 5 days in a car

(x) Gone rollerskating / Blading

(x) Had a wish come true

( ) Been humped by a monkey (huh?! - i'd be worried if anyone said yes to this :P)

So Far : 51

Level 20

(x) Worn pearls

( ) Jumped off a bridge

(x) Swam with dolphins (technically.... they didn't show up.... but I did pat one!)

So Far : 53

Level 21

(x) Got your tongue stuck to a pole / freezer/ Ice cube
( ) Kissed a fish

(x) Worn the opposite sex's clothes

(x) Sat on a rooftop

So Far : 56

Level 22

(x) Screamed at the top of your lungs (memorable moment would be yr 10 camp, middle of nowhere, 20kg packs, pouring rain.... wet, miserable and grumpy.... about 5 of us just SCREAMED for the hell of it.... felt much better after!)

(x) Done/ attempted a one handed cartwheel

( ) Talked on the phone more than 6 hours

(x) Stayed up all night

So Far : 59

Level 23

( ) Picked and ate an apple right off the tree

(x) Climbed a tree

(x) Had/ Been in a tree house

(x) Been scared to watch scary movies alone

So Far : 62

Level 24

(x) Believe in ghosts

( ) Have / Had more than 30 pairs of shoes

( ) Gone streaking

( ) Gone to jail / or just visited

So Far : 63

Level 25

( ) Played chicken

(x) Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on

( ) Broken a bone

(x) Been easily amused (isn't that me always?!)

So Far : 65

Level 26

(x) Caught a fish then ate it (well I did cook it first!)

( ) Made a porno video
( ) Caught a butterfly

(x) Laughed so hard you cried (many...many times :P)

(x) Cried so hard you laughed

So Far : 68

Level 27

(x) Mooned / flashed someone

(x) Had someone moon / flash you (and then fart while mooning me :P)

(x) Cheated on a test

(x) Forgotten someones name

(x) Slept naked

( ) French braided someones hair
(x) Gone skinny dipping

( ) Been kicked out of your house

So Far : 74

Level 28

(x) Rode a rollercoaster

(x) Went scuba diving / snorkelling

( ) Blackmailed someone

(x) Been blackmailed

So Far : 77

Level 29

(x) Been used

(x) Fell going up the stairs

( ) Licked a cat

(x)Bitten someone

(x) Licked someone

So Far : 81

Level 30

( ) Been shot

( ) Flattened someones tires

(x) Rode your car until your gas light came on - As to Kylie's comment... YES I would have said something!!!!!!
(x ) Got five pounds or less worth of gas - technically yes since 5 pounds is $12.50AUD!

Total : 83

Ok Amanda - I want to see your responses to this and the other one I posted up a few posts ago.... consider it TAG'd *g*!

As for those wanting to hear about Lacey - everything is going much better, she is getting really confident now and i'm not sure if that is a good thing or not!! Leo is still al little put out at times but is starting to tell her off if she gets too much (she can bug him at times and push him away when he wants a pat!). Lacey is also getting more confident around others, occasionally seeking out the attention of strangers.... in all honesty..... I don't think she is going anywhere else, but I want a few more days before I make my final decision :p.... I just want to know that she is ok with strangers etc. Otherwise she is pretty perfect and the way that the two of them have adapted to each other has gone much better than I thought. Amanda - Ana has entered us in shows all through Jan... I have them written down somewhere - but there is one mid month at the Park.

And a pic:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

photos and the first few days with Lacey

It has been a very hectic few days although I didn't do much today :P...... well other than playing with the dogs. I am still incredibly anxious at the moment as I really don't want to get too attached so that I can make a 'sensible' decision, but it is honestly getting harder and harder to do! Well, I picked her up by 10am on Friday and she behaved really well (and looked spunky clean!). She is such a people dog wanting to get into your skin and always be touching you one way or another - a true velcro dog (and I thought Leo was!). Unfortunately Friday turned out to be MUCH busier than I anticipated and I think that threw Lacey out a little bit today. When I first took her to the car she was a little bit unsure but the great thing about her is that she recovers quickly. It is like she assesses the situation and then decides she can deal with it. Anyways I was waiting for a friend to turn up, and played a little with Lacey in the park behind the carpark.. she is one sharp puplet learning things very quickly so i'm going to have to be on my toes to keep up with her!!! She is also super, super bouncy so a great agility dog too :D. I actually had to hang around for a while in Pakenham so I ended up taking her down the Main st. Although a little scared, she coped with it very well. I then took her into a friends pet shop (don't worry, this friend is very UTD with everything - she did the dog training course with me) which again she was a little nervy about but was playful and interested in all of 2 mins, so a very good recovery. Then I had to go for an unplanned visit to Cranbourne to meet up with said friend (haha - notice I haven't mentioned what happened :P), so Lacey spent a little longer out than what I intended... she was very well behaved and confident at Kylie's house and not at all cautious or nervy really, so I was incredibly impressed. However, due to meeting another friend in the arvo, and Lacey constantly tangling herself in the car, I had to take her with me (stopping at home for all of 10 mins) to Templestowe in the late arvo. I went to get her a harness from the pet shop (another scary place, but nice people to come and pat me) and she stayed at Sarah's house for a bit and again easily fitted in with Sarah's dogs.... such an easily adjusted dog!!!! Eventually made it home at 7:30pm and we both flomped!!!! It was waaaay more than I intended to put into one day and I think that lead a little to the 'issues' or rather 'concerns' that came up today.

Lacey seemed a little aprehensive this morning when Mum & Dad came outside, doing a 'Murphy style' greeting... walking up, staying out of arms reach, submissive posture and a bit of a grumble.... this suprised me as she didn't seem like the type of dog to do this, being so confident when I met her. After a few mins, she recovered, but on our morning walk she did the same with any person that walked by. Again, after a few mins, she wasn't readily seeking out pats but was accepting them quite happily (waggily stump and all *g*!). The only reason I can think for this behaviour is the fact that yesterday was all so overwhelming and today everything has just sunk in and she is not sure about anything... she snuggled up to me all day, whenever she had the chance so on that scale of things it is still ok. Another thing that leads me to believe she is a little aprehensive is that she doesn't really want to play with toys... she won't chase them when thrown (I really want her to), but I think this will be overcome once she is more comfortable.... when we were playing with Leo she would eventually chase him with the toy and then they would chase whoever had the toy and she would also grab toys off the floor etc... so there is hope yet *g*!

The ears are still an issue as when she tilts her head back slightly or the wind catches them, they both go pricked but the right ear is worse than the left. So on that aspect I really have to sit down and consider how dissapointed i'll be if I couldn't show her.... try as we might to correct the ears (trust me I'll try everything)... From my perspective I think it is better to consider the worst case scenario and see how I would feel about that! All afternoon she has been getting more and more confident, but I haven't done anything other than let her sleep (after yesterday, who can blame her!) and having lots of cuddles. Leo has been a little put out and won't come up to me if she weasles her way in when i'm talking to him. This is breaking my heart as I hate to see him act like this... makes me feel sooo guilty! But he also has been becoming more like himself as the day goes on and the two of them are getting along like a house on fire. I've been encouraging Leo over while i'm patting Lacey, but if he puts on the 'sulks' I ignore him, if that makes sense... but I want him to know he and Lacey can be patted together. I am sure he will be fine in a few days as he usually does this whenever another dog comes over for an 'extended' stay. After he realises they aren't going anywhere he then proceeds to 'tell them off' should they get too pushy which is fine with me. I did take him out on his own this afternoon though and since then he has been a lot happier. Geez this is a long post but there was a lot to tell!!! Basically my main concerns at the moment is the sudden 'people shy' behaviour, which seems sooo unnatural 1) for Ana's pups and 2) from what we saw at Ana's place... so i'm hoping against hope that she returns to that bouncy, bubbly, run up to anyone puppy!!! The other concern is the ears as I really have to decide how i'll feel if they do go up!

Ok now for some photos!!!! (you deserve them after reading through all of that!)

To show how well the two of them get on already!

The 'bat eared dog'.... what she looks like if she tilts her head back!!!!!

I just 'had' to add this pic in - taken today... notice she is holding her ears lower...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Enough about dogs - now lets have some fun!

Firstly - sorry Kylie; they were too good NOT to nick from you!

1. I've come to realize that my ex...umm yeah lets not go there
2. I am listening to...nothing, but i've been listening to an awful lot of "Wicked" the musical lately (Sad I know but that's me)!
3. I talk...a hell of a lot - once I get started I don't stop. I think I rival the Gilmore Girls.... I definately beat you Kylie.... and when we are together, I think we talk about as much sense as the Gilmore Girls LMAO!
4. I love... competing and training my dog/s.... any dog for that matter!
5. My best friend(s)...are few and far between, tough to find but the best people in the world!
6. My first kiss...i'd rather not talk about it..... has been erased from memory... i'm soo ashamed :P
7. I wish I was...not so confused with my life and knew which direction I was going!
8. I don't like it when people...think i'm weird because of my interests and ride me off as someone to talk to / hang around with.
9. True love...must be wonderful for those lucky buggers who manage to find it (I second that!)
10. Marriage is...far...FAR in my future.... but hopefully will come one day!
11. Somewhere someone is thinking...that farts are the funniest things on earth (sorry im in a weird mood!)
12. I'll dog mad and a 'love me, love my dog' person
13. I have a secret crush on.. no-one in the moment unless I could have a crush on someone 70+ *g*! The number of 'available' guys in my life at the moment is *v-e-r-y* limited
14. The last time I cried was because...I can't remember, but it wouldn't have been that long ago and it would have been over something silly. I never cry when things REALLY hurt, but usually over petty things!
15. My cell phone...boring, small and sitting next to me!
16. When I wake up in the morning...I try hard to go back to sleep but know that I *can't* be late for work... AGAIN!
17. Before I go to sleep at night...I hope and pray for the good things in my life to continue and the troubling things to improve
18. Right now I am thinking life..... and Lacey coming home!
19. Babies are...confusing.... I love them but I don't know if i'd ever make a good mother... I don't like to 'coo' over other peoples babies either, but I like them enough!
20. I get on myspace...not really relevant since i'm NOT on myspace, but i'm on the blogger thing so people can be up to date with my weird and zany ways!
21. Today I...went to work, had fun with my dog (who came to work today), came home and did nothing much
22. Tonight I will...perhaps watch TV or maybe go to sleep!
23. Tomorrow I will...bring Lacey home and spend all of my spare time with her!
24. I really hook me a russell.....find the *perfect* job for me that will still allow me time to train my own dogs and enjoy it.... basically be happy in life and have someone to share it with (yeah, sure, keep dreaming!)

Ok - i'll do the other half another day!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Lacey news

Hi Again :)

Well I went to visit Miss Lacey last night again.... with Leo this time. Geez once we are there I can waste sooo much time! Dad tagged along this time rather than Mum (who isn't feeling terribly good!). My impression of her was just as good as last time. She met Leo and though a little shy at first, she quickly recovered and spent the whole time playing 'chasey' with him in the back paddock.... Leo thought it was the best coz she couldn't catch him. He still needs to learn to be a little more gentle, but I think that will come with time. Lacey is a really big smooch and loved to give kisses everyone and boy can she jump!!! She has springs in her feet, although she doesn't slam into you like Leo does :P. The funniest thing happened too - whenever she stopped running, she would flomp at my feet instead of anyone elses. Boy does she LEAN! LOL! So the long and short is that I didn't have to go home and re-think as she made it quite clear to me that I wanted her to come back with me *g*!

My concerns:

I'm still concerned with how much she has been exposed to. She *seems* super confident but I don't know how much of that will disappear once she leaves home turf. I also don't think she has met many other dogs other than Aussies and borders. So how will she react to different breeds. I don't think this will be a huge issue as she knows how to communicate with dogs clearly (ie: been around them for ages) but I don't know what she will think of 'strange' dogs. Will she behave differently or just be a little shy at first. How much of this 'lack of social' will backfire on me later when she is older????? This I guess is my major concern. The other one would be different environments.... how is she going to respond to strange noises, trains, trucks and our daily suburban life.... trucks running past etc,etc. People and her interaction i'm not concerned about... but I guess I just won't know until I have had her for two weeks and 'shown her the world'.... Amanda - wanna meet up in the city one day in the next 2 weeks????

Other than that I also got to play with the younger pups again who were a LOT more active than last time when they were always ready for a nap.... they were zooming around everywhere having an 8-way tug-o-war, barking, growling and carrying on!!! Was an absolute hoot. I did have a chuckle to myself though coz the black girl that was 'potentially' mine... kept running up to me for cuddles... so even if she was available, I would have chosen her!!!! LOL!

Aside from dogs i'm having a pretty crap day today with people coming at me left, right and centre, photocopiers chucking hissy fits and just all round having a BAD day. Off to the ballet tonight so that should be good!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lacey comes home on Friday

Well I made my decision!!!!!!!! I'm really excited by it now :D. Lacey is coming for a trial period over xmas. I am going up to see her again tomorrow (with Leo this time) and then will bring her home on Friday and will spend 2 wks with her to decide whether she stays or goes back to Ana. I feel like i've made the right choice and after talking to a whole bunch of people they don't think i'll have to much trouble with her and should just 'try her on for size'. I just really hope it works... and even with missing out on the puppy cuteness, there are still plenty of pups around that I can cuddle (nudges Amanda!!) and lets face it Amanda, we have to catch up over summer, if not for the puppy social rather than anything else *g*! On the flip side I also do feel really bad about taking Lacey coz she has been living with Ana & Ben for 5 mths and I know that they would be really attached to her already..... evil, evil me!!! And then comes the thought of 'name changing'... Lacey doesn't really suit me, and i'm not that much a fan of alliteration so I don't really want Leo & Lacey :P. Silly I know.... and then - she won't really feel like my dog unless I named her...... So atm, i'm tossing between Stacey (big change I know, but it will be easier on her... and I like the name!) or Kinta. But can you chance a 5mth old's name???? Ok, ok I know, I have to get through the 2wks first to see if she fits - and trust me, i'll be able to say no if she doesn't... I know I will :D :D

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm so confused!!!!

Ok, so the story has changed a little re: puppies. Went to see the litter last night. Turns out that there is only one show girl in the litter and she has turned out so well, the breeder is fairly certain they are keeping her :(. So my other option (atm, other than waiting for another litter) is Lacey who is a 5mth old wild child female..... GORGEOUS black tri and although Leo's niece, takes more after her sire's lines in head. Here is a pic of her:

She is a stunning wild child of a dog that will do brilliantly in obedience and agility and just really struck me when I met her last night. She is full of beans, but controllable, very alert and attentive to people. She is also a real sweetie that loves cuddles and such (all of this found out in 1/2 hour.... geez i'm good?!). So where is the problem you ask??? Well.... I have a few worries... one being that her ears will stick up - she has 'high set' ears but since I want her for showing that would be a BAD thing to happen, particularly considering I won't be getting another dog for at least another 6 years! Second thing i'm worried about is her age - she seems as an incredibly confident girl and I am told she is fearless and literally bomb-proof....and boy does she seem it! But what if she turns out to be more of a handful than expected???? I trust my breeders opinion and they don't think that she is too much for me but i'm just so worried that i'll get attached, she'll come into my life and then something like pricked ears or psycho puppy will emerge and I won't be able to part with her. What else..... I miss the puppy cuteness!!! LOL! But when I saw her last night, I just looked at her and thought you're it, you're exactly what I want, and how often will you come across a dog well suited for agility, obedience and showing all in one package???? How am I to decide???? I am planning on taking her for a couple of weeks that I took off to care for my pup to see how she fits in instead.... surely by two weeks we'll know whether she is suited to us or not.... I just hope and pray tht I will make the right decision!!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew! What a weekend!!!!! Where should I start?!?!?!

Lets see - on Wednesday we had our last training for the year in Agility (CDODC having finished earlier, and Agiltiy at croydon finishing on Tue). Another great run by Leo - I think we are finally working really well as a team now and he is listening/ focusing on me more, picking up speed and usually NOT going to the wrong obstacle (note usually!). I've been having great fun with him and I think we are going to be a great team next year! I also recieved some suprising news.... we have been passed up to class 5 in agility which I was immensley proud about! Class 4 is Novice level and since we haven't even been trialling yet, I thought we'd still be in this class for a while! So I am very proud!!!! yahoo!!!!!

Saturday Leo and I trekked down to LaTrobe Uni (Bundoora) for Warringal's agility trial. I wanted to watch the new games in action as well as to get Leo measured. Well we achieved both but I was a little dissapointed with our measured height as we have to jump the highest... 600mm.... bugger! Although I usually wouldn't mind, because Leo is borderline, it makes it a fraction harder for him, being inbetween the heights. This means that we may slow down a little, but my main worry is stressing his joints too much! Ah well! Just means i'll have to run him a little conservatively! I honestly can't wait to start competing in the new year. They also had a Chiro at the trial doing free checks, and I am pleased to announce that she had a quick look at Leo and said he is fine. Hip and all!!! yay! Equal weight on both legs (apparently only a few dogs could do this - shows how many owners miss the beginning signs!) etc, etc. This is a huge relief for me as I still worry over his leg, but have been soo impressed with it since our last visit to the Chiro.

Sunday we went down to the ASCV xmas breakup at Gembrook. I had to go the 'long way' (via pakenham) since I had 2 dogs in the car and Leo doesn't/ didn't travel that well so I didn't want to take them through the windy mountain roads! Was a good day and we got to see our puppies!!!!!!!!! I'm trying sooo hard not to get my hopes up yet, but oh they are sooo CUTE!!! 6 wks old now and I am hoping against hope that there is one little girl in there for me. I didn't get a long cuddle or anything because there were kids in with them all the time (excellent social) and I didn't wanna kick them out! LOL! I did stay around though until after the comittee meeting when the gang had a look at the pups and how they are turning out. It seems that there are about 3 boys looking hopefull and 2 girls. One girl I really like the markings on... full white blaze/muzzle and white feet (but not a full front)... tiny splash of white on the neck. She was sweet too... very kissy :P. As for their drive etc, I honestly don't know as they were all so tired by the time I got to them, having been cuddled to death by the kiddies :). One was a little devil, but she wasn't one of the 'show quality' ones :(. I forgot my camera AGAIN, so no piccies, but if you click here here and scroll down to 'ELLAGANT' you can see the group shot. Leo was really well behaved at the fun day and we even did a mini agility demo (we buggered up major, I lost him at the end *g*!) and we won 'best trick' (senior division *g*!).

Our stay practice has been coming along really well so far. He has been holding sits in situations where he really wants to go and run (with other dogs) such as sitting while dogs are hooning (and I mean hooning, coz owners don't know i'm training!) around him as well as coming up to sniff... there usually isn't much distance between me and him, but it is getting the understanding of 'stay' there which is more important. He also is veeery good at holding his stays wit me cooing around and trying to entice him up (lots of 'pup, pup, puppy' calling, squeaking balls, crouching down, patting my leg etc). Been doing resistance training as well and he always gives me a look as if to say "not in your life!"... so all of this is making his stays look promising but I got him to hold a stay at Warringal while having lunch and he went to lie down *sigh*!.... The only reasoning I can give for this is that he 'assumed' that he wasn't in a stay and went to lie down to get comfortable (my attention wasn't completely on him).... once I told him 'uh-uh' he quickly sat up again and held it no worries.... keep practicing I guess!

I have a busy year planned for next year coming (I can't believe it is xmas time already!!!). I really want to get stuck into obedience & agility in a big way for Leo. I worked out last night that I would really like to achieve 7 titles with him next year! Sounds a lot but I think it is manageable - even without trialling every weekend ie: plenty of puppy free time and time to show puppy also! Here is a list of what I want to achieve:

CCD - Community Companion Dog
CD - Companion Dog

AD - Agility Dog
JD - Jumping Dog
SD - Snooker Dog
SPD - Strategic pairs dog (if I can find a partner)

HT - herding test.

I think that this is achievable, and I would really like to get CD, AD, JD the most. I have a whole new perspective really on trialling now and am just out there to have fun again as I felt I was getting a tad to competitive with myself and thus, getting too stressed about the trials (mucking us up even more!) as well as being incredibly dissapointed when we didn't get there! I have one more obed trial for the year, and i'm trying to keep in the mindframe that I am currently in - if we pass, we pass, if we don't, who cares?! LOL! But hopefully i'll be able to introduce everyone to Ellagant Full O Mischief CD AD JD SPD SD HT next year! Whew, What a name! Hopefully!!! I also hope that in a few weeks i'll be able to introduced you to midget 'Ellagant something or rather'!! LOL! Then i'll have pics!!! I've been reading up on 'show training' (Thanks Amanda!) in the meantime and practicing on Leo!