Saturday, May 02, 2009

First Outing

Another fun-filled week of work and puppies ;). Pups are growing fast and got to play with my new lens outside today. Was very happy with it (and the pups) with how they went today. Little Miss K was pretty good with Leo's introduction to the babies -didn't seem to phase her too much.

Anyway - as always - photos and videos!

Was quite happy with these shots today. I thought they turned out quite nice. For those interested - the new lens (upon recommendation) is the 50mm f 1.8. Great little lens for the price and quite versatile too!


Lacey pulling a face:

Snack time!
Lacey again:

Misty (what an expression!)


Panda trying the tunnel on for size:
Piglet & Ollie
No seriously! I'm soo much better looking than YOU!
Mum & Polly
Polly Skateboarding
Gee that was tough!
Tell ya something!

We are siamese:

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