Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let it NOT snow

So things are still looking a little bleak here.

Eurostar is still grounded so, we abandoned ship on that idea. The next plan was to catch the ferry to Calais, but again, we abandoned ship on that idea. Lucky we did as it's absolute mayhem down there with everyone who has been unable to get to France via Eurostar, now trying to get across with the boat.

So our plans are to fly out tomorrow to Salzburg, spend a few days there and then train back to Paris on the Eurail via Munich. Lucky for us, we got the last 5 tickets on *that* train ride!

Now all we have to do is sit and wait... and HOPE for good weather so that we can fly out tomorrow! PLEEEEAAASSEEE everyone join us in hoping for fine flying weather to Salzburg tomorrow morning. Perhaps not looking definite since it is snowing, as we speak... at this very second outside!!!

I just hope we can get there as I have always wanted to go to Salzburg and this will be my last chance for a while!

On a 'positive' note, the snow here is like nothing I have ever experienced before! It is SO soft, fluffy and just all around gorgeous! Certainly makes you feel lovely and christmassy!

Off to see Avenue Q tonight in what we hope will be our last night in London for a few weeks.

Update - am downloading photos to post on here, and it seems the road outside is not blaketed in snow :(. Noooooo!


Kylie said...

You're going to see avenue Q without me :o how could you lol.
Hope all goes well with the rest of your travel plans.

The Happy Wanderer said...

Hope your luck turns around. Perhaps you should have paid a visit to the leprechauns in Ireland... Have a fab Christmas. Look forward to hearing all about your travels (or lack there of if the weather keeps up) when you get back.