Monday, February 01, 2010

The new training year.... 2010

Ok so our new training and trialling year has begun. I'm very excited about this year, not in the way of gaining titles or anything like that, but more on improving on our foundations and learning so much more about training. What's more as I (sort of) have a new dog to train. Zara is coming out of the cupboard ladies and gents.... at almost 10months old we are beginning to step up her training. Initially I was going to leave this to dad, but with his Foundation (agility) class starting soon, and given this club is full of people who have started agility and competed years before with multiple dogs, I figure a bit of a head start won't hurt!

I've also started some obedience work with Zara and I'm really impressed at her beginning stages... Not bad for a 9 month old pup and only 3 short sessions!!

first session:

third session:

I think I might pull her out and do obedience afterall if we have time!!!

Leo and Kinta are doing well and have already had 2 'mini' trials this year. Kinta also has only 6pts left for her Championship title, so I hope to get that soon! Leo has 2 masters agility passes and Kinta 2 excellent jumping passes :). Go the Pawsitive dogs!

Anyway here's a vid of their most recent trial:

I was pretty pleased with their efforts. So what are our aims this year?!

To get Z geared up for agility - we are going to work on some foundation stuff such as circle work, nose touches and driving towards a toy before we even begin on the equipment. I want a dog that really understands to drive ahead. Some exercises so far include:
*nose touches to a target
*circle work a la greg derrett style
*drive forward to a toy/ lead out then get toy
*run around a cone.

I am excited to see how she will develop in this area, as this is the first dog we will have done it' right' from day one LOL!

I would also like to use more toys in our training and develop that a little more with the older two, as well as continuing to work on our distraction training.... including for obedience.

All in all - I'm mostly out to have fun, but I'm also really looking forward to what lies ahead!

Hopefully I'll also be a little more reliable with updating in here!

New years resolution - tape more runs and training sessions so I can keep tabs on my errors!

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