Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LA - Toronto

Well All,

All I can say is that I hope this works as when i'm typimg on this computer I was trying to read my previous posts and it wasn't coming up!!!! The trip so far has been unbelievable! Better than what I ever imagined!!! So - should I start from the start?? Be prepared - this may go for a while (well we have covered a lot!) so you may want to grab a cuppa, get comfy and then start reading *g*! Well I could have written in LA but at $2 US a minute - sorry but I don't love you all that much!

I would love to say that the flight over to LA was uneventful but that would be lying *sigh*! Firstly much to my mothers and my disgust - we didn't have little TV screens infront of us *sob* so had to spend the 16 hr flight amusing ourselves! Shock- Horror!!! It was a fairly turbulant ride too which wasn't too good. Am thankful I don't get air-sick to say the least! To add to that - We had a drama on the plane with a young man 'going mad'. I don't know the full story but I believe he started bashing his neighbouring passengers for no reason and didn't seem to be drunk, but possibly on drugs?! Anyway he had to be restrained and ended up biting someone and was taped to his chair when they got him under control. Then due to the commotion he caused, we had to stop the plane in Tahiti to let him off and arrest him - I guess because of all the plane scares nowadays they weren't taking any chances! So I guess that is another stop we can add to the list too eh?! Even though it was pitch black and we weren't allowed off the plane *g*! Luckily the rest of the flight was uneventful but I didn't really sleep much - it was too clustered for that to happen :)

LA - what can you say about it? I absolutely loved Disneyland - Walt Disney certianly was a 'Peter Pan' at heart never wanting to grow up and it certianly can be seen by the themes around the park - I really felt 10 years old again! The parade and fireworks later that night were absolutely fantastic. We got to the park at 8:45am and left at aroun 10pm after the fireworks had finished and we meddled our way through the crowds. Some of you will be pleased to know that I went on most of the rides (mum also came with me!) including the rollercoaster in the 'california park' *g*!
Next day we went to San Diego Zoo which was pretty good but due to the previous day we were so tired that I don't think we appreciated it to it's full extent. I didn't know until shortly before we left that there was also an 'Animal Park' in San Diego - that would also have been good to go to - but hey - it is a good reason to always go back! I did enjoy the zoo but found it too spaced out and BIG - so in catching the buses around, you missed a lot that you otherwise would have seen by simply meandering. But seeing the Giant Panda's and Polar Bears made the whole trip worth it!!!
On from there to Hollywood which I must say I was dissapointed with. Once you leave Hollywood Boulevard the town does get a little seedy. But I still enjoyed it and all I can say is BOY can the stars walk streatch for a looong way!!!!! We saw pretty much all of them though (hehe - half of them we didn't know which goes to show what 'movie buffs' we are!). Also visited the Chinese theatre (where most of the premiers are played from) and the Kodak theatre (Oscars I believe). We then went on a trip around Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive - took us aroun to all of the 'stars' houses too - what a whole lot you could see too *coughs* - blacked out fences and roofs of their houses...
Next to Universal Studios which was also really good and obviously more targeted at the adults. But being the Disney lovers that we are - Disneyland was by far better than Universal. Again mum and I went on all the rides (are you shocked?!) and it was a really good day out. Also watched an 'animal actors' show whereby they got all of their birds/cats/dogs that actually feature in films to perform a little show. Was enjoyable but the trainer came out in me and I was sitting their analysing their training techniques or looking at what they were getting the animals to do and thinking - hmm - not all that difficult - but impressive *g*.

Luckily an uneventful flight this time. We are staying with a friends family just out of Toronto and I have to say that from what I have seen of Canada so far I am in love with it! I don't know why but I just am! We were at Niagra falls yesterday which was most enjoyable and we spent the whole afternoon there soaking (literally!) up the atmosphere. Would have been great to stay later to watch the light show and fireworks that they do each night over the summer - but we simply couldn't as we had to go back home. We still went for the journey behind the falls as well as the Maid of the Mist which gave breathtaking views of the falls. Today we went to the Bala Museum (yep - starting the LMM tour early as this is where LMM gained her setting for one of my favourite novels "the Blue Castle" )- it is run by a couple who are a wealth of knowledge on LMM and have a lot of her original artefacts as well as a lot of her original prints of her books. I had a ball wondering around there and broke the bank as they had soo many books going into the history of LMM's life - I didn't want to turn up to PEI and find I couldn't get the books! After travelling all of this way!!!! Hmm... perhaps I should change my name from 'aussienut' to 'LMMnut' *g*! If this museum gave a taste of what PEI is going to be like - I am in for a treat! Tomorrow we are off to the Toronto city itself to meander as well as probably shop *g*. Which reminds me I also did some of that today and got some great clothes..... I am starting to wonder how I am going to get all of this home - good thing I packed lightly :)

Well that is it from me until the next time I can get to the internet. I am a bit skeptical as to whether this will work so please email me if you can read it :). I hope everyone is well and watch your mailboxes for postcards. If I don't have your addie can u plz email it to me as I'd love to send you one :)

Until next time - nighty night!

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Cabrissi said...

Hi Amanda! Well it seems you have succeeded in getting blogger to post! I got your post just fine and am positively green with envy at what sounds like an absolutely great time! You are going to love PEI it is just goooorgeeouuussss, always wanted to go there so take lots of pics so I can live vicariously! ;-) Glad you are having fun so far, the plane flight sounds like an absolute shocker! O_O Have fun in Toronto! I put you down for the Debbie Calnon lecture, Sue said no probs. Have a blast! :-) :-) :-)