Saturday, September 16, 2006

PEI - London

Well Here I am again to write another epistle about our travels. For those of you that are still reading them - boy you must be keen considering the length of them!

The past few days have been rather *uneventful*, spending the last day in C'twn just wondering around and taking it slow. Unfortunately we had seen most of the town the first day we were there (well within walking distance anyway), so we really didn't do all that much. Went to watch Anne of Green Gables the musical that night which, don't get me wrong was good and worth seeing but not as good as it was hyped up to be. The music wasn't as good as Anne and Gilbert and though the acting was good, somehow getting 30yr old adults to play an 11yr old girl simply doesn't work. Having said that I do think that Anne did considerably well considering the part she had to play. Ther were some really good parts and others where they had changed the storyline but it simply didn't add to the play.

From C'twn we went to Montreal to stop for a day before travelling on to the UK. Arriving at around lunchtime we caught a cab from the airport to the hotel. Little did we know that just a few short blocks from our hotel building there was a shooting going on at the college. Some of you may have heard of it - 19 people injured and 2 dead (one was the gunman another a victim). Ah we always like to spice things up a bit when we travel, so this caused a little bit of mayhem around the hotel...... What can I say - mum and I love living dangerously - first the plane ride, now the shooting and if a few of you remember - our trip 3 years ago to Europe had a bit of a drama too... Funny that since I've told people this my list of friends who want to go travelling with me has dropped dramatically :(.

Well basically all we did in Montreal was wonder around the city - mainly 'Old Montreal' which was very quaint and unique. You can certianlly see the French / European influence. Again, we didn't do much else other than visit a few churches including the Notre dame basillica - very spectacular and ornate inside. Another one we visited was the St Peters (?) cathedral which was a replica of that in Rome (ok I admit it - i'm terrible with remembering names so forgive me if i'm wrong..... too many saints anyway!).

We arrived early at the airport having nothing else to do in the short amount of time we had left. I must say I found the airport dissapointing - not really having much in the way of 'passing time by'.... but maybe I just noticed this because we had so much time to spare! Flight was uneventful and luckily I got a few hours sleep. After lining up for over 1 hr at Heathrow immigration we *finally* arrived at London to be met by Mum's brother who we are staying with for the weekend. Basically had another relaxing day as we are both pretty washed out - for some reason putting time forward always knocks me around more than putting time back! It will not be until Tuesday when we set off for our 'Country journey', so hopefully we will get to spend time with family as well as see a few sights that we missed last time we were here -hopefully inside Westminster Abbey and also to Windsor. Am really looking forward to this next leg of our journey which should also be very enjoyable!

Well that is all the news from me! Hope you are all well and keep me posted on the current events!


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