Thursday, August 21, 2008

Murphy Hates ME!

And before anybody asks... no - I do not mean Murphy the Aussie ;-).

Gee - I can't believe it's been a whole month since my last post! This time - I can't exactly use the excuse of 'well nothing much has been happening' because truck loads have!

Settling in more to the new job now and I must say, I absolutely love it! I find out more developments every day and I feel that I really can and will grow into this role! It's just got so much potential!!! I'm so happy that I've actually found something that I want to get up and go to work in the morning for!

Downsides... I do find it harder to motivate myself to go out at nights for training, but I think that's more a case of 'new job, lots of responsibilities' and general brain exhaustion! Not to mention the horrible wet weather we've been having which has just made it plain yuk to do anything in! The poor pooches are SO neglected as I just *don't* want to walk them lately coz it's just disgusting out there! Good thing I still do though 'eh?!

OK - so why exactly does Murphy hate me?! Hmm... well lets start with the Obedience nationals!

I was sooo proud of both of my dogs efforts - some lovely work by both!

Lets start with Kinta - who should have passed with a score of 97/100 putting her in 1st place and 7 points ahead of any other dog that passed that day (at least in our ring)!... enter stand for exam - which she held a treat... until I returned around her and she decided to plop back in heel! Doh! That was the State Trials.

Nationals - not as good as the day before.... but still sitting on a reasonably good score.. and a 1st or 2nd place... come to the sit stay and she lies down! ARGH!!! Ah well... thems the breaks right?!

Anyways, obedience wise, since I hate the lead I don't think I am going to complete her CCD title... instead we will brush up on a few things (clearly her SFE and Stays!) and enter Novice come October I think.

Next bad news - I entered Kinta in the Nationals as she (thankfully) didn't drop coat until the beginning of August, which generally tells me she wont' be in for at least another month. So off I send a cheque for $72 as well as entries for the Hastings and Croydon trial (weekend before and after Nat's). So over $100 in entries all up. No swelling, no 'boy' interest or anything. I have her at work Monday and she is being a little 'weird' around people - just glued to my leg pretty much.... then I bring her in Tuesday... and I notice blood on the floor... my first thought 'how on earth did you hurt yourself?!'... then it dawns on me... yup, she's in season alright - a whole month early! I noticed no swelling or anything! So bye bye nationals! Unless of course someone *is* watching over me and gives her a very short cycle :p

Now - enter Leo:

He actually doesn't have that bad a run except for the Obedience Nationals.

State trials he did reasonably well (again, I was absolutely thrilled with his ring work) and boy - was he happy to be out again after about a 3 month sabbatical! Sitting on a pass of 186 (our dreaded number) and come stays he stands up, sits down again!

Anyways - here is a video of his efforts

Come nationals he is doing brilliantly... lost only 3 points in the exercises he completely properly... come DOR - and he looks away briefly as I give the signal... oops! Beautiful straight recall! To make me feel better, he also brings the d/b back to the judge instead of over the jump *rolls eyes*

Video again:

I'm not sure if I have mentioned his successes lately (yes it's been that long), but he did brilliantly at our last agility trial picking up two more JDX passes leaving us with one more needed for our JDX title (hopefully at the nationals or upcoming trials!) - Video of one of his runs on the day (3rd place, nice time behind some very fast dogs!)

OK - so you're probably thinking... well why does Murphy hate you so much... this all 'aint that bad!

Well - enter Monty:

Poor Monty has had a lump on his shoulder which has been quite suspicious so I took him to the vets to have a look - they had no idea what it was, so they took a needle aspiration and sent it off.... results back... still no idea, but some lymphocytes etc detected. So - Off to my vet to get it removed, which I did today... All removed as well as full blood profile, urine samples and thyroid tests since he is now 9, I wanted to make sure that there were no other signs that this lump could be serious and he *has* been eating a LOT lately (food he shouldn't) so wanted the clean bill of health. All went well, but gee... those vet bills sure to bite! $800 later and I'm really missing the $100 I wasted on Kinta's entries!

Well fingers crossed the lump doesn't come back... although I must admit - I have been getting amusement out of watching the poor kid walk backwards so that he doesn't (in his mind) bang his head on anything. He is sooo despondent poor guy!

Some pics:

On the whole though - have been enjoying watching the olympics and having a general relaxing few weeks (no trials!)... Ah HAH! That's why I don't want to get off my a$$ and walk the dogs... OLYMPICS!!!! tee hee!

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Amanda O. said...

Ohhh my gosh... poor Monty!!! From what you described I thought it was more like a little lump on his neck and relatively small surgery site... OUCH, that is one heck of an ouchie poor fella! Hope he's healing up nicely and able to loose the lampshade quickly.

Congrats on the good runs with the dogs, it sounds like one tiny little hitch in most cases and I'm sure you'll iron it out soon and be on your way to obed and agility champion title before I finish toddling towards novice! ;-)