Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy birthday little girl

I can't believe it, but my little midget is 2 yrs old today! Boy time has flown! When/where/ HOW did that happen!!?!?!? She is an awesome little girl and she and I share a very special bond. It's hard to believe that I almost didn't end up with her! I can't wait to see what the future holds for us... even if she didn't turn out *quite* as crazy as we planned ;-).

This week has also marked the first week at my new job... and an exciting and stressful one it's been. Going to be longer hours, as it includes some night work (up until 9pm at night), but that also means that I get to go in later on those days, and yup, my dogs are becoming 'education dogs' (haha - technically I could assess them myself!) and thus, if I need them, they can come into work with me :). Don't know what Peggy the office cat will think though ;-).

Everybody I'm working with is great and so far are pleased with my work. I've been shadowing a little bit, the girl I'm taking over, as well as in the latter half of the week, mostly doing the work with her helping out :). I am still in awe really that I have landed this job... which is more a job that I dreamed of, and never really thought I'd ever have the opportunity of doing :).

OK - so what exactly does the job involve? Well - basically a lot of phone calls/ consults for clients with behavioural issues (dogs and cats... the cat bit requires a bit more research on my behalf!) as well as over-seeing basically the evening dog training classes (although the trainers are awesome that we have on staff).... Weekly we run talks to the general public in relation to general behavioural problems and things of that ilk (barking dogs, environmental enrichment etc, etc.).... Finally I'm also working with the shelter dogs and doing assessments, when needed on those... a task that isn't always fun.

I'm really looking forward to what I can make out of this role. There is plenty of room for growth and development as well as just the general experience I can gain out of a role like this! I really can't wait to see what evolves from here as time goes on!

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Kylie said...

The new job sounds awesome!It sounds perfect for you. Glad to hear you are enjoying it so much :)