Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking GOOD!

Some photos I took of the dogs today - after a bath! They are both looking really good and.... more mature I guess!!! I'm really pleased with these shots - but also annoyed that a) Leo isn't a show dog, and b) I didn't enter the Royal... as Kinta has more coat (sort of) than usual!!!! So much for 'oh I won't waste my money on the Royal as she'll be in season' HA! We all know how THAT turned out!

Dogs are also progressing nicely in their obedience... I think it's time to give agility a bit of a breather and do some obedience! LOL! Kinta is working lovely and Leo is too -he is really comfortable in his open work now and his UD is coming along nicely.... as per the comments at training today. No - we are nowhere near trialling level yet, but we are slowly chipping away at the block :)

Agility is good - just need to clean up a few things here and there - particularly with Kinta... but that could be a season thing (she seems less confident and slower for some reason...?!)

Oh - and the exciting news - we went to see WICKED on Saturday! Was it as good as London??? YUP! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I'm still on a high about it! It was just.... amazing! The singers were fantastic - props, coreography... everything was just to die for! Did I mention how much I love this musical?!?!?!

That's about it for this weekend - I just wanted to share piccies of the kidlets really :P


Amanda O. said...

So THAT is what clean dogs look like...

*glances at 4 mudballs who've been hooning around the paddocks and dam*

Also colour me impressed that your Clean Dogs are working on UD level obedeience. ;-)

Amanda O. said...
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aussienut said...

Trust me - they don't USUALLY look like that :P

Amanda O. said...

Better 'not usually' than 'ever'! ;-p

Mine never seem to manage to stay clean as long as it takes them to dry... they go out to potty and I swear there IS a direct link to how long I've spent scrubbing them and how quick they manage to find the dirt again! X-p