Sunday, October 05, 2008

Leo & Kinta strike again

Well... seems my dynamic duo have done it again.... although HOW I have no idea! We went herding today to have some 'training' for the fast up and coming MVA competition (Most Versatile Aussie). Now since it's quite hard for me to find some sheep to practice on, not to mention some expert help, our 'training' was actually a herding trial. I thought this a good idea as it would give me an idea of what I have to do, not to mention if all else fails some info on what we could do better. Colin Webster was one judge and he is a well known stockman, so very handy to have around and teach us the proper way of teaching our dogs to herd. I learnt quite a bit today, as did the dogs... although half the time it felt like *I* was doing the herding and the dogs were just doing "come.... STOP..... come.... STOPPPPP!!!!" ROFL! Must think of a different command to stop though seeing as stop sounds an *awful* lot like DROP! hehehe!

Anyway - long story short - the pups managed to pull off 2 passes and their HT title each, making this Kinta's 2nd title this year, and Leo's 5th! To top it all off, we were also awarded Runner up HIGH IN TEST behind a wonderful working Aussie in Pre-Trial (next level up... much harder!). This ticks off for both dogs almost all of the titles I *wished* for this year... which is no mean feat. Leo hasn't managed so far to pull off his SD and GD, not surprisingly, since we haven't entered those yet!!! Kinta and Leo haven't managed to get their respective agility titles, but are really close, I can feel it! The only one I hope for Kinta still to get is her CD... but we'll see eh!?

OK - I'll stop being proud mumma now. What else have I been up to... hmm... well - I got to meet up with one of my friends from Syd yesterday at Vic Markets which was lovely as though we've spoken online for... oooh.. over a year now, we've never actually met! Was nice to put a face to the name!! I'm also counting down the days until we jet set off on our long awaited QLD holiday!!! SQUEE!!!

Work is still going great guns, though very busy most of the time. Good busy though!

Hmm... what is there really...not a whole lot - been taking it easy (surprisingly) and haven't done any agility/ obedience since their respective nationals dates! Also gearing up for the long awaited for MVA! Unfortunatley, I've been a bit under the weather most of the weekend simply due to a cold that's been going around the office.... and I thought I hadn't caught it! Alas - I spoke too soon!

Finally - here's a new vid for you to feast your eyes on - just a music vid - nothing flash :)

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