Thursday, October 09, 2008

Prefix approval

Well I got a letter in the mail yesterday - saying that I passed my breeders exam/ prefix has been approved (well one will assume that means you passed your exam, kind of silly to have a prefix, but not be a reg'd breeder!)

My kennel name is officially

Pawsitive Australian Shepherds

Jury is still out on that... when I put in on paper... it sounded good - I liked the fact that it had a performance ring to it.... now... I'm not so sure. I really wanted one of my first 3 preferences (haha - I can't even remember what my preferences were now except for those 3!).... now I think of registered names to ring with Pawsitive.... and they just don't work!

I'm sure i'll warm up to it in time... in the mean time - working on a new webpage for the kennels... fun, fun! NOT!


Kylie said...

Awwww i think that name sounds cute

Amanda O. said...

I think it sounds good Amanda... and tbh I think anything that puts out training and trainability into people's frame of mind is only going to be a good thing!

But more over... how exciting to have the prefix! That means fat, fuzzy, milk-breath puppies to use a prefix ON in the future! :D

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