Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gah - Technology!!!!

ok well some of you know that around 2 weeks ago a splurged and bought myself a brank spaking new laptop for watching DVDs, emailing and doing the odd job here and there. Since my life seems to be spent on a computer lately, I really wanted a laptop whereby I wasn't sitting in ONE room wasting my life away and this way, I could actually still chat to family etc :P.

I went all out and bought wireless router, 1TB hard disk drive (external), laptop, and all the bells and whisltes. Everything was going fine and it was an ongoing joke that watching DVDs on the laptop was clearer than watching it on the home TV :). I happily transferred all of my music, photos, videos and word doc's to the HDD so that I could work off both computers, and not clog up our home computer space. Down went the videos and photos into cyberspace as I deleted them (permanently) from the computer :p.

As you also might know I also fill the role for trial secretary for our local obedience club and their obedience trial. This is all well and good, but I'm buckling under the pressure this year as I seldom have enough time to do all of the entries and organising. I'd done 3/4 of this and yup, all saved on the HDD (I can tell that some of you know where this is going!)

Well last night - I hooked everything up so I could enter the last of the entries into the computer. I also intended on taking all of my photos across to the desktop just to be sure :). Plug in the HDD... computer doesn't recognise it.... unplug it, try it again.... nothing. The green light is on with the HDD but nobody is home... try it on our home computer... nothing..... try a different USB cable... nup.... call tech support and do a whole bunch of stuff.... all to no avail. Seems that it's given up the ghost (AFTER 2 WEEKS!) and I have buckleys chance of getting my files back.

So.... all my trial entries...... back to the drawing board (and no time to enter the info!)
All of my photos..... gone forever (last backed up CD I can *find* is Nov 2007, though I know I did it more recently, I can't find that disc can I?!)
All my trial videos..... gone forever....
All of my iTunes music.....Kaput!

As you can imagine... I am not a happy camper. Back to the store today before work to see if there is anything that can be done.... if not.... well..... what can you do!?


Kylie said...

Oh i feel for you mate. That sucks big time. At least next time you will know to make sure you back everything up lol. Too soon for jokes yet?? Okay I'm sorry. Hope you get it all sorted out.

aussienut said...

haha - yup still too soon for jokes :p

Still trying to get the company to fix it for me as there is a way to get the data back, but nobody will do it for me as it will void the warranty!!! grrrr....