Sunday, December 07, 2008

Somebody hates me!!!

Ok - lets start with the techno stuff first. Seems that nobody will help me get my data/ photos etc off my E-HDD, even though theoretically they can, but won't because it will void the warranty.

Anyway - aside from that, I've been using for ages this product called Power Director for my videos to get them onto youtube etc. The reason being for some reason, not a lot of programs like my video camera - more money spinning I guess, to get you to buy the program.... or at least get it from somewhere :p. Anyways - when I bought this new computer it had on it the Power Director program on it. Though when I used it, the *sound* wasn't working, so re-loaded it..... only now *that* totally stuffed up didn't it!!! And do YA think I can find the CD?! Or even my Adobe Premiere CD?!!?!?!? They must be sitting with my lost photos of the dogs etc.... grrrrr...

So second part of why the world hates me - Well we had my obedience trial today.... ok - well not mine, but the one that I had the pleasure of organising. Most of it went off ok (except for the brief moment where I forgot about the competitor numbers so had a mad dash for home!)... least all of our judges turned up this time :P

Well Kinta did a really nice run (hence why I wanted to upload a video!).... sitting on a lovely pass of 192.... come to the stays... sit stay - no probs, nice and steady.... drop stay - no prob.... but oh... I just have to ITCH..... right HERE with 10 seconds to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHYYYYYYY! Does she have some allergy to pass cards?! Is there something in her brain that has told her to STAY away from all pass cards and challenge points?!?! I would love to know!

As you can guess it's pretty frustrating. She works SOOOO nice, but for some reason, it never seems to all come together at once.... I don't know what to do :-(

What's the upside of the whole weekend? Leo did some lovely runs in agility yesterday and Leo got his first ADX pass and 3rd place :D

Comming soon - my 'year that was' post (these were the last 2 trials of the year)... however I guess I might do it when I'm in a 'happier' mood :p

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