Monday, February 09, 2009

Victorian Fires

Please think of those who are affected by the Victorian fires from Saturday. It is hard to fathom what has happened in a matter of hours... towns completely lost, lives lost and families left devastated having lost everything. A lot of us are still absolutely shell shocked either by what has happened to our friends and/ or family or simply by the fact that it has come so close to home, and so quick.

After experiencing extreme temperatures on Saturday (reaching above 46deg C) and with winds of up to 70-100kms/hr... you can imagine the devastation. Fires throughout Yarra Glen, Healesville, Whittlesea and Gippsland to name a few are still blazing. Kinglake and Marysville are the worst affected with absolutely nothing left.

Please spare a thought for those that have lost.

On to brighter notes... Have a look at the house I'm looking after this week:

oh and the dogs -

and some random photos (see I told ya you will regret me getting a new camera!)

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Amanda O. said...

The whole point of having a camera (and especially a NEW one) is to take a million photos! And the whole point of having a blog is putting them all up right??? *VBG* Besides, everyone needs a bit of happier note in light of how much happened with the fires.

I esp like Kinta's expression in the 2nd to last!