Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK - so it's been a while......

Lots has happened that's for sure ;). My puppies have all flown the nest bar 1, and we have kept one who shall be named Zara ;). My families are all really pleased with their new additions which makes me soo happy that I made the right decisions! Now I WAS going to innundate you with photos, but it seems that I have now not got a hard drive problem, but a laptop problem, once again with the risk of LOSING EVERYTHING off my computer! Not a happy camper at all! I remember backing up not that long ago, but certainly not after the puppies were born. It's times like this that you are glad you gave all your puppy buyers a CD of their photos from birth onwards, and you upload HEAPS of pics onto photobucket and the ilk... at least I'll be able to salvage them somehow, even if I can't save the computer!!!

Other than that I honestly have no news to tell. My life has recently been consumed with puppies...... they really do take up a LOT of your time ;)

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