Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ok well not really.... but Miss Zara had her first show today, so it kinda made it official!!! I'm just tickled pink with this little girl (yes, even though she's not mine) and I hope that the judges can see past her tail and see what she really is like ;-). Man this little girl has spunk! I'm finding it very hard to keep my paws off her, especially seeing as Dad has trekked off to London, leaving her in my care :). She's taking like a gem to some training, although standing still is not her forte!

It was her first show today and we got dumped, but meh, that's the way the judging was going! 3rd out of 3 LOL! Bit hard for the judge to asess when the munchkin won't stand still for more than 1.5 - 2 seconds!!! LOL! At least we gaited (MOSTLY) around the ring keeping four feet on the ground, which is more than I can say for outside the ring where we were probably closer related to a kangaroo than an Aussie!

Anyway - some pics we took on the day.

Introducing Pawsitive Prime Attraction (Gr Ch Dykinta American Express (IID) x Ellagant Full of Antics JD HT) .... and yes, it did give me a kick to see her name in print ;-)

Kinta is officially 'miss nekkid' so we won't be seeing mug shots on her here for a little, unless it is to point fingers and laugh at her nekkidness!!!!

Have had a run of bad luck lately too! Took Leo to agility Thurs night and he refused to jump for me! Now while he can be 'slow' at times, it's NEVER to the point where he doesn't want to do it, or will do one jump and refuse the rest!!! Had a good check over and could find nothing. After a while, checked him over again and I'm pretty sure it's his wrist... not that HE cares, he still wants to run like a hooligan, just not jump! I hope it all heals soon though... wait and see I guess!

Today was driving home from the show and my car packed it in! well not totally but I was presented with quite a dangerous situation!!! LOL! I've previously had troubles (NB my car is 2 YEARS OLD!!!!) with this 'engine malfunction' light coming on. Take it to Holden and they say nothing is wrong! So today, driving along the freeway, the car just shuts off!!!!!! completely!!!! AS in I can't press on the brakes, I can't accelerate, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about scary!!! it was as if someone lifted the handbrake and took out my keys!!!! I was SO lucky I wasn't travelling at 100kms/ hr, there wasn't a car close behind me and I was slowing down to go around a round about! Freaks me out to think of what *could* have happened! So now on monday we take the car back to the dealers and DEMAND they fix it! We are not taking the car home till it's fixed!!! It's just too scary otherwise!

Not much else other than that really..... LOL!


Kylie said...

Oh my god! Talk about scary. I can't believe your car did that to you. I can understand why you would be a little bit annoyed when they tell you there is nothing wrong with your car. You stick to your guns mate and refuse to leave until they find whats wrong!

I can't believe how much the little one has grown already. Just goes to show how long it has been since we caught up last.

aussienut said...

haha - how long it's been or how fast they grow :P Pick your poison :P.

Will finalise details about tomorrow - will give you a buzz :)

Well - hopefully *something* is found with the car!