Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Look!

Yuppers - I have a new do!!! LOL! Was about time! My hair grows ridiculously fast and thick but it's also really healthy, which means I can go for quite a while between cuts and not have a huge amount of ugly hair on my head :p. Usually it's the length and the thickness that kills me more than split ends!

Anyway - I wanted to try something new so I now have highlights :). No colours, she just bleached my hair a little to 'tint' it or lift the colour. Let me know what you think! I like it, mum HATES it which of course has made me a little more skeptical ;). Please ignore the horrible pics - do you know how hard it is for you to take a half decent shot of yourself!! Soooo over-critical!! My hair actually looks 'lighter' in person - the highlights came out much darker on the photos :(

So where have I been you ask?! Basically life has been BUSY! No time to blog away and I've also been trying to limit my computer time coz I think I spend waaay to long on here ;)

I've started a photography course which I am loving.... and learning heaps! But it's almost becoming to the point of 'overload' now because there is just SO much to learn and not enough time in the week to put it all into practice. I now have a better understanding of shutter speed, aperture and also how to use lighting to your advantage. That has been invaluable. Here are some sample shots I've been snapping lately - although surprisingly I don't like them as much as I do for the ones I did for the photography challenge, or some of the more 'random' shots I have taken of the dogs - like the one I have of leo sitting on the rock. Either way - some examples of playing with lighting etc.

Now before you ask... NO I don't have extra dogs!! LOL! Well not anymore ;). I looked after a friends' dogs for two weeks so it was a busy household... but fun! I've looked after them before and the 4 dogs get along pretty well (zara stayed at home with dad... her owner :P). YES, before you ask - Zara has grown like a weed and is HUGE! At 4.5mths, she is almost as big as her mother!!! Everything is still going along swimmingly... Kinta in season again (grrr) but I guess it's better now than at the Royal eh?! Kinta is as naked as they come - barely a skerick of hair on her! which basically means, that royal entry I so 'optimistically' put in... looks like we'll be scratching. At least you don't have to be pretty to do agility!

Now for some other shots I've been playing around with - Kinda random really... just after a session on 'lighting'
I'm not really sure what to make of them ;)

In the trialling front, the dogs are *still* in break mode coz I've been too lazy to do much else! Yeah - apparently you have to be 'organised' to get your entries in! LOL! We've got a few coming up and I *would* have had an obedience trial with Kinta, but well... seasons do get in the way of things ;-). Leo's UD is still slowly coming along, but now that I've pulled my finger out I hope that we'll be ready sooner rather than later!

Phew! I think that's about it! Perhaps it won't be so much of a novel if I come here more often eh?! LOL!

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Kylie said...

Love the new hair mate. You look gorgeous :)