Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Absolutely Exhausted!!!

OMG What a tiring weekend!!!!!! To say the least!!! I have been off work since Friday, but have been busy showing Sat - Tue... with lots of travel in- between, so you can imagine how tired I am!!! I think i'm going to work tomorrow to *relax* :p LOL!

OK - so Friday I spent the afternoon giving both Kinta and Leo a bath for the ASCV specialty show on the Saturday. This is one of the few times per year Leo gets to show and I love bringing him out. It is also a good chance to see some of the interstate Aussies and make up your mind about what you like / don't like. The entries were around 70 or so I think?!

Saturday consisted of an early start for the 9th ASCV Champ/Open shows. Kinta didn't do too well in the Champ show (Canadian Judge) who placed her 5th/ 5 in her class :(. LOL. I was a little dissapointed, but what can you do! Kinta was still a little out of sorts (ie: not feral, crazy, bounce off the walls Kinta) but she is/ was getting better each day. Much to our pleasure though, Logan - Leo's brother was awarded Dog Challenge - meaning that he was the best dog there for the day!!! Needless to say - everyone involved was thrilled :).

Next was the open show - which means that no points are awarded, but it is a chance for aspiring judges to practice etc,etc. I was really pleased when Kinta was awarded first in her class, beating 4 other girls (Marli, Summer and two NSW dogs - Tolazrun Knls)... I honestly didn't expect her to get anything further, due to the huge entry for these shows. So it was to my great surprise when the judge awarded Kinta Reserve Bitch, ie: 2nd best bitch.... this was out of a total of 24 bitches entered, so to say I was thrilled is an understatement!!!! Kinta then went on to win Junior in Show against the Junior dog!!!! Woo HOO!!

But wait, there's more. I had entered Leo in the de-sexed sweeps, which he won. I also entered Kinta in the Non - Champion Sweepstakes also - there were about 10 dogs/ bitches entered. Again, I was surprised when Kinta was awarded 1st in these sweepstakes!!!! So I was very proud of my girlie!

Sunday entitled another early rise and a 1.5hr drive to Lancefield for another show there. Stumbled out of bed and into the shower. It wasn't until I got OUT of the shower that I heard the rain pelting down. By this stage I was wide awake and decided it pointless to stay home and go back to bead (stupid idea I know) as I thought that as soon as I did that, the rain would stop! So, Murphy's law - I went on my way and the rain kept falling... by now i'm starting to question the worth of me going up, since I don't have a tent or anything of that sort and I was fairly sure Ana and Ben weren't going given that they were exhausted from organising the day before! Again, I decided it pointless to turn around given that if I did the rain *would* stop ;-). Well... I got there and it rained the whole time we were showing :-(. First time I was ever glad to loose (2nd out of 2 bitches)... this meant I could go home, drop the dogs off and do something MUCH more sane such as shop/watch a movie with the girls ;-).

Monday I was off to Lancefield again - this time in much nicer weather. Japanese judge today - who placed Kinta 2nd out of 4 - behind Marli. I was quite happy with this result. He went on to award Kinta's 1/2 brother (Cricket) BOB and Runner up in Grp which was great. All in all an enjoyable day out. Got home late and flomped on couch/bed.

Today - went off to Sunbury for the cup day show (and the last one!). Greek judge. He placed Kinta 1st in her class (out of 4) but after that Kinta had had enough and was a stubborn little mule after that! She didn't want to do any of this showing business and was only 1/2 hearted about her gaiting and such. Pity - coz I think the judge liked her initially :). So we didn't get any further :-(. Again, a lovely day out, but i'm glad to be home and off to bed soon!

I was really pleased with Kinta's behaviour and you could see that as each day passed, she would become more and more feral/ back to her usual self! I can't wait for her to be totally out of these post -season blues, although we are pretty close now ;-)



Amanda O. said...

Just wanted to send congrats your way, she looked very nice out there and you guys look very polished now! I think everyone ought to get ribbons just for braving the crazy weather! LOL

Glad to hear she is returning to her wild hooligan ways, a permanently placid Kinta just wouldn't seem right!

aussienut said...

No - a quiet Kinta just isn't normal!!! I was saying to dad before - that the past few weeks she has been quiet with a few feral moments.... now she is feral with a few quiet moments :p.... bring on the psycho Kinta :p :P

Michelle & Shade said...

Congratulations Amanda. Sounds like Kinta is really coming along beautifully and winning some wonderful places. Well done.