Thursday, November 01, 2007

I never thought i'd say this......

I actually never thought i'd say this, but by golly I miss my psycho feral nut! Kinta really seems to mellow post season.... just more sooky and cuddly. I don't think it is lasting as long as her first season (about 4-6wks!) as she seems to be coming more to herself now(2wks later).... but still... the way she acts just out of season makes you think I'm making up the whole story about her being a feral wild child!!!

Geez I miss the psycho! On the other hand - Leo is a complete nutter.... HE is fun, when she is around season time ;-)

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Kylie said...

lol u r one strange puppy hehe. Well if u wanna see psycho just come visit me ....i've lost it so many times this week its not even funny. Man its been a bad week. So for your psycho fix come hang out with me lol.