Sunday, November 18, 2007

Burning the candle at both ends!

As the saying goes - that is pretty much what i've been doing.... hence the reason for lack of posts.... so this will be long - and filled with photos!!!

First up - here are the photos from the ASCV Specialty show - they are blurry because I shrunk the photos (in photoshop) too small before transferring!

So since my last post - it has pretty much been go,go, go from both ends - work is insane with deadlines looming and a million things to do - so that has kept me out of mischief pretty much! Then add to that I also agreed to be trial secretary - so entries have been flowing in left, right and centre for me to enter in my somewhat limited time.

Last weekend I had off trialling/ showing - so went to visit Ana & Ben and their 13 gorgeous puppies *vbg*... spend the afternoon soaking up puppy breath and the usual stuff - was a heap of fun.... but boy - I miss puppies.... just not enough to have another ROFL! Too much work!

Sunday - I went down to Kepala Pet Resort - silly as it sounds - it's basically just a huge 'off lead' park for the dogs including a lagoon pool, big grass run, sand run and a mini-agility course... the dogs had a blast (we met up with some online friends and their dogs) and well worth the trip. Photos from the day:

This week just gone was pretty much the same - busy as ever. Small brag about Leo - at agility practice Tuesday night - Leo ran a blinder Masters Agility course (we are only competing in Novice - Masters is the highest!)... clear round too! It involved a discrimination between tunnel and dog walk and layering the weavers (I'm on one side, dog on the other) as well as outs/ins with jumps touching each other! So I was extremely pleased that he ran this so well! Instructors comment?! "You made it look so easy" :p :)

Saturday I had entered Leo in Southern's Double Obedience trial - our first stint at Open. It was *suppposed* to be 24deg, but it certainly wasn't - it was hot, muggy and a zillion flies were everywhere! I think partly because of this and the fact Leo hasn't been at a trial for 6+mths (since his CD title) he was not 110% focussed. He also might not have been feeling well as he did vomit just before going in the ring in the PM trial?!?! Seemed fine though!?

Anyway - AM trial we had a lovely judge - who claimed I had a lovely heeling dog! I told her that that was shocking/ abominable heelwork etc,etc... but she was still impressed :P. Q score of 184 (should he hold stays) - 30 seconds left in the sit - stay and he dropped :-(. I'm a big fan of out of sight stays though as they aren't 1/2 so nerve wrecking!!! LOL.

PM trial - I think the judge was a lot tougher (but still good!)... Heeling was crap again.... Retrieves were a bit all over the place (we liked to look around, possibly eat a fly or two before picking it up and bringing it to me :p ).... ROH - Leo did the retrieve fine, then 'forgot' what 'heel' meant!!! *sigh* - so that lost us a few marks! Q score of 173 should we hold the stays..... which he did!!!! So 1st open trial and we walk away with 1 qualie and a 2nd place.

Although the score isn't great - considering the heat and that 90% of dogs didn't perform well, I am proud of him... I just wish his heelwork was better!

I am interested in investing in one of those cool coats expensive - but apparently they beat the pants off anything else on the market. Everyone i've spoken too also sings their praises.... so i'm seriously considering one as they'd be good for shows/ trials :)

Anyways - today we had a show down at KCC park. Not many dogs entered - and a lot scratched coz of the crazy weather (raining and muggy!)... luckily they moved us indoors! Anyways - I am pleased to announce that Kinta got Bitch Challenge, Best of Breed, 9 pts and shortlisted for grp!!!!!! YAYYYY!!! Judges comments was "Lovely bitch, love her type, but would like a little more bone"!!! He repeated this to me again when he gave another dog Junior in Group (also in Grp line up.... *sigh*).... so obviously the boning was important to him :(. So that leaves us with...... 85pts to go ROFL!

I think that's about it from me.... next week is pretty quiet - other than the Mornington Pet Expo where we are going to be doing some tricks for the ASCV :)

Random shots

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Sarah said...

Well done you!

You must be absolutely chuffed to bits with them both - all that blood sweat and tears is certainly paying off LOL

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?