Monday, February 25, 2008

A room with a view

I have *finally* moved offices into one with a window!!!! ROFL! I can't tell you what a difference it makes... it really was getting quite depressing being in an office all on your own, often with no-one else around and to add to it all, no natural light! Charming eh?! Well anyway - we spent most of Friday moving the offices around and furniture.... I felt bad as one girl was doing most of the work because I couldn't lift/ move the heavy objects (tables etc) because my wrist still can't do the hard yakka stuff. Either way, my room is now much nicer..... and brighter :p.

Had a brief moment of excitement last week on the job front. A friend/ acquaintance of mine that I have met a couple of times at shows, was telling me that she had found a new job... still in the animal industry etc,etc. I asked her what her current job is - well she works at "Therapon" which is veterinary wholesaler and she worked in the sales dept doing the research behind diff products etc. Sounded pretty interesting and the type of job I was looking for. I was going to take her position, but when she asked her boss... boss said that she wasn't looking at finding a replacement for her role :(. I will still hand my resume in and talk to them etc, but at least I have an idea of the area of job that I would like to get into now :).

Well... I have had a *very* busy, but fun weekend!!! Friday night (after the big move) consisted of my much belated birthday party - a cocktail party (yes, dressed up to the nines too!)... Was a heap of fun... I don't think we ended up going to bed until about 3am, so I guess that means everyone had fun right?! I got a lovely present from the girls - an agility tunnel!!!! Sooo excited about getting out and using it now :).

Saturday - well 1/2 of it was gone thanks to sleeping in (ahhh... glorious!) and finally decided to move at around 3pm in order to get ready for our first obedience trial of the year. Considering we have only trained minimally over the break, I wasn't expecting too much. Boy - I swear - the whole of Melbourne must store it's whole wind supply and dump it at KCC park! It was sooo cold and windy Sat night - someone said it would be close to 100kms/ hr winds... so not easy conditions. Leo was on fire though - well... sort of... he was on fire with eagerness :P. With precision.... not so much LOL! We didn't pass... he missed his 'stand's in the heelwork (miss 2 positions and you're gone)... who knows why.... then he missed coming back over the jump with the d/b. He has been proofed for pathetic throws (with a mum like me, you need to be proofed for ALL throws!) but he must have thought it was a clever idea ;). You could see the glint in his eye when coming back though.... almost as if to say - "see mum, I wanted to try something new - what do you think?!"

Sunday I spent the afternoon lying on the couch and watching old Gilmore Girls episodes :). 'Tis bliss... then pulling out my new 'weaving' set and practicing some 2x2 with the dogs... I must say - I am more than impressed with this method - you move along REALLY fast... particularly since we haven't been all that consistent with training every night etc :). Went out *again* Sunday night to "The corner hotel" with Tracey and her friend Corrie to watch "Something for Kate" an Aussie band. I haven't heard their stuff for ages, but still love it, and it was a good night out..... but of course resulted in me sleeping past my alarm this morning!!!!

ROFL! So... busy weekend, followed by an undoubtedly busy week.... again! Ah well... if you are having fun, what can ya do?! :p

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