Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend News

I swear - there was something I wanted to post about in here mid-week, but I have now totally forgotten about it!!! We have had a very busy 3 day weekend though.

Had a lovely, quiet birthday on Thursday - had to go to work (which was dead quiet - nobody in office) *sob*. Also had the pleasure of picking up a friend (met online - DOL of course!) and finally getting to meet Maria (from QLD). Maria was to stay with us on Thur night and we had a great day on Friday mucking around with the dogs, playing Genabacab (omg - our poor dogs! How do they understand what we want them to do!) and just chatting in general. My two loved the extra attention, got some Frisbee training tips and had a play around with some agility equipment. Kinta was a funny one - she barked at Maria the whole time she was playing tug with Leo like she wanted in on the game, but when offered to her - she *wouldn't* tug with M but kept coming back to me ;). Cheeky 'mummy's girl' :p.

Saturday was a busy and LONG day all around - Good thing I checked the gazette before going to the show, as rather than starting at 9am - our show was due to start at 8:30am! So - get to the park at 7:30 - get dog ready (kinda pointless really as she isn't in show condition at the moment, and I look at it and think 'i've entered, might as well have some fun etc') and finish show by 9am! We were knocked out of our Inter class, which isn't all that surprising :). Hung around to watch Group judging (looked like it was going to be over quickly..... but looks can be deceiving!)... then went to catch up with Tracey and Kylie. Ended up seeing a movie - "Fools Gold" which I really enjoyed :p. Back to the park at 4:30 for a twilight agility trial. As it turned out, there was no need to rush, as we didn't have our first run until at least 7pm!!! Leo and I had 3 runs - Novice Agility, Excellent Jumping and Open Jumping. So for those of you who have never seen us run before, I took my new 'baby' out and video taped (well not me, got someone to do it!) my runs!!! I was thrilled to bits with Leo's runs, he was fast, listening and boy is it great to see it on tape as I'm able to see where he and I need improvement. We ended up with 1 (almost 2!) pass - in Novice agility - 1st place and around 26seconds under time. This gave us our final pass for our AD TITLE!!! So Leo is now: Ellagant Full O Mischief CD AD JD!!!!! Not only pretty - but brains too ;) LOL!

Anyway - video is here:

If you are wondering what is going on in OJ - the first jump - I didn't call him soon enough, so he didn't see the jump, out the back it was so dark he couldn't see the jump. The end bit is a distance work - so you can't cross this line planted - I was thrilled that Leo did the first 2 obstacles (we haven't done OJ before) but he just *couldn't* get the last one as I had to push him out again (no thanks mum!)... as for Excellent Jumping - stoopid Mum forgot the course and almost took him on the wrong way!!!! Everyone was really impressed with Leo's runs though and kept commenting on how well he did!

Kinta was brilliant - I took her along for some social and focus work. It's time for her to come out and about now, get used to the environments and realise she has to *work* in these types of situations.... she did really well and I was thrilled to bits with her too!

I also have gotten Kinta DNA tested on Sat - should be about 2 weeks until we get the results. I was a little annoyed at the guy taking the swabs - he was such an a$$.... Kinta HATES those microchip scanners - so he just struts right over puts his hand over her neck (I didn't even have time to hold onto her!) and try to scan her chip.... she freaked of course, which is something I don't want..... then the guy has the nerve to say 'oh - she's a bit skittish isn't she'.... well wouldn't you be if you gave no indication and this big guy just crowded you, lent over and was sticking this thing over your back. Then he goes onto say - "she ain't gonna like me taking her cheek swabs..." :-O. I told him she'll be fine - she just doesn't like the scanners... sure enough - sitting there pretty as a princess while her cheek swabs are taken. I hate ppl like that - straight away assume things, and don't even take time to let the dog know you are about to do something - invasive or not with them!

Had a relatively quiet day on Sunday - all was well except for the fact that my computer doesn't love me and wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do!!

Another busy week this week - with our first FOOs training on Tue night - hopefully this will give us some good ground work for our obedience trials this year :)

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