Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to it!

Ok - so there has been a severe lack of posts! My bad!

Hmm.... what's the re-cap since the last post?! Leo's wound has *thankfully* closed up without any further intervention and seems A -ok at the moment. My guess it was a grass seed or something similar, which came out when the puss came out. His hamstring injury as far as I can tell is also clear, as he has been hooning around with Kinta and others and no ill-effects. Thank goodness for that!

After a few hiccups with the video camera, all seems to be working well - so watch out for heaps of training vids. I am sure most of you have already seen this - but this is the latest of Kinta strutting her stuff:

There are also some of Leo on there, but they are from 2006 - just old vids I *finally* uploaded.

At the end of January I said 'farewell' to my brother and his girlfriend Lily who jetted off to South America for 7 weeks. They are then stopping off at London for the next 3 years! EEK! It's going to be weird, as although I didn't see him *that* much (living in Syd), it still was an awful lot closer than LONDON! ROFL!

Pet Expo at the start of Feb was a whole tonne of fun and I was so proud of my crew. Kinta was the absolute extrovert which I was thrilled about as I was a little uncertain she might be unnerved by all the kiddies noises etc. Nope - she loved it! Not even a glint of nervousness/ uneasiness at all - with dogs or people :D :D. It's amazing how the little things make us so happy LOL. Leo was his usual self - selling his soul to anyone who might pay attention to him! Both had a go at the agility demo's and had a blast. Kinta was awesome considering she has only done about 3-4 obstacles together before, and did 15 in a row without even blinking. Fast too - she just was confused about the wing jumps when she was ahead of me ;) LOL!

Training has started again - last week for everyone, but I couldn't make it so went back Sunday just passed. For some reason I have been a little 'flat' about it and thus it rubs off on the dogs - could be a variety of things, but we are still enjoying ourselves enough - I think it's more about getting back into the swing of things!

Been to a couple of shows recently, but haven't done much good. As expected though as Kinta has dropped coat *again*. Woe be me, I think i I have a 5mth cycling b!tch. I have a feeling she'll be in season in March, which is 5.5 mths since her last season. Boy - THAT comes around quick!!! Trials for Leo start again this weekend with Agility twilight trial - I'm excited!!!! Obedience trial the week after that ;).

At the moment, I am house sitting for an obedience friend and their two BC's. It's been fun having 4 dogs around and inside the house etc. Very busy though.... they all get along pretty well, though Dash (6yr old BC) seems to pick on Leo a bit and I don't think he asks for it :(. LOL. This also might attribute a little to my 'flat' attitude to training - out of sorts in a new house etc.

Am re-teaching Leo the weavers and starting Kinta on it. I am using Susan Garrett's 2x2 method, and while it is initially hard to get your head around, I think the penny has finally dropped (for me!) and we now understand what is expected. I am pretty happy with the results and the methods behind it. We shall see how we go ;).

The job front is open for me again - as I think i'm going to start looking for a new venture yet again.... ah - the joys of finding your own little niche. Other than that - I think I have covered everything!!!!!!!

Ok - and to end... here is a pic I snapped of the hounds with my new video camera - not bad pics IMO.... Just snapped at the right moment - and ended up with this:



Maybe one of them farted, or maybe one told a joke *shrugs* :p

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Kylie said...

Bahaha they are the cutest photos ever! I love them.