Friday, March 21, 2008

Photo overload!

OK - Apologies for the photo overload. I was mucking around in the yard with the pups today, throwing their toys and keeping my finger on the button (fast shutter speed option where it takes heaps of pics one after the other). I was amazed at the quality that came out as you would expect photos of a lesser quality and the shots were ones I wouldn't have been able to get normally.

On other news - we had a show today - Kinta thought it great fun, but we got nowhere (huge Bitch entry - it was an 11pt challenge!!)... more showing tomorrow and Monday ;)

Sharing their toy - notice their foot timing is identical ;-)

Couch buddies

Head shot of Leo that I really like

Kinta shot - shame about the reflection of the light

Reasonable gaiting shot!

Learning to beg

I just love this shot of Kinta - so expressive!

Ball catching expertise

Now with some Kinta style ;)

More toy sharing - you can really tell they are great mates :D

And of course.... barking dogs!!

Coz my two always have something to say!!

OMG!!!! It's a ball!!!! (she totally looks freaked in this shot!!) PMSL

Lastly - the ring-in - Monty - attacking the tug-toy

clean up - after the 'kill'

I do have HEAPS more, and some stacked shots of Miss K, but I'll save them for a later date ;)

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