Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is getting so frustrating!! I have a dog that loves to work... and does it well..... I often get told that people love watching him work because he is just so happy around the ring!! He can do well.... again - he was on fire today. Yep you guessed it, another obedience trial down the drain.... Brilliant work by Leo - he was all cylinders go. He heeled well (went wide on a few turns, but he was up and with me, focusing and even ignoring a few distracting things on the ground!)... Only minimal marks lost in the other exercises. He and I were having a blast :D. That was until the ROH and the silly sausage thought that bringing the d/b back to our judge, rather than going over the hurdle seemed like a good alternative.... He then of course corrected himself and brought the d/b back to me, before sitting in front of the judge.... but still!!! So - here comes the blow.... had he done it well - we would have likely scored..... yep - 191!!!!!! Testament to how good he was working!

Don't get me wrong, I still have an absolute blast out there.... and I still enjoy it... but c'mon!!! Maybe 2007 was his year and he no longer wants to perform *vbg*.... or maybe he doesn't want Kinta to come out and steal his thunder (a likely story).... but I hate it that we get so close, yet not quite there......

Unless.... this is still punishment for me saying his name when I shouldn't have LOL!

Ah well - he's a good dog, he will get there eventually.... maybe we'll even get his OC one day (I'd love that!)... but at the moment, his career as sausage meat, or perhaps a life in a new home is looking better and better (haha - joking, joking... love him too much!)

On a positive note - Miss K got RBCC.... again yesterday.... to Indi - Leo's sister :P. She is yet another 'frustrating' case - coming close, yet not quite there for those darned challenge points!

I have dud's I tell ya.... DUD'S!!!!!

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