Tuesday, March 25, 2008

186 is NOT a lucky number

*sigh* for the THIRD time this weekend, Leo and I were unable to sustain a pass for our CDX title... and yep, you guessed it, had we passed, our score would have been..... 186!!! That's also the THIRD time in a row we have blown a pass of 186!! ROFL!

Sooo... what has he done to blow the passes?

Trial 1:
NOT the dogs fault, but for the Change of Positions (COP) I accidentally said his name when I shouldn't have..... not doing THAT again!!!

Trial 2:
Very hot and humid by this time and he dropped in the sit-stay :-(

Trial 3:
Apparently there was an interesting smell right where the d/b landed, which was far too interesting to leave and thus finish the exercise (ROH)... when I called out "OI!" he quickly snapped around, picked up d/b and finished the exercise perfectly :-(.

Another go this weekend...... but I certainly don't have my hopes up! If he doesn't get it soon, I'm going to pull him out for a bit and give Kinta her shot as I don't want to trial 2 dogs, at least in the initial phases..... so.... I wonder how much of this is Leo's antics so that Miss K won't have a go in the obedience ring.... hmmm..... *vbg*!

Had a lovely Easter weekend showing and relaxing. Last day off today -then back to work tomorrow. We didn't get anywhere in the shows either, but it was always a nice morning out :).

As for the job hunting.... rang a few recruitment agencies today, and unless I have min. 2yrs sales experience, I'm not even going to get a look in.... ummm.... HOW exactly am I to GET the sales experience, if no-one is willing to give me the experience?!?!?!?


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