Sunday, June 15, 2008

Awe- Struck

Ok... so I was driving to the agility trial yesterday complaining how I only ever get one pass in a day, if any at all :P. When I usually run 4-6 runs, I thought I could do with a little more LOL! I told the dogs when they got in the car (after trying to ride in the backseat) that they could ride 'up front' (ie: backseat) if they got 2 passes...

As you know - Kinta made her debut at Morwell and while she did well in the AM trial, her PM trial made me wonder if I was pushing her and perhaps she wasn't quite ready yet. I was prepared to pull her out again and train her up more for the nationals, if I didn't feel she was ready after Warringal (yesterday's trial).

Anyway... seems *something* was going right yesterday (I think it was the 'lucky shoes'... ie: new shoes I wore for the first time)... Here is what we walked away with:

Novice Jumping (AM):
3rd Place - Kinta .... SCT - 38sec, CT 23.33sec

Excellent Jumping (AM):
4th Place - Leo..... SCT 40sec, CT 37.07sec

Novice Jumping (PM):
1st Place - Kinta..... SCT 33 sec.... CT: 21.31sec **JD TITLE**

Novice Strategic Pairs:
2nd Place - Leo...... SCT 65sec CT - 47.32sec

Excellent Jumping (PM)
3rd Place - Leo.... SCT 37sec CT 29.78sec

Yep - that's right.... for our 5 runs of the day... we walked away with 5 passes!!! What's more is Kinta got her JD title in 2 trials!!! TWO TRIALS!! I still can't believe it! All the runs were just fantastic to run, especially Leo's since he was running slow and I couldn't work out why. It wasn't until later I realised he had a split toenail! Poor tyke ran all those runs with a sore foot :(. So considering he was still well under time, I was quite happy with that effort as it means my 'speed training' is paying off as he runs much faster than that when all of his feet are functioning normally :p.

Video's from the day:

I still can't believe it...... LOL! Oh - and guess who got to 'shotgun' on the way home :P


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