Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frustration, happy tidings and such

Ok - so as you remember - the last post I wrote - I sent the dogs away for a 'holiday' while I fences got done.... well... in typical tradie manner.... they are still NOT done!!! Just a little bit frustrating as I sent the dogs away so that the fences could be down overnight, done without the tradies getting hassled or with me being stressed about the dogs getting out. Hopefully they'll get done today (yup 2 weeks later), and thankfully the parents are home to watch the dogs for us :). Just a little bit annoying!

I have had a reasonably busy last couple of weeks - at work, because our project is due soon, but also at home with the dogs also. Last weekend (first weekend of June) I went to Shepparton for an agility seminar held by Deb Kelly. It was really good and I picked up a lot of things re: my handling etc. As to whether I can apply it or not is another story *vbg*!

This weekend just gone was spent in Traralgon where I stayed with a friend whilst trialling the mutts at Sale/ Morwell (Sale on Sunday, Morwell Monday... hehe nice bit of alliteration there!)

Kinta was entered in CCD on Sunday and that effort was just abysmal. Shows what a difference it makes when I haven't had anybody call an exercise for me for a while (well... with Kinta anyway!). She totally lost it after she missed the stands, and watching the vids, I certainly lost it to! All of my finesse and nice body language went out the window, so we made a disastrous team! Hopefully we can clean up our act for our next trial, and be the remarkable team I know we can be!!! LOL! Still... it was an enjoyable day and it did point out what/ where we can work on... won't take long i'm sure as the foundations are there, we just need to work more as a *team* together :)

Morwell was Kinta's agility debut. Both dogs did really well - as we haven't trialled since the start of March in agility. No passes for Leo unfortunately - as the PM jumping was my fault (what seemed like good ideas for a FC when walking, certainly was NOT when running with a dog!). In the AM, he missed out on a pass as he knocked a bar. The jump was at an angle, I think he turned a little too sharp and clipped it with his back legs :(. It's getting frustrating as he is more than capable of doing the courses, but we are yet to receive a pass... all because of one error!! You can watch his jumping runs here (agility run didn't tape):

Kinta did well - although as luck would have it, her best run wasn't caught on tape! She did very well and got a Jumping pass in her first ever run... and... wait for it- first place too!!! yippee!!! The 2nd jumping run was very similar to Leo's and yup - bad places for me to turn which stuffed the dog up again :p. She had fun though! Agility was a mess, but I'm not really worried about that seeing as I don't think she is quite ready for that (her contacts/ weaves). She'll be a jumping dog for a while until I am totally sure that she will be ready for agility (Leo too infact!)

Her runs are here:

Nothing much else to be said in other news - Leo's scent work is going excellently and we are almost up to a full set. I'm just totally amazed at how quickly and how well he picked up on this... and he just *Loves* it!!! Yippee!!!

*sigh* I just hope that Kinta turns out to be everything I hoped she would and I haven't stuffed her up!!!

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ShellyBeggs said...

Congratulations Kinta!!!
And well done Leo on your scent work!

It will all come together soon Amanda, don't fret!