Monday, July 07, 2008

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Ok so it's been a while.... yes, I know - slack and all that - but what other excuse is there!

A LOT has happened since my last post... the most important is that I have a new job. I start on the 14th, so for a week, I am now 'unemployed' haha- now that's going to be tough! For those that *don't* already know, this new job involves me doing what I love day in and out, it's closer to home and is just generally a better job! Basically I'll be working as an animal behaviourist, as well as doing some public education about dogs, dog behaviour & training! I honestly can't wait to start.... but am also very nervous that I am not good enough for the job! Either way it has to be better than my previous job... right?! On the up side, it means that I get to go to a lot more seminars about dog behaviour and such.... without tearing holes into my pocket! In fact, I am going to one this Wednesday night - very excited!!! See... can you tell I'll just *love* this new job!

Last week we spent 3 days down at the penninsula between Rosebud and Sorrento thanks to sir Leo for winning the 'top Victorian obedience dog of the year 2007' (which I might add he isn't really, but only about 10 dogs entered the competition, and we won... also came about 4th nationally... but as I said, a very small competition)! Photos can be found here... I'm quite proud of them if I do say so myself (the photos.... as well as the dogs)!.. Who knows, I might be a budding photographer yet.... ha!

On the doggy front, we came *so* close to adding another title to Miss K's name.. in the form of CCD... we had a trial on Saturday and she gained one pass in the morning (89/100) and was sitting on a score of 97/100 in the afternoon.... pity she couldn't hold the stays for more than 50seconds :(. As some of you may know, we've had a bit of a rocky start trialling this girl as she is just a sensitive little soul and picks up on my nerves and changes in body posture easily... so I've had to learn the hard way not to expect so much, cool down and just enjoy the ride. The last trial on Saturday, really showed what she is capable of. After a brief consideration of blowing CCD to the wind (HATE the lead), I decided to stick with it for the nationals where we will hopefully walk away with her title, and all ready to trial in Novice once her season is over :). I have a lot of faith in this girl, I just need to learn to take the pressure off both her and myself!

Leo has also been doing very well - he had a bully run through in Open yesterday at club, as well as some (rather messy) mat work. He has really been getting better with age and I can't wait to bring him out for the nationals into open as he really knows what he is doing now and is comfortable with his task. As for agility - that bar knocking is still an issue, so hopefully Susan Salo will become available (from our club) soon so that I can learn on how to help him along with this :D. Lots of hard work, but I think all this training will pay off in the end!

Other than that - I've just been leading a very busy life trying to keep up with the social side of things, as well as finalising the project at work (handed in last Monday) and just generally... barely keeping on top of things!

Looks like it's time to start organising for the next obedience trial too.... oh boy! Does it ever stop!? But then, life would be boring if I took it slow, wouldn't it?!

So - until next time....

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