Thursday, May 29, 2008

What do to, what to do

Some of you might be aware that the Nationals are looming..... Agility and Obedience nationals to be held in Melbourne through August (start of August for Obedience, end of August for Agility).... so the question is.... what to enter!

I sent Leo's entries off yesterday - early bird entries... I closed my eyes and entered him in 6 events, just agility/ jumping - 4 runs on Sat and a minimum of 2 runs on Sunday (finals are run in the afternoon)...

The question is Kinta. I've left her entries till later - missing the 'early bird' (saving $2 each run) simply because 'will she or wont she' be in season! She *shouldn't* be in season... but at the risk of wasting $60 - I'll wait and see thanks! At least the timing of her coat drop will give me a reasonable indicator. If I suspect she might be, I'll enter less events, If I think she won't - then I'll enter all events... but imagine....
running 12 runs over 2 days!!! OMG!!! I'll be killing myself running between rings!!!

So everybody please - hope that my girl plays nice and keeps to a SIX month cycle - by which she will come into season at the end of Sept, not the end of August!!! (we've had one 5.5mth and one 6mth cycle so far...)

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Amanda O. said...

You can borrow some of Hope's timing. She's had one and only one heat. LOL

Fingers crossed for you she isn't in season then... brave woman taking on that many runs though! O_O