Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aint life grand?!

Isn't it nice just to have a lazy weekend now and again?

I haven't done much lately other than just enjoy myself, my dogs and life in general. Still haven't really started training (thanks to the weather) but done a bit of Scent and directional retrieve work with leo to re-fresh his memory. Kinta is aching to work again so we've been doing bits and pieces but basically taking it easy. The dogs are loving coming in to work with me a little more than usual and Leo is just a star pupil in demand - regular 'education' dog for the kiddies and this week is required as first aid dog - to get bandaged, muzzled, lifted and such like a dog that has been injured. It's so nice to have a dog that I can completely trust and know that he is capable of putting up with all of this with a smile and happy wiggle. I am sure Kinta would also enjoy this, but not without a bit more persuading and treats with mummy near by :p

Went down to watch the show at KCC on Saturday (some nuffy forgot to put her entries in) which was nice to watch and observe the dogs rather than compete. One thing for sure is that I am determined to take this year easier and just enjoy my dogs a little more - not so much competing (we'll see how long that lasts)... but I really have missed the lazing with them and enjoying their company, or simply going for walks around the city and different places with them.

Saturday arvo was spent with Kylie lazing about her place and playing around with her camera (photos to follow). Poor Kylie had to put up with me lamenting the fact that I shouldn't be buying myself a dSLR even though I really want to as I can't outlay that sort of money AND save for a house! She wasn't very helpful either telling me if I *really* want it then I should get one. I think everyone knew when I left that I was not going to say 'no' to an SLR and was finding it hard to say no.

So I came home and decided to see how much money I had left over from my training business (which basically is non-existent now... who has the time?!)... I counted.... paused.... thought.... counted again!!!! Yup - I had enough to buy me an SLR!!!!!!!!!! Am still jumping up and down now! So - I think I've pretty much decided on the Canon 450D camera but I don't want the basic kit lenses so am probably looking at these lenses - a good 'everyday' lens and a basic-ish zoom lens this should cover all I want and still give me good zoom to cover my sports shots for agility and such. I figure this is a good way to start out and later can improve the zoom lens as my photography improves.

Am very excited about my Greg Derrett seminars this weekend, but not so excited about the change in times thanks to the weather - 7am start, 1:30pm finish, no breaks :eek:! Hopefully I'll be able to remain awake!!!!!

Well - here are the piccies from the weekend... I can't take credit for them all as some are Kylies - actually I think most are Kylies :P

Love this photo! Makes it look like we are lost in the middle of the country :)

And how can you have a shot like that minus dogs?! LOL!

Of course what do dogs do when they have 2 acres to run on - go mad of course! (I might add they know exactly where the pond, other dogs, sheep and ducks hide too ;-)!)

Kinta focusing in the distance (I took this one)

Lazing with the dogs

And of course it was only a matter of time......
Before Kinta couldn't take it anymore and HAD to have a dip! Good thing we weren't showing!

Lastly some flower shots (my photos again)

On the whole - ain't life grand?!

Still waiting for Kinta to come into season though (looks at watch, taps fingers, reminds self that it's ok she is taking her own sweet time)

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