Sunday, January 18, 2009

A trip to the Yarra

Well it's been AGES since I've posted pics of the dogs or any of our outings - I've sort of been put off a little - taking photos since I lost a whole heap from my EHDD crash.. and I guess partly because I desperately want a dslr, but figure a roof to live under might be a *wee* bit more important :p. Anyways - we had my dad's relatives down from QLD this weekend, so have taken them out and about.... today was a picnic down at the Yarra:

And what better backdrop to take some snaps of the pooches:

and a few closer up:

Our lunch was most relaxing - had a lovely BBQ followed by a stroll (dad and myself.... and the dogs of course!) around the Tan track. With me fast coming to the end of my c25k program (running program) I want to do a fun run and was going to do the 8km track around the Botanical Gardens.... what I *didn't* know was that apparently Anderson St is quite a struggle.... so we walked it to see what it was like :). Plans have changed slightly and I plan to do a 4-5km run now (end of Mar) and will try an 8 - 10km run later in the year :). The exciting news *today* is that I made my 5km/ 30min mark unintentionally today!!! YAYYYY!!!!

Some casual pics of the picnic:

Of course Leo wouldn't be Leo if he didn't try to stick his head in the photos :)

Some nice "random" photos. Want to try and brush up on my photography skills, but I still find I'm rather dismal at it..... guess I still need more practice, but I just don't have that 'artistic' eye :p

And some happy snaps of the dogs - can you tell that I think Kinta's improved on the eye - more and more pics of her now ;-). Either that or I've learnt to photograph her properly now! Only took 2.5yrs!!!!

Watching the runners/rowers/cyclers:
Happy little girlie

Need I say more - always turning it on for the camera *rolls eyes*

I just like this shot - no caption :p
And lastly - I took this photo *ages* ago - but it's so pretty I had to share (like I said - I think she's really grown up now!)

Ok - well I think that made up for the lack of photos! Not to mention I still have the Pambula shots to go through!!!


Kylie said...

I disagree!! I think you have a very artistic eye when it comes to photography. You have some great shots there. On the topic of photography I'm going to buy my new camera soon... getting excited lol.

aussienut said...

ooh - what ya going to get?!?!?!?! Better not be a dslr otherwise it'll go missing :P

I think I can photograph dogs but not scenery - I have no eye for scenery!