Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's all downhill from here

Well - we've finally done it and crossed the 'half way' mark. Kinta and I are now on the downhill slope towards her Aust CH title (insert cheering here!). Considering we don't show all that often, I'm really pleased with how we are going, as we are usually up against our breeders who are often difficult to beat :). We got a 10pt challenge today - up against her mum, younger sister and a few other dogs.

Yayyy - we might get there yet :)

Pics were kindly taken by Kristie on Sunday :)


Amanda O. said...

Yay for Kinta! She looks lovely in the pics - congrats on her win, especially pleasing up against other nice doggies! :)

aussienut said...

Thanks :) Naked again as always, but yes, I am really pleased with how she's turning out :-). Pity she couldn't repeat it today