Monday, March 26, 2007

Proud moment, Chocolate Indulgence and Wicked Overload!

*Long post warning!*

I have had yet another busy weekend and am geared up for a VERY busy week! We have a family friend down from Syd at the moment so who loooves dogs and wanted to go with me to my 'doggy ventures' so Saturday I took Chris to watch the Dog Show at KCC. The Aussie entry was small with only Ana's crew there. I can't get over how similar Brock is to Leo in looks, mannerisms and temperament. I got to see Marli pup again, along with Hondo and Jezza - her brothers - boy they have all grown LEGS! LOL! Tiana (Kinta's Mother) was also there and Ana & Ben are campaining her and all I can say is.... like mother, like daughter - the two of them are so similar in looks, style and temp also - such sweet girls (and busy!) - it was nice that they could have a bit of a play together ;).

Luckily the show was at KCC and that we could use the shed otherwise we would have got absolutely DRENCHED with the terrential rain! Either way it was great fun ;)

Sunday I went to the Knox Obedience Trial, which I had entered before Leo got his CCD title so we were in CCD again. Suprisingly, despite the fact it didn't matter, I was still nervous! Leo worked really nicely albeit a few mistakes and a 'tough terrain' as the where the start post was situated meant that I was heeling in a slight ditch with some very wonky walking! LOL! My handling was messy, but Leo was really good in spite of that. I found the heeling pattern hard as the judge had us change direction quickly and stand/sit/drop our dogs quick (right about turn and halt!!!). Either way - we still did VERY well and I couldn't believe it when I looked at the scores to see I had passed with a score of 97/100 and FIRST PLACE!!!! I didn't think that we would have done THAT well!!!! The Judge was really good and came up to me after presentation to say that we should go far (I'm not sure if he was looking at the right dog!) and loved Leo's work ethic. Also said that I need to work on hand signals as they are too flashy and I am not giving Leo the best opportunity to respond to them.... so basically the only errors were handler errors!! LOL! I already knew that, but what he said about the signals is true as I can never seem to get them right!

We went from the trial into Fed Square to the food and wine festival. It was really nice although I hate crowded scenes with a passion! This was however, a small price to pay when we went in to the chocolate stalls where there were decadent samples of chocolate for us to enjoy either at a small fee or for free. All the premium brands of chocolate to indulge in - Belgian chocolate on crisp waffles (melted choc of course!), thick and rich hot chocolate, rich chocolate buttons.... need I go on!!! I was in heaven!!!! mmmm!!!

Then went on to the swimming at Rod Laver - WHAT I don't understand is why they turned a tennis court into a pool AND built a new 'warm up pool' (in one of the outside tennis courts!) when they have a perfectly good olympic pool AND warm up pool in Albert park - and the one the built for the comm games!!! WHAT A waste of money, time and WATER! Drought peoples! LOL! Anyway the swimming was fantastic (yep Kylie, much better to watch than swim!). I will be going again to cheer on the Aussies on Tue night, Fri night and Sun night, so i'll be soo bushed next week!

We are also going to see MISS SAIGON on SATURDAY - I am sooo excited I can barely sit still!!!!!! I looove this show (i've never seen it before but love the music).

Now for the 'wicked overload' - I found out that there is speculation they are making this into a movie (like they did with RENT) with the original broadway cast (yay - coz I loove Idina Menzel's voice!)... release in 2008 I believe.... Anyway - I found these clips - some good, some not so good - of my fave songs from Wicked. Happy viewing!

"The wizard and I"

"What is this feeling"

"Popular" - Kylie you will love this one!

"I'm not that girl"

"Defying Gravity" (My Fave)

"As long as you're mine"

"No Good Deed"

"For Good"


Kylie said...

OMG when wicked comes out at the movies i will definately go with you to see it....whether you want me to or not lol. It looks so good hehe.

And yes i love the song popular haha would be so much fun to perform a song like that.You know me too well

aussienut said...

LOL - I just love it how she is dancing around going "la la la - oh forget it!".... coz she actually tripped and stuffed up ROFL! Trust me, it is awesome!

Amanda O. said...

Woot! CONGRATS again! More bickies for the gorgeous (and smart!) Leo! Sounds like you've got a busy weekend planned, hope you enjoyed Miss Saigon! (Gawds, what am I saying... how could you not! LOL)