Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ponderings & Reminiscing

I have 'itchy feet' again. I never thought i'd have 'itchy feet'.... LOL.

Lately i've been toying with the idea of going overseas to work for a few years. Don't know why as there are so many things that I wouldn't like about it, but I just seem to want to go abroad to work.... The problem is where, as what and HOW! LOL. Mum should never have taken me to PEI *vbg* - It is really weird, but I want to go back.... NOW! LOL - I liked what I saw of the lifestyle there - obviously not on PEI itself, but I'd love to live 'somewhere' in Canada - probably in the Maritimes.... but I don't know how I could ever do it.

I guess coz if I went o/s i'd want to go over as an 'animal trainer' and I don't feel qualified enough for that yet, not to mention I can't see how it would be easy to find a job.. Then there is the concern for getting a green card etc,etc. But I just have this desire to go and live in another country for a while - a country that has cold weather and 4 seasons, beautiful countryside that would be different to Australia (haha - yes i'm crazy I know - I want to go somewhere where there is SNOW!).

The other problem is that if I went overseas I'd *have* to take the dogs. There is no question about it - I couldn't leave them here with the parents while I went globe trotting - i'd go half mad with the idea of it! Imagine someone moving to a different country with no contacts and try and find accomodation for not only herself but her two dogs aswell!!! Not to mention the cost of it all! Still, in spite of it all, my brain still insists on giving me 'itchy feet' and I desperately want to 'play' with the idea of working overseas for a while.... someone please talk some sense into me!

On the other hand - I do also have plans of what I want to do in Australia. LOL. After my big spending of buying a car (still yet to happen), i'm going to start madly saving for a deposit on a house... hence why I want to buy a good, economical and servicable car... so that I *hopefully* won't have to replace it for a while! My idea is to buy a property somewhere (probably south eastern) and slowly build up a training centre on it..... sorta expand my business to private clients, obedience classes, agility and tricks etc.... sorta use the knowledge of the stuff I do with my two and incorporate it into a training centre for dogs. Of course i'd do all of this slowly - you know, build up the business while I slow down working.... I really like the idea and i'd love to do it, but don't know if I can! LOL - confident aren't I!? I'm probably more likely to follow through with the latter idea, because I can make it as flexible/ inflexible as I would like (idealistically) and it would be a lot more 'realistic' than the working overseas one! I wouldn't be able to do both though ;).

LOL - i'm just pondering away here - what is it - building 'castles in the air'? I really do think that i'd want to set up my own small, but feesible business, but I wonder if it could ever work?? Am I really suited to carry through and run it :-o! The thought of it!!!

Since i'm talking about travelling - here are some of my fave pics from our trip (see... itchy feet!)





Kylie said...

Awww why does everyone always want to go places and leave me behind :(
Take me with you lol.

Hey if you move to the south eastern suburbs you would be near me yay. Yeah do that hehe. I hate the fact that you guys live so far cant just drop in for a little while :(

hehe you are probably glad that you live so far away from me lol or you would never get away from me

aussienut said...

You said it, not me :p. I'm seriously wanting to move O/S!!! So yes, do come with me.... I'll need the company :)

Amanda O. said...

I can understand the wanderlust! I get it now, even though I really don't want to move OS at this point in my life! LOL

I think living overseas has a lot to recomend it. It's definitely given me a lot more perspective, a broader view on life and I guess more personal growth than I think I'd have gotten just living in one country all my life. Which isn't to say it's not had moments that I've found it frusterating or difficult to deal with... ask Nic - he's put up with several colourful tantrums over how frusterating I find it not to understand things! It is a big shift in ones reality. I think the most frusterating thing for me has been that in the US I knew how things worked, knew where to go to get X, to fix Y, what to do if Z happened. I've had to relearn a lot of that because things might be similar but they're not the same and it's fruserating when I feel like as an adult I ought to know this, learned it once and now have to do it again! LOL

With this next move, I'll have moved 8x since moving out at 18... I've decided I'm ready for a place that's mine. Having said that we're also considering at some point we'd love to go live in France for a year or two and rent out our place when we do.

Moving overseas with dogs... well, it has it's ups and downs. It also has a lot of forms and involves much colourful language ime. I'd thought it'd be nice when Hope is ready to be bred to import but I'm of mixed opinion if I *really* want to go through importing a dog again or just import the genes for an AI. (Price is not that hugely different really...) We had no particular difficulties, it's just that I'm not sure I'd want to go through it again.

If you don't go for work as a trainer, because you don't feel qualified enough... well, you could go to further your education/experience. There are certainly a LOT of great resources in Canada and in the States. (Says she who wishes hindsight would have been foresight! D'oh!)

I guess what I'm saying is that it's not impossible to do either of your dreams and really, there's nothing to stop you from doing BOTH... building a business here wouldn't preclude you from moving overseas later or vice versa. Yes, the moves within Australia are probably simpler because you've already got a lot of resources, know how things work/where they are and have a support network of friends and family but overseas is do-able as well, even if it's a bit trickier. And yes, you're crazy to want to go somewhere with snow!!!

Anonymous said...

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