Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hmm... so this weekend was meant to be quiet, and to some extents it was. I had a complete meltdown on Thursday night and just got so sick of EVERYTHING! OMG - looking at it now, it was quite amusing, but everything sorta piled ontop of each other and I couldn't hold it back anymore. Getting up at 5am is really killing me coz it means that I go to bed early, which means that I end up feeling like I have achieved nothing, and done nothing..... I'm also hating not spending as much time as i'd like (ie: 24/7) with the dogs, and think that i'm being a cruel owner because of it! The Idea! LOL! I hate the feeling of never having time to do anything for 'me' anymore as I always have something to do in the way of cleaning or doing stuff for the dogs.... I'm also really cheesed off with the cat as all he seems to be doing lately is eating and running out of the house to amuse himself.... not the cuddly boy I once had. Admittedly, it is my fault since i'm NEVER home, but still, I wanted to be unreasonable! So.... meltdown! I'm ok now, I just wanted to vent a little and mum picked the short end of the stick :P..... Thank Goodness for understanding mothers! I'm sure i'll settle down once I get into a rhythmn.

Rang up my training clients on Friday night and they 'cancelled' so I then (making sure I hung up the phone before screaming "yess!") went to hire some DVD's, came home and flopped infrond of the TV as I felt I really needed just some 'me' time (Parentals were out). Saturday consisted of me going to Lilydale to check out 'PetStock' (a little dissapointed as I heard a lot of hype about it), and then impulsively went into Holden to have a look at the Viva and Astra. I liked both cars, both had something to like and to not like about them.

Viva - storage compartments (good place to hide doggy stuff), cargo barrier friendly, nice and roomy, reasonably nice to drive although the clutch felt a little 'loose' (mind you my clutch is VERY short!). Nice amount of room in the boot and the most important... the price is nice :P.

Astra - more sporty feel, Larger boot, not cargo barrier friendly (but can be... just costs more), nice look, price not as friendly :).

Both had pretty much the same safety features (I will go next model up for Viva), and I think i'm leaning more toward the Viva, even though it is a fraction smaller. Will go back with Dad again when we have time :).

Today, after a last minute email, the dogs and I went to the ASCV herding training. Started off really good and I was impressed with both dogs. Kinta recieved a huge compliment when I was putting her back in the car - one *very experienced* herder said she saw Kinta and thought that she is one of the best dogs she has seen (she does a lot with Kelpies and herding)...... even told me to give up everything else with her and concentrate on herding :-O! Howz that for a compliment! Kinta was very controlled and immediately went to driving the sheep after a bit of guidance... It was tonns of fun.

Leo was weird - first time he was interested and keen (albeit a bit of pooper scooping)... but methinks he just wants to play and chase them. When he went in again and we asked him to actually *do* something he switched off and got a little stressed. He ended up not even responding to the sheep. I want to give him another go, but perhaps he doesn't have the drive? I found this dissapointing on a variety of scales....

1. I want my dogs to be good at what they were originally bred to do and since Leo has shown initial instinct (he has his HIC), I want to continue with him

2. What can I say, I want my dogs to be good at everything :P.

I want to persue it with him as I am wondering whether I switched him into obedience mode by doing a bit of obed while we were waiting our turn.... but that could be making excuses.. Either way, I'll persue a little longer and see what we get.... otherwise, Kinta could be our herding star! But I kinda want them both to be.... I guess coz Leo is only 'average' at everything, not spectaular, that I want him to be able to do this...... I dunno.

Some piccies from Ruffey Park on Sat. I took the camera coz I wanted to snap some shots of the dogs doing this 'cutesy' kong sharing thing whereby Leo retrieves it and then Kinta grabs the rope and they both bring it back to me. It is hillarious as they both walk back in complete unison! But of course, camera in tow and they don't do it!!! Got some nice shots anyway:

Kinta wondering how to get in there..... "but there's rocks Mum"!

Here, Let me help you!

Sorry, did you say you wanted a photo of ME!?
(Ok, now I don't wonder why I can never get a shot of Kinta - she either doesn't stop moving or LEO gets in the WAY!!!)

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I really love this shot of Kinta! Notice she is *still*!

Ok, I think the GOOFIEST shot of Leo EVER! He has his eyes closed and his lips curled... the ultimate..... uhhh wha?!
Hehe - shot taken at the perfect moment.... and no, Leo is not trying to bite Kinta's head ;).

After a long play :)


Kylie said...

Some beautiful shots there girl. I especially love that close up of kinta, she looks so gorgeous in it . She's not just a blur like she was in most of my photos haha

aussienut said...

Kinta - a blur!!! Never.... she is one of the laziest dog's i've owned isn't she :P. And here I am being told she has clamed down since living with me :-O! Devil child!