Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drama, Drama, Drama

I have taken the day off work today as I have a bout of Laryngitis and can't talk - or at least when I do it is v-e-r-y croaky! I feel really guilty though as I still have a tonne of work to do, not to mention a meeting i'm meant to be at for 11:30!!! But if I don't stop and relax then i'll take ages to get better!! ho hum!

Have had drama's all weekend on this neck of the woods. Friday I came home and as per usual went out to say howdy to the dogs. I called Kinta (who was lying on the back step of the decking) and she didn't move! Heart went to my mouth and I imagined a whole array of terrible things.... called again - no movement. I then opened the gate (dogs are seperated during the day) and her head was stuck in the bottom railing!!! For those that haven't been to our house (or those that have) we have steps going from our decking to the downstairs grassed/paved area which have railings on either side... really small gaps between the 3 bars of wood that make up the railing. No idea how she got her head stuck, but stuck she did! Of course to make matters worse, she may have got her head in but there was NO WAY it was coming out! So I had to slowly maneuver her body up the steps to get her head out the largest hole! Out she came - a little panic stricken but not much else.... then noticed she wasn't weight bearing on one of her legs.... so off to the vet we go. Luckily all she had done was sprained her shoulder so a few days rest and some anti-inflammatories were on order. Hmph - after having 3 weeks couped up around the house she clearly didn't want the busy weekend we had planned for her to expel some energy! Kinta is also NOT the dog you want to keep quiet as she simply can't sit still! So all weekend she was driving me up the wall ;). Mind you, when I think of what could have happened, I don't mind so much (NB: the steps that she was lying on are also 'open steps' so if she lost her footing she could have slipped and pretty much hung herself!). Goodness knows how long she was there for too. So this weekends plans are to barricade the railings to prevent further head sticking episodes!

Went for a lovely 'bushwalk' with the Croydon trialling group Sat morning around Mt Evelyn which was great - unfortunately Kinta had to stay home though ;). More drama was instore however when the boys (3 of 'em) all ran off in hot persuit of *something*. 5 mins later we called them back and for some strange reason Leo came back but not the other two. 20 mins later still nothing. By this stage the group had seperated with a couple of us going down to the lower path to look for the two MIA dogs and a few of us to stay on path should they come back the way they came. 40 mins later one dog returns so we grab him and put him on lead. TWO HOURS later, still no dog #3.... so we decide to go home and start getting fliers out and the word out there. Once we got back though Dog # 3's owners phone had a message from the breeder saying that the dog was at the Animal Aid Shelter safe and sound. In under 1 hr the said dog had been found, taken to the shelter, scanned and breeder contacted!!! Hows that for speedy service! Good thing it all turned out well!

Sunday I went herding again with Leo who on the first run showed *no* interest in the sheep again. Such a stark contrast to what he was like when we first started, I searched my brain for *why* he would turn off in such a manner. The only thing I could think of was the last herding day (just before he switched off the sheep) Leo was charging after the sheep and we tried to get him to change direction with the rake. He was in the wrong spot with the rake and the two collided.... since then, no work :(. We put him in again with another dog and that woke him up and he was herding again for the last 5 mins... so i'm happy with that :-).... see how he goes next time :).

On the training front all is going well for Leo although admittedly I haven't done too much. I would be doing a bit this week, but time has got the better of me (not to mention you can't do too much without a voice!).

Kinta I think is showing signs of 4 weeks of pent up energy. For most of last week she was naughty, but not (touches wood) destructively so. She has been putting her paws up on the billiard table while i'm at work and pulling *anything* she can find down for a play. On walks she is a holy terror pulling me here and there and generally not listening. So back on the halter we go ;). Off lead she is still excellent and comes when I call her. Monday night I took them for a walk and they went silly together. Lady came up with a small Jack Russel and asked if it was ok for them to play - fine on all accounts. They had a great game of chasey and then the JR got a little scared. I was a little late to pick up on it otherwise I would have called my two faster (and they would have come).... the owner however, in a panic started to kick my dogs out of the way so she could pick her dog up. I don't *really* begrudge her the way she responded, but really! Picking her dog up (not to mention, kicking mine!) is probably the WORST thing to do! I know I was in the wrong and should have called my two off earlier, but the 'game' changed from 'fun' to 'scarey' so quick I was just a little delayed.

Kinta also has a bad habit (that we are working on) of charging - to other dogs on lead, or as soon as I release off lead - charging off.... not too far, but sometimes around a corner etc, out of sight, which I don't like. Working on it but boy she is a hand full this week! Nothing a bit of training cant fix! The problem is that she always comes straight back when you call her (or is that a good thing?!) ;)! Gotta love her though! I know once she calms down she'll be a great dog, but hopefully I'll be able to knock some sense back into her..... and soon!!! This girl doesn't stop!!! LOL!

On that note though - her training really is going well and she is SO responsive. Will do things in a split second and she really is a joy to train.... just need to work a little more on a few bits of manners!


Amanda O. said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Poor Kinta, geeze the things these pups can find to get into in a puppy-proofed area! If she's going nuts google for clicktrain-l's list of 101 Things To Do With A Bed-Rest Only Active Young Dog. I'm on our (temp) house-mates computer or I'd send it to you myself. Leo's herding reaction sounds a lot like Sierra's, excepting that Sierra's wasn't an accident but the result of me trusting a trainer I shouldn't have. I've had to go very lightly on her and was trying to teach her to use the rake as an anti-touch stick so it was a positive thing instead of something she was 'obeying' as a result of pressure. In a few more days (14th) we're MOVING INTO OUR NEW HOUSE, so you have to bring Leo and Kinta and visit! ;-)

Kylie said...

Oh my god it must be killing you not being able to talk hehehe
Poor Amanda

aussienut said...

*pokes tongue out at Kylie*

Well at least it was only gone for 1-2 days this time rather than 1 week like last time LOL!

Amanda - so exciting - good luck with the move - I bet you can't wait to get life back to 'normal' and have your bubs back!

Will Google it ;)