Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We did it!!!!

Just a quick post of the weekend :).

Went shopping on Saturday and spent my little heart out! I knew my whole 'work' wardrobe needed a re-vamp so I was expecting to buy up big, but it still hurts when you do! LOL! Luckily, I didn't buy anything I didn't really *need*! I did get a lovely pair of knee high boots though - so they set me back a bit - sooo comfortable - i'm wearing them right now! LOL - definately not ones I want to leave out for Kinta to chew though ROFL!

Sunday proved to be a very successful day. Leo and I had entered an obedience trial at Berwick - a double trial and boy was it a looong day! Check-in started at 7:45 and with Berwick being about 45mins from home I left at 7am. Of course, before I left and while I was still getting ready, we had a slight blackout - so that meant no breakfast for me! Add to that - what self-respecting bakery would be open at 7am on a Sunday! LOL - so finally got down to Boronia and picked up some brekky and lunch..... on my way - then disaster struck. I was fairly certian of the way to get there but was confused when i'd turned of B'wd Hwy and wasnt' coming across any roundabouts as per the map said! ARGH! time: 7:30 already - so just starting to panic that i'm going to miss check in and not be able to compete in the AM trial... Luckily I *was* going the right way, just wasn't as far ahead on the map as I thought *sigh of relief*! Got to Berwick at 8am - just in time for check in! Looked at the catalogue and OMG - i'm 2nd in the ring - so quickly had to unpack the car, set up, toilet Leo, relax MY nerves and then go in the ring *eep!*. Leo worked really well - could have done better in a few exercises but was great otherwise..... Qualie score - 189/200 and FIRST!!!!! I was really pleased with his efforts! The judge laughed at my command for the distance signal ("park") and Leo missed a sit (in both trials) int he lead up to the recall! But for a dog that wasn't looking promising on Saturday - I couldn't be more pleased (we had forgotten what 'come' meant and were anticipating the drop at distance :) ). I was incredibly proud however with the score for our heeling..... drum roll please...... 38/40!!

There was a long wait between the AM and PM trials because of a big UD class.... so during that time I had Leo out with me socialising. In hindsight, I guess I should have left him in his crate, but I just felt so mean! So he was out and about with me. LOL. PM trial we were 3rd in the ring.... you could tell he was tired as when we got back to our crate he went right in for a nap :). Woke him up again and into the ring we go - wasn't as good this time, but still good enough... Qualie score 179/200 and second (suprisingly!). I guess that means we had a good day out! LOL! He did a few silly errors, like holding a 'bow' in the distance signal before deciding to drop, and missing the sit in the lead up again in the recall (he has never done it before, so to do it TWICE?!?!).... But either way i'm really pleased with him :D. One more pass to go before I can add CD to the end of his name... but as to when that will come... who knows :). We have another double trial in 2 weeks on the 2nd of June..... hopefully he'll do well but I don't want to stress myself out - so we'll see :). 2 trials to get one pass... hopefully the odds are in my favour!


Amanda O. said...

Yay yay yay!!! Huge congrats to you and Mister Leo! I'm sure you'll do great at the next one... just remind him that the bowing is supposed to happen when he graciously accepts the first place ribbon! ;-)

Kylie said...

Hey congrats mate. I'm so happy to hear that things went so well.