Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yay! Yay! Yaaaaay!!!!

Hmm.... lets see - I got a phone call yesterday to say that MY CAR IS HERE!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!! Now all I need to do is organise the bank cheque and a time to get there to pick up my car (with someone else who can drive my current car back home!). I can't go this weekend as I have a trial on the weekend, but.... I want my car now! Unfortunately there has been no interest in my current car, so will have to try and push that sale - something tells me I don't need TWO cars ;).

Other news:

Leo has another double trial on Saturday - I am incredibly nervous for this one but I need to calm down!!!!! If anyone has some tips that would be great!!!! He is working so nicely at the moment, but for some reason I am getting stuck on the darned title - how can I forget about it and just enjoy the trial??!?!?!

Kinta and Leo have just recently stopped their hooning around which has me a little confused.... they still play, but not as nutty as they are usually (ie: no longer 24/7).... hmmm..... I think I can connect it to Kinta though who is going through a 'tough' time of it at the moment though - I dont' think she knows if she is coming or going the poor little girlie! Being about 3-4 weeks after her season now, the hormones are probably playing around.... add to that being at the 'headstrong' 10mth old age AND the 2nd fear period..... so I think that accounts for their changes of behaviour - Just the past few days she has gone back to her usual self at home (was previously a little quiet) although still a little quiet out and about. She is also thinking she needs to run away from big bouncy dark coloured dogs.... so have been giving her lots of *positive* exposure to nutty dogs.... seems to be going really well! What I didn't want to happen during this period happened last weekend at a show. I'm starting to loose faith in the set up and common sense at the show scene recently. People park their crates far too close together, there isn't ANY room to move, not to mention people tie dogs to crates/trolleys so you have even less room to move about. People don't care about their dogs behaviour and you have to walk past dogs lunging/ barking/ lunging through crates etc,etc..... all very stressing... I dunno - maybe I was more aware of it coz of K's response? She did get a big fright though when I was walking her back from going to the toilet and she got lunged at (in a friendly way) by a Bullmastiff - it scared her out of her wits.... so perhaps fueling her a little as to big/black dogs can be a little intimidating!!!

But - on a good note from the show - Kinta and I picked up our first challenge points on the weekend!!!! It was a small show, only bitch (of age) entered so we got a 6pt challenge (now only 94 pts to go!) . I found it a little of an anti-climax, as I would have liked to beat at least ONE dog to get it - at least then I know someone else thinks she is good enough quality to gain a challenge and not just getting it as 'default' per-se. I must say - it will be hard for me to rake up these points though, if I always come up against Ana's dogs ;).

Leo also turned THREE on Friday! I can't believe it's been 3 years already since he was a little bubba ;). I've learnt soo much in those 3 years and he is such a good boy - I'm starting to get really excited about what I *might* be able to achieve with him, now that his maturity is kicking in and he is settling down. Not a top dog.... but definitely a great dog ;).

The two of them together are getting a little cheeky too - getting a bit rough with other dogs - so thanks to Sarah for some advice, hopefully we can sort this out so they will continue to 'play nice'.... Poor Mallie - a friends RT aussie that we went for a walk with got picked on by my two! I felt soo bad! But i'm going to keep a sterner eye on them now so I can stop them from building up to 'terrorists' again ;).

On news aside from dogs - Mum, Kylie and myself have booked tickets to see Miss Saigon (AGAIN for Mum and I, a first for Kylie!) I am soo excited and hope I haven't talked it up too much Kylie!!! I'm also reading 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire at the moment, which is proving to be highly addictive - and yes, is what the musical is based on. I think it will fast be added onto my 'favourites' list ;). Speaking of which - WICKED is coming out to the theaters in Melbourne in JULY next year so I am thrilled and can't wait!!!! Again - hopefully I haven't talked it up too much that everybody who heard of it from me is going to be utterly dissapointed!!!!

Went to see Pirates 3 on the weekend after everybody said they had seen it without me *hmph*! I loved it and OMG - Orlando Bloom was such a hottie in it! Wouldn't have cared if the whole movie was about him ;).... I don't know if anyone is a Pirate fan here (and hasn't seen the movie) so I won't say the ending - but I WILL say that I wasn't overly happy with the predicament of one Pirate - I didn't think it was fair!!!!

Anyway - thats it from me - i'll let you know how we go on Sat - ooh and Kylie - it is up your end so I might call in AFTER the trial (i'll be guessing after 5pm) if you are home to have a catch up and pick up my undercover wear?!?! Coz as you know - I do always invite myself over *ROFL*!!!


Kylie said...

haha you know you are welcome to invite yourself over anytime. If you didnt you may never come here cos i am such a slacker lol. I dont have any plans on saturday as far as i know so please do drop by and visit me :)

Amanda O. said...

Yay for new cars!

With the nerves, I know some people have good success with stuff like flower essences and such. The one that's worked for me, both for dogs and humans with ring nerves (yes, we had a Sharpei with ring-nerves, breeder couldn't believe the different it made after I rec'd it and have used it on dogs with thunderstorm phobias etc as well) was melatonin. Other than that, if you just want to fool Leo I have heard that sucking a mint masks the scent people let off when nervous. You'd still be nervous but at least he wouldn't know if he's a typical sookie Aussie boy and feeds off your emotions! ;-p

Poor Kinta, what a yuck experience with the Bullmastiff! Big pet peeve for me too, people not watching their dogs and using common sense at shows. Or just out and about. (That's a whole 'nother rant though!) If you come out here you're welcome to use Hope for dark and nutty dog exposure. She qualifies on both accounts. :rolls eyes:

And finally, HURRAY for first challenge points! I'm jealous, poor Hope has nothing cuz she's a neglect-case and I haven't entered her in anything for so long! Besides you don't tell other people how many dogs she beat, just that she WON! LOL