Thursday, May 17, 2007

Recent happenings

Well, well, well. I am typing this from my new work laptop which has kindly been leased to me so that I am more 'mobile' with my work. I hope there are not too many 'catches' with this!!! LOL! At the moment I am still enjoying work although I can't say I enjoyed my experience yesterday! I had to ring around a few people in regards to some recruitment for a study that I am on. I had to ring a particular 'dog training' company and the response I got from the gentleman I talked to was far from gracious! I have never spoken to someone quite so rude, who had no reason to be ever before! I swear, if I met him in person, the interview would not have gone down well. I was made to feel like a worthless nobody who knew nothing, not to mention, I think I was about 1.5inches high!!! I have later found out that previous dealings with said person is the same no matter who has rung him, so at least I know it wasn't just me!! LOL! All I can say is that they certainly have put all their efforts into positive dog training and evidently have none left for their human counterparts! Almost all of my dealings with either this company or anyone from it has been unpleasant and left me gobsmacked! Ah well...... I know not all of them are like that but it does make you wonder......

On a much lighter note, what else have I been up to? Well, I took the dogs to the chiro on Saturday as Leo's back end was sore (possibly from his escapade the week before!) and I was still a little concerned about Kinta's neck after her escapade last week (did I mention the dramas of last week *VBG*!). The chiro was very impressed with both of them claiming them to be extremely fit and in good nick. Kinta's shoulders were understandably out as was Leo's back. Nothing major. It turned out to be an expensive trip though as I was rushing from one place to the next and I scratched my car :-(! Yes, the one I am trying to sell!!! Grrr.... so now I will have to pay to get it detailed as it is not a job that can be fixed up at home!

The dogs had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning I took them to Ruffey Lake for a nice long run. They loved it but I am sure they could have run all day if they could! They were then out all morning with me and later that afternoon I went on my 'bike riding' escapade again, doing 3ks with each dog - yes.... which in turn meant taking one out - doing a bit with that dog, coming home and taking the next one out! Am I mad or what?! I was a tad annoyed when I took Kinta out (her first go) and although she behaved beautifully, some lovely ladies thought it would be most amusing *not* to call their dogs back so that they could sit back and laugh at me while I tried to control my dog and continue moving (on the bike!) at the same time! I didn't want to stop as Kinta then will quickly get it into that fuzzy head of hers that yes, it is ok that every time we are on the bike to say hello to other dogs! Hmph!

Sunday morning started off with some obedience training and I was incredibly pleased with both dogs. Leo was super enthusiastic about the whole ordeal, which was lovely to see. Kinta, well I am just over the moon with this little girl. I have put hardly any work into her and she is just wowing me with her retention, focus and ability to pick things up! With all the 'lack of' work I have done she is still flying through the class and probably near completion of the next level class (looking at their standards!) What a little trooper! Sarah - I am almost certain she is related to Murphy and NOT Leo as she has since taken up 'talking' throughout her training, much to the amusement of her class members. Nothing like someone saying 'drop' and the dog talking it through with you! LOL! Nobody in class believes me that she is actually the devil incarnate though, as she has switched into 'work mode' and is the most angelic dog there! I have told them to come and see her out of class just to see what a cheeky imp she can be!

Sunday afternoon - seeing as it was mothers day saw us going for a nice long walk through the 'Mullum Mullum' creek trial near Donvale through to Warrandyte area. I think it was about an 11km walk all up! So by the end of the weekend the dogs were completely stuffed having been out with us ALL weekend! Can't say they complained though ;)

I have noticed a few behavioural changes in Kinta since her season (2wks ago). I was most suprised to see her get a little 'snitchy' at a fellow Aussie, Alfie. For some reason she felt the need to 'put him in his place' although, she did this quite nicely. Just had a quick word with him, told him who was boss and then continued the game. I was shocked to see her do it, not sure what spurred it on, but she hasn't done it since to any dog! Mum also told me tonight that Kinta has been hiding under our decking all day today and wouldn't really come out. It has been raining all day, but she did have the entire yard (including the decking) and I was suprised that she was not with Leo and also 'hiding' if that was indeed what she was doing. It is fair to say that she has simply not bonded with Mum as neither is interested in the other. In fact Leo also no longer shows much interest in Mum..... but it seems that Kinta still has some reservations. Mum is about the *only* person she shows it to..... including strangers.... so that has me stumped! As to the hiding - i'm not sure if it is just an 'out of the blue' behaviour, a 'season related' behaviour or something I should be concerned about. I will keep my eye on it though.

This weekend - another busy one for me. Off to DFO in Essondon with some friends on Sat which I am very excited about as I will get to meet up with a whole bunch of uni mates I haven't seen for a while. A few can't make it, but there is always next time ;). Sunday I have my next obedience trial with Leo - a double trial at Berwick. I hope he does well - he is in fine form and *should* do well, but who knows what the day (and nerves) will bring. He had to add to that by not holding his sit-stay for the first time since Nov last year at training last week! Lets hope it was just a once off as in hindsight I think I was staring at him and my hands were in front and not behind me (could confuse the distance signal etc. as I have noticed this happening). Usually I make it clear to him that 'wait' is hands in front and 'stay' is hands behind - I think it makes him a lot more confident!

Small brag for me - agility training on Tuesday night - we had a rather tight masters agility course set up. We ran through the first 1/2 quite a bit as many were struggling. It was a bit wet so the equip was slippery so I ran Leo a little 'slow' on the contacts. He was doing really well and I think only stuffed up a handful of times due to handler pointing the wrong way. When class ended I asked if I could run through the whole course 'just to see'..... wouldn't you believe it, but Leo completed the ENTIRE MASTERS COURSE on a CLEAR ROUND!!!!!!! Guess who is soo proud!! It was a lovely smooth run too! He did the weavers brilliantly...... did I mention he weaved :D :D :D!

Ok - enough from the gasbag over here - hope everyone has/is having a lovely week! Not long till the weekend now ;)


Kylie said...

Yay DFO tomorrow. I am so excited, i can't wait.

It's not fair you lead such an interesting life...mine is so boring. I hardly ever write a blog as there isn't a whole lot to tell other than yep i went to work today how exciting lol. Yet you manage to write a new blog every week telling about your many adventures throughout the week.

I wish my life was more exciting :(
One day i will get myself an interesting social life i swear i day lol.

See ya tomorrow chickee

aussienut said...

LOL - yeah but my social life revolves around the dogs.... lol surely it isn't that exciting :D