Monday, June 18, 2007


LOL - thought it was time for a post! Haven't done one for a while and had a very busy weekend so things to tell ya know! LOL!

Natrually all the news is about dogs - coz what else is there to life really?! Honestly - i've been exhausted all week so other than seeing Miss Saigon again on Tuesday night, i've done nothing except sit infront of the TV, play with the dogs and sleep ;). Miss Saigon was good, although not as good as the first time we saw it. Disappointing as i'd talked it up soo much for Kylie - i'm sure she would have been a teeny weeny bit disappointed also ;). Still enjoyable and well worth it though ;).

Saturday saw Leo & myself off to a double agility trial at Warringal. Kinta came along for the 'social' and I believe it was her first trial in a while (the other one she came to was in March). So I thought now is the time to start bringing her out again. We were working on some 'bark control' coz like Leo used to be she likes to 'have her say' if I take Leo away to work him *rolls eyes* - evidently I wasn't touching wood hard enough when I told Sarah that the two of them don't bark when I take the other out to train *VBG*! So we went to the trial armed with chicken necks, roast chicken, pigs ears, kongs and bones for the dogs - some for Kinta and her 'quiet training' (I go away with Leo and look at what you get!!) and some for Leo and his runs! To say I was pleased with Leo would be the understatement of the century. This dog gave me his ALL on Saturday and ran the BEST runs he has probably ever given me! He even left me stunned and sprinting to keep up with him!!!! On the whole - we walked away with 1 pass out of 4 - our 2nd Jumping pass (Novice) - 3rd place (about 8-9 qualies in total) and beating some fast dogs along the way - SCT 31sec - Leo's CT - 20.21 sec - not a bad effort!! So only 1 more pass to go for our JD title (see I told you i'll have my 5 titles by the end of the year!!). As for the other 3 runs - they were brilliant, but he just clipped a bar in each round :-(.

Nikki and I have come up with the idea that we'll train him at 600 for a while now until he 'learns' what height to jump, before giving him the chance to jump 500 again. Reason being, i've been jumping him at 500 so that I don't stress his joints out etc. So I might limit his agility classes (once a week, rather than twice - do a bit more obedience and then only give him more practice as he gets better with his jumping). We are getting closer to our agility passes now - with hardly any mistakes made - so fingers crossed it will be coming soon ;).

Kinta behaved really well at the trial but we have since found out that when she is tired she gets a bit 'cautious' or 'suspicious'. The more tired she is - the more reserved she becomes. Sat night we had visitors over and she was barking and growling at them ALL night from outside - but as soon as you bring her in and tell her it is 'ok' she was all kisses..... which is exactly what the breed standard says for a 'reserved' aussie - I swear she has been reading some of my aussie books! But she will only take the 'ok' from me - won't listen to anyone else! K also had a show on Sunday - we didn't come away with anything but she is behaving really well in the ring now and since we will be showing a LOT more now, one can only hope that she'll start winning some points soon!! LOL! This was her first time back in the show scene after the 'bullmastiff' scare and she remembered alright! For about the first 1/2 hr she kept WELL CLEAR of all crates and dogs, but after spending some time in the safety of her own crate, she soon acclimatised and was her normal self again before it was time for her to go in the ring - all wiggles and cuddles ;). I've seriously got to stop worrying though every time she shows a slight deviation from her normal happy self though..... i'm terrible!

Aside from the doggy news - nothing much else happening except the 'same old'..... probably going to start some 'open' training with Leo in the next week or two.... he is super keen to get back to work and I must admit - i'm keen to learn some new stuff to teach him also - I just want some 'hands on' direction first ;).

Well I promised Dad i'll free the computer soon so I best get off - pretty dull post if your not a doggy person but I swear - nothing else has been happening :D. Good thing most of you are like me ;)!

Jut thought i'd add a bit here. I'm currently reading "Wicked" - the book that "wicked" the musical (my latest obsession) was based on. I must say that I am loving it! Really well written, can get a bit crude at times which is a 'shock' as it just seems to pop in there ;). I really like the way he has drawn the characters too. BUT.... it seems that the musical was only loosely based on the book. I am noticing things that have not yet happened in the book, yet did happen in the musical. Of course I didn't expect it to be the *same* and the outline is true to each other - just a few changes, I guess to 'simplify' the story (for young kids) as well as for musical style, but there are definitely less twists etc. They also have 'exaggerated' a few things which doesn't really seem to happen in the novel. I am worried now that if I lend the book to Kylie she may not like the musical when we go see it in Melbourne 2008 - LOL. But I enjoy both as separate entities of each other.

On another note - I watched Anne of Green Gables the other day - with directors commentary. It really peeved me off! LOL - hardly any of the film was shot on PEI (which I already knew), but the thing that irked me the most was that Sullivan (director) was taking all the credit for *his* movie and how great *his* trilogy was!!!! He even said a few times that 'this bit wasn't in the novel, but I thought it added more to the film' - WHEN IT WAS IN THE BOOK!!!! Grr - I really, really REALLY don't like this director anymore. I haven't seen the other films he has made after the 3rd Anne (Anne: the continuing story) - whereby he completely ruined the series - didn't even loosely base it on the books - made it up himself!!! HOW can you title a film after something when you haven't even used the originals to base it on... LOL. I have heard though that his other films (Emily of New Moon and Road to Avonlea) are just as bad (Both are LMM novels). What is his reasoning..... the books were too boring *sigh*! I admit - he did a great job with AoGG and AoGG - the sequel - but after that.... down the drainpipe for me....

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