Monday, June 11, 2007

Photos & Weekend

Ok - well first things first - I took some 'happy snaps' of my new car. So without further ado...:

And of course - most important: The boot :)
(as you can see - already 'dog-e-fied')! And now - the terrible two - showing how to 'use' the boot ;)
and no - Kinta isn't hiding - she just loves to find the corners and snuggle in the car.... Leo likes to sit there and say "Pat me!".

As for the weekend - this was my first weekend 'off' since about EASTER so I was going to have a lovely sleep in etc. But Scott was coming home for the weekend so I went to pick him up from the airport at 7:30am - so there went my sleep in!!! We then meandered around Vic Markets for the morning, walked around the botanical gardens etc, before trapsing home! I wasn't too much fun as I was so tired, but big brother still conned me to going out with them on Sat night (He was determined to get me pissed ;) ). Had a great night out - came home in the wee hours of the morning *finally* had my sleep in on Sunday and didn't do much else otherwise ;). So a nice weekend, but I was very disappointed to have to get up and go to WORK this morning! Thats right - coz it isn't a 'national' public holiday - I had to go to work :-(. Life is NOT fair!!!

The Dogs:

The dogs have had a busy weekend despite my 'relaxing' - took them to Ruffey Lake on sat where they proceeded to romp as usual - gawd knows where they get their energy from! Yesterday I took them to Brighton beach for another romp (and to fill my car with sand *rolls eyes*!). Methinks they were a little tired today as the relo's were over this morning (while I was at work) and I took them for a walk tonight (I got home while it was still light!!) and whilst they were interested in chasing the frisbee, they weren't there usual nutty selves.... as for training - forget it!

Anyway - here are some photos of Leo. He has been such a clown all weekend, but evidently, such a happy nature was too hard to keep up and today he is not interested thank-you! Even on our walk - doing simple obedience stuff (sit at curb, drop in the park) he would do ever-so s-l-o-w-l-y! Honestly! Bring him home to do obedience and THEN only is he interested! Admittedly - I've hardly done any training coz i've been really busy and *tired* and IMO, what is the point in training if your heart isn't in it - coz the dogs won't do it to their best ;)

Leo parading his title/ first place ribbons :-)
The spunky man himself (with his coat back!)

OK - what about Kinta - well - Friday she was in BIG trouble as I got home in daylight (again!) and took them for a run in the park. She has proceeded to arse off a number of times - just carging a million miles an hour burning off the excess energy. Now that usually isn't a problem IF she comes back when I call her.... but I got the finger! LOL! She also has lately got an obsession with the fences backing onto the park and pacing around there.... so she REALLY had it given to her and poor Leo 'hit the deck' thinking I was going off at him.... reason again why you SHOULDN'T loose your temper..... but she was just SO naughty *slaps herself on hand*.

Training wise - I also haven't done much with Kinta, and her 'fronts' need a lot of work. She'll either sit too far back or ram her nose into places she shouldn't and then rock back into a sit.... she is really weird that way - always has been.... Leo will naturally scoot sit, but Kinta won't - so will have to work on that. She was a little confused in the 'mucking around' we did tonight - but I put that more down to my heart not being in it (read what I read before - LOL).
The princess herself:

This girl is SO hard to photograph - she always pulls faces/ moves/ does *something*!
Would have been a GREAT shot if the whites hadn't over-exposed a tad :(.

A nice head shot :-).

I'm off to see Miss Saigon AGAIN tomorrow night - which should be good, but I can bet i'll be exhausted. I have a busy weekend too - with a double agility trial on Sat - i'm going to take K for some social and 'bark control' and Sunday I have a show with Kinta so hopefully that goes well!

Until next time!

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Amanda O. said...

Oh can I just drool over your trunk space!!! *drool* Leo is as per usual gorgeous and looks so cute with his ribbons! Aw, well done Leo! (And you too... lol) Kinta looks very regal in her princess photo. Looks like she's grown up even more now... lost all that tweenager look! Good luck with the issue of getting the finger when she's off having fun.... a certain black fuzzball I might mention has been known to have similar issues and is likewise in need of a lot more work than she's been getting as I'm usually just to buggered to bother. Poor Hope! Good luck on the weekend!